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Our top-class escort service Target Escorts Bonn - welcomes you from the bottom of our hearts and is looking forward to fulfilling your sophisticated wishes. As one of the most renowned escort agencies in Europe, we have been taking care of the sensual needs of distinguished gentlemen who want to use a high-class escort service of the extra class for over 24 years. And yet it would be presumptuous to regard our beautiful and fabulously charming escort ladies as "just" seductive goddesses of love. Each of our VIP escorts is an enrichment with whom you can have deep conversations, laugh heartily and simply be yourself. That you will enjoy an unforgettable time with your discreet escort model from the very first moment is a promise we are only too happy to make.


Escorts Bonn    

Victoria Curvy VIP Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Helena Elite Escort Model
Age: Mid 20s, Student
Profile & details
Nova Dream escort girl
Age: Late 20s, Student
Profile & details
Ariana Petite Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Secretary
Profile & details
Nika Exclusive escort services
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Minimum 12 Hour Booking
Amira Discreet Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
Profile & details
Julia VIP Model Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Angelina Sexy Escort Girl
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Emilia VIP Travel Escort
Age: Early 20s, Real Estate
Profile & details
Kyla Passionate Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
Profile & details
Serena Luxurious Escort
Age: Early 20s, Model
Profile & details
Camilla Luxury escort service
Age: Mid 20s, Student
Profile & details
Chloé  Escort with perfect curves
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
Profile & details
Louisa Escort service to melt away
Age: Early 30s, Student
Profile & details
Alice Sensual Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Lara High Class Escort
Age: Mid 20s, Assistant
Profile & details
Dilara Elegant Escort Girl
Age: Late 20s, Model
Profile & details
Hailey Charming Escort Girl
Age: Early 20s, Model
Profile & details
Jennifer Sexy escort model
Age: Early 30s, Model
Profile & details
Lea - Diverse Escort Girl Hamburg - Hanover - Berlin
Age: Mid 20s, Student
Profile & details
Pia Exclusive escort girl
Age: Mid 20s, Student
Profile & details
Stella Discreet escort services
Age: Early 20s, Manager
Profile & details
Nelly Blonde VIP Escort
Age: Mid 20s, Influencer
Profile & details
Sarah VIP Escort Girl
Age: Mid 20s, Manager
Profile & details
Nikole Stunning Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Manager
Profile & details
Mina Breathtaking Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Manager
Profile & details
 First class escort service
Age: Mid 20s, Real Estate
Profile & details
Anna Delicate VIP Escort
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
Profile & details
Sofia Majestic VIP Model
Age: Mid 20s, Manager
Profile & details
Anastasia Sensual Girlfriend Service
Age: Mid 20s, Real Estate
Profile & details

High-Class Escort Service Bonn - Live the dream of a sensual adventure

At this point you have certainly already seen for yourself that with Target Escort Bonn you are spoiled for choice. Each of our gorgeous models is unique in her own way: in her looks, her personality, her sensual preferences. But what these beauties have all been born with in equal measure is their enjoyment of a sophisticated, erotic escort service with seasoned men of the world. And you can be sure that you will give shape to your sensual dreams with your seductive escort girl. Be it a sensitive girlfriend eroticism or even a date with two of our beautiful ladies. There are no limits to your imagination with our girlfriend service in Bonn, as long as everyone involved enjoys it. All you have to do now is decide on the escort girl of your dreams, and we will arrange everything else with discretion.



What to do on your escort date in Bonn? Here you will find an exquisite selection from our VIP escort agency

Of course, you can spend your time together with your VIP escort in Bonn exclusively in intimate togetherness. But if you feel like taking your charming lady in Bonn out in style, then you will certainly find the perfect location here.


Hotels - Here you can enjoy our luxury escorts in Bonn in style

Kameha Grand Bonn: When design meets luxury... +


...when a Michelin-starred restaurant is just as much a part of the facilities as various cocktail bars and an elegant beer garden. When you and your sexy escort girl look over the Rhine and the city skyline from the king-size bed of your hotel suite, relax in the luxurious spa area and enjoy a service that is second to none: Then reside at the Bonn Design & Lifestyle Hotel Kameha directly on the banks of the Rhine. Here you can experience our exclusive escort services in Bonn in an all-round perfect ambience.

Website Kameha Grand
Address Am Bonner Bogen 1, 53227 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 22843345000

Bonn Marriott Hotel: Timeless elegance in the old government district +


The Bonn Marriott Hotel has been one of the best addresses in the city. Stylishly furnished suites, a wonderful restaurant with a breathtaking view, spa area, pool and fitness area as well as its central location make this hotel the ideal starting point for your romantic date with the escort girl of your choice. Or - if you prefer - try out our highly erotic duo escort service in Bonn. The Bonn Marriott Hotel easily meets the highest demands of worldly gentlemen.

Website Bonn Marriott Hotel
Address Platz d. Vereinten Nationen 4, 53113 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 49228280500

Boutique Hotel Dreesen / Villa Godesberg: Dream residence in Bonns villa district +


A charming, elegant mansion in Art Nouveau style directly in Bonn's villa district could provide the setting for an unforgettably beautiful escort service. The basic requirements for this are that you reserve a suite in this gem and book your enchanting companion with our VIP escort agency in Bonn. What you should definitely treat yourself and your pretty model to is the culinary quartet offered by the Boutique Hotel Dreesen. Here you can dine not far from Villa Godesberg in one of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the city.

Website Boutiquehotel Dreesen - Villa Godesberg
Address Mirbachstrasse 2a, 53173 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 228830060

Dorint Venusberg Bonn: luxury hotel in the countryside not far from the city center +


The beautifully situated 4-star superior Dorint Hotel Venusberg is the ideal place to relax in the company of an elegant escort lady. The stylishly modern hotel is located not far from the city on a hill surrounded by ancient, majestic forests. Despite this natural idyll, the old federal capital is only a few minutes' drive away. It is therefore entirely up to you whether you want to enjoy our erotic escort service in peace and quiet or explore the city with the lady of your choice.

Website Dorint Venusberg Bonn
Address An der Casselsruhe 1, 53127 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 2282880

Hotel Collegium Leoninum: historical ambience - modern accentuation +


There is no other place like the stylish 4* Superior Design Hotel Collegium Leoninum in Bonn. Tasteful interior design, an excellent restaurant and many other amenities guarantee a relaxing stay. Combined with our girlfriend service in Bonn, you will find a hideaway that leaves nothing to be desired. Tip: If you would like to redefine the boundaries of your erotic worlds with your partner in this beautiful ambience, then our escort service for couples is a wonderful experience..

Website Hotel Collegium Leoninum
Address Noeggerathstraße 34, 53111 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 22862980




Restaurants - The enjoyment continues after the dessert with Target Escorts

YUNICO: Japanese star cuisine with a view of the Rhine +


It is not without reason that the Japanese fine dining restaurant YUNICO is one of the best gourmet temples in the city. The kitchen brigade of this stylish restaurant manages to combine the delicate dishes from the land of the rising sun with the light cuisine of the Mediterranean in an almost magical way. The result: a culinary journey that you and your cosmopolitan escort lady will be talking about for a long time to come. With our discreet escort service, the sensual pleasure is guaranteed to continue after the meal ...

Website Yunico
Address Am Bonner Bogen 1, 53227 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 22843345000

Stadthaus: urban charm, delicious food, pure well-being +


This is a good way to describe the small, very charming gourmet restaurant in the old town. You and your elegant companion from our VIP escort agency in Bonn will enjoy fresh, seasonal delicacies from the region. The wine list is exquisite and the service strikes the perfect balance between friendly attention and discreet restraint. The Stadthaus has been welcoming guests for over 20 years and has rightly become one of the culinary foundations of the city.

Website Strandhaus
Address Georgstraße 28, 53111 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 2283694949

Konrad's Bonn: nouvelle cuisine above the rooftops of the city +


The view over the river and city from the 17th floor is certainly beautiful. But what the kitchen team at Konrad's restaurant conjures up on the plates is no less impressive. This high-class hotel restaurant celebrates French cuisine without compromising on seasonality and regionality. You can also make yourself comfortable with your sexy escort girl on the restaurant's roof terrace on warm summer evenings and enjoy fabulous cocktails there.

Website Konrads
Address Rheinwerkallee 3, 53227 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 22828050684

Ristorante Oliveto: rediscover the cuisine of Italy +


Italian cuisine is a tribute to simplicity. A few ingredients in perfect harmony. Aromatic, light, deeply rooted in tradition. At Ristorante Oliveto, you can experience this culinary sensation at the highest level with its elegant model. And in a wonderful setting to boot. In summer, you can take a seat on the terrace directly on the banks of the Rhine and plan the rest of your romantic date in Bonn over a nice glass of Franciacorta.

Website Oliveto
Address Adenauerallee 9, 53111 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 228 26010

Zur Tant: Bonn history paired with legendary culinary delights +


The people of Bonn were already enjoying themselves in this former inn in 1849. They were cooked for by the landlady, which is why people were already eating "zur Tant" back then. You can expect incredibly fine cuisine, which has been awarded a Michelin star for many years. The interior is elegant, the view of the Rhine is magical and every bite is a poem.

Website Zur Tant
Address Rheinbergstraße 49, 51143 Cologne-Porz
Telephone number +49 (0) 220381883




Bars - Toast to a sensual adventure with your escort date in Bonn

The Old Jacob: fabulous cocktails in a stylish setting +


Young, cheeky, cool and sexy are just a few of the buzzwords that can be used to describe the hippest cocktail bar in the city. But The Old Jacob is so much more. On the one hand, this bar is known far beyond the city limits for its fabulous cocktails and long drinks. On the other hand, The Old Jacob is an ideal meeting point where you can meet your enchanting escort lady and toast your sensual adventure in Bonn together.

Website The Old Jacob
Address Kesselgasse 1a, 53111 Bonn

Skybar Bonn: fine drinks / charming company / fantastic view +


If you are staying at the Bonn Marriott Hotel, then the path from your suite leads up to the elegant Skybar on the 17th floor. Of course, you and the sexy bisexual escorts from our high-class escort agency in Bonn are also welcome as outside guests in the elegant Roof Top Bar. In addition to your beautiful lady, the exquisite drinks and the cozy atmosphere, a fabulous view over the Rhine and the city skyline awaits you.

Website Skybar Bonn
Address Platz der Vereinten Nationen 4, 53113 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 22828050684

Siegfried Büro & Bar: If you plan your escort date in Bonn on a Thursday ... +


... then you should take your sexy model with you to the office. Namely to that of the now world-famous gin distillery "Siegfried". Every Thursday, the creative team's workplace is transformed into a stylish cocktail bar where gin plays the leading role, but other perfectly mixed long drinks and cocktails are also served. Siegfried Büro & Bar is therefore an ingenious location to toast to an erotic evening with your fun-loving escort girl.

Website Siegfried Büro & Bar

Rooftop bar prizeotel Bonn-City: the youngest rooftop bar in the old German capital +


If you like young, colorful design, appreciate good cocktails and want to enjoy them with a wonderful view over the Rhine, then the Rooftop Bar of the prizeotel in Bonn is the right place for you. The bar is located near the city center and is an excellent meeting point with your top model from Target Escort Bonn. The sunny nature of your lady, the fine drinks and the stylish setting of the bar are the harbingers of an unforgettably beautiful time.

Website Rooftop-Bar prizeotel Bonn-City
Address Erzbergerufer 15, 53111 Bonn
Telefonnummer +49 (0) 4212222100

Babel Bar: cult pub with plenty of charm +


The Babel Bar in Bonn is a local nightlife institution. Music - sometimes presented by live acts, sometimes by DJs - plays a major role in this quaint and cozy location. The performances range from jazz to disco and funk to hip-hop. If you would like to get to know Bonn's nightlife with your escort girl, then a trip to this iconic bar is a must. The drinks on offer include various types of beer as well as very fine cocktails and long drinks.

Website Babel
Address Breite Straße 67, 53111 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 22884255907




Clubs - Enjoy the nightlife with our VIP escort service

Jazz-Galerie: Bonn's hotspot for parties and concerts +


If you want to immerse yourself in Bonn's nightlife with one or even two of our beautiful escort girls and turn night into day, then the Jazz-Galerie is the place to go. This bastion of hedonism regularly hosts lively parties on Fridays and Saturdays. The Jazz Galerie also offers an impressive stage for concerts. The fact is that you will spend an unforgettable evening here with the ladies from our reputable escort agency that will go on for a long time in your hotel suite.

Website Jazz Gallery
Address Oxfordstraße 24, 53111 Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 228 94770550

Carpe Noctem: Make the most of the night with Target Escorts Bonn +


That you will savor the night with your seductive escort lady from our VIP escort agency is certain. A nice start to your highly erotic adventure in Bonn could be a trip to the hippest club in the city. The Carpe Noctem is young, hip and has its finger on the pulse of the times, both in terms of music and interior design. Here you can party with young and young-at-heart people who appreciate the moment.

Website Carpe Noctem
Address Wesselstr. 5, 53111, Bonn
Telephone number +49 (0) 228 52261868




Shopping – a stylish shopping pleasure with our elite escort girls

Friedrichstraße: Bonns newest luxury shopping mile +


Exclusive interior design items, fine jewelry, haute couture, golf equipment, culinary delicacies: The latest addition to Bonn's pedestrian zone offers all this and much more. A few years ago, this exquisite shopping Eldorado was still considered the backyard of the old town. Today, you can treat yourself and - if you wish - your stylish model to high-quality goods in Friedrichstrasse. On top of that, charming restaurants and cafés along Friedrichstrasse in Bonn invite you to linger.

Website Friedrichstrasse



Enjoy our high-class escort services throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide

You can enjoy the sensual service of our top-class escort agency - Target Escorts - not only in Bonn and throughout NRW, but also in many other German cities. How about an unforgettable escort date in Mannheim, for example?

The city of squares has a lot to offer: great restaurants, classy hotels and a vibrant nightlife. Celebrate a successful business deal in the German banking metropolis with a sensual, non-binding rendezvous. Our top escort models in Frankfurt am Main will read every wish from your eyes. Or paint the Hanseatic city pink and book our high-class escort service in Hamburg.

Our elegant, eloquent escort ladies are the ideal companions for events in Berlin. Whether a gala dinner, business dinner or private event: our top models will compliment your appearance in a stylishly discreet manner. You will have a lot of fun with our ladies in Cologne, Dusseldorf and/or Mainz. Especially, but certainly not only at carnival time. Germany is a cultural treasure trove whose gems you can admire with your escort girl in Leipzig, among other places.

In Stuttgart, you will discover - contrary to the state motto - that our VIP escorts in Baden-Württemberg can indeed speak perfect German. A great and very relaxing tip for Wiesbaden is a visit to the local thermal and mineral springs. Here you can sit back and relax while you admire the gorgeous bikini figure of your escort model. You can see for yourself that our top-class escort service spans the entire GAS region, for example in the Swiss city of Winterthur or in Austria's capital Vienna.

As one of the most traditional escort agencies with over 24 years of experience, we naturally also offer our exclusive services for gentlemen on an international level. Our multilingual, cosmopolitan escort girls will be happy to accompany you on a sensual city tour through Madrid. Or you can enjoy the pleasant spanish sun with a passionate girlfriend service in Marbella.


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