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For over 24 years, Target Escorts Lucerne has been the first address for distinguished gentlemen who want to sweeten their precious free time with sophisticated, erotic and completely harmless affairs. The city is the cultural center of Central Switzerland and offers the perfect stage to enjoy our VIP Escort Service Lucerne. And yet no bon vivant in the world will blame you if you retreat to your hotel suite with your sexy escort girl from Lucerne and give shape to your most sensual fantasies there. After all, the boundaries of your erotic adventure encompass areas in which everyone involved feels comfortable. And in this respect, the open-hearted ladies of our Elite Escort Agency Lucerne are very willing to experiment. Apart from the erotic component, you will get to know a wonderful, highly discreet person in your temporary girlfriend, with whom you can talk carefree about God and the world. Our stylish escort models are also the perfect companions for any event. Look forward to an escort service of superlatives!


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Chloé  Escort with perfect curves
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
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Emilia VIP Travel Escort
Age: Early 20s, Real Estate
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Louisa Escort service to melt away
Age: Early 30s, Student
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Minimum 12 Hour Booking
Angelina Sexy Escort Girl
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Nelly Blonde VIP Escort
Age: Mid 20s, Influencer
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Amira Discreet Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
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Lea - Diverse Escort Girl Hamburg - Hanover - Berlin
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Nova Dream escort girl
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Dilara Elegant Escort Girl
Age: Late 20s, Model
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Anastasia Sensual Girlfriend Service
Age: Mid 20s, Real Estate
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Sofia Majestic VIP Model
Age: Mid 20s, Manager
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 First class escort service
Age: Mid 20s, Real Estate
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Helena Elite Escort Model
Age: Mid 20s, Student
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Victoria Curvy VIP Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Lara High Class Escort
Age: Mid 20s, Assistant
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Nikole Stunning Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Manager
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Nika Exclusive escort services
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Anna Delicate VIP Escort
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
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Mina Breathtaking Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Manager
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Pia Exclusive escort girl
Age: Mid 20s, Student
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Alice Sensual Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Kyla Passionate Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
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Jennifer Sexy escort model
Age: Early 30s, Model
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Julia VIP Model Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Ariana Petite Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Secretary
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Hailey Charming Escort Girl
Age: Early 20s, Model
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Camilla Luxury escort service
Age: Mid 20s, Student
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Stella Discreet escort services
Age: Early 20s, Manager
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Serena Luxurious Escort
Age: Early 20s, Model
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Have you ever dreamed of a night in which you can not only watch two beautiful bisexual escorts during their tender lovemaking? More than that! That you not only direct this lustful erotic adventure, free from all constraints and conventions, but also play the leading role? If this is the case, then you are like almost every man in the world. With one significant difference: thanks to your success and our VIP escort agency Lucerne, you can live this dream. This also applies to sensual role-playing games or other sophisticated fetishes that you would like to enjoy in a discreet setting. Our top-class Lucerne escort service is of course also predestined to experience wonderfully romantic hours with a young, cheerful and sensitive lady. Laugh, talk and flirt with her without fear. As a parquet-safe companion at business and private events, the beautiful lady at your side will appear to outsiders as a colleague, business partner or good acquaintance. All you have to do now is choose one - or two - of our sexy escort models in Lucerne.



Elite Escort agency Lucerne: hot dates discreetly arranged

Lucerne is a wonderful city in which to experience our VIP escort service. Elegant hotels, high-class restaurants, a vibrant nightlife with cool clubs and stylish bars as well as many luxurious shopping opportunities provide the perfect setting for your escort date. Our ladies are already looking forward to showing you their city from its most sensual side ...


Hotels - VIP Escort Lucerne hotel recommendations

Mandarin Oriental Palace - dreamlike 5* hotel in a perfect location +


If you want to treat yourself to a romantic and erotic vacation with your partner in Lucerne, then the Mandarin Oriental Palace and our sensitive escort service for couples is a wonderful combination. The traditional luxury hotel in the style of the Belle Époque has been welcoming well-heeled travelers to Lake Lucerne since 1906. Among the sophisticated suites, the beautiful Panorama Suite with its spacious roof terrace stands out in particular. Here you have a fabulous view over the lake, the city and the Swiss Alps.

Website Mandarin
Address Haldenstrasse 10, 6002 Lucerne
Telephone number +41 (0) 415881888

Bürgenstock Resort - luxurious living at 500 m above the lake +


If you would like to treat yourself to a very special stay in, or rather above, Lucerne, then take the Hammetschwand elevator with your charming escort lady. This will take you directly to the exquisite Bürgenstock Resort, which - high up in the mountains - towers majestically over the city and the lake. Comfortable suites, several top-class restaurants, a huge wellness area as well as many other amenities and the surrounding mountain landscape make your stay a wonderfully relaxing happening.

Website Bürgenstockresort
Address Lake Lucerne, CH-6363 Obbürgen
Telephone number +41 (0) 416126000

Hotel Villa Honegg - beautiful boutique hotel with a dreamlike setting +


Just over 900 meters above sea level, surrounded by a dream Alpine landscape and with a breathtaking view over Lake Lucerne, lies one of the most beautiful 5-star superior boutique hotels in Switzerland. With its 23 rooms and suites, Villa Honegg offers a wonderfully private setting in which to enjoy our highly erotic Lucerne duo escort service to the full. In the hotel's own gourmet restaurant and spa area, you and your two graces from our Lucerne VIP escort agency can recharge your batteries for the next round.

Website Villa Honegg
Address Honegg, 6373 Ennetbürgen
Telephone number +41 (0) 416183200

Hotel Château Gütsch - a noble stage for sensual role-playing games +


The sight of this luxurious castle hotel transports you straight into a fairy tale. The white, pointed towers of the castle stretch towards the sky, the lake shimmers blue and creates a visual contrast to the red roofs of the town. This setting combined with the feudal, stylish interior of the hotel stimulates the imagination. Is your playful escort girl the naughty chambermaid, the shy princess or the dominant countess? Regardless of the distribution of roles, this tension is guaranteed to dissolve into ecstasy.

Website Chateau Guetsch
Address Kanonenstrasse, 6003 Lucerne
Telephone number +41 (0) 412891414

Grand Hotel National - Lucerne's hotel icon since 1870 +


The Grand Hotel National is considered one of the best addresses in Lucerne. This feudal 5* superior hotel is located directly on the shores of the lake in the heart of the city. For many years, it has been the place to go for travelers who can afford the good life. This means that you and your companion from our exquisite escort service are in the best of company here. The suites are immaculate, the gourmet restaurant a poem and the hotel team leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Website Grandhotel National
Address Haldenstrasse 4, 6006 Lucerne
Telephone number +41 (0) 414190909

Video hotel recommendations +



Target Escorts Hotel recommendations for Lucerne

Exclusive hotel Lucerne




Restaurants - romantic dinner with Elite Escort Lucerne

Wiesner Mysterion / Werkstatt Kost - pure indulgence +


The idyllic Hotel Weitsicht is located in the heart of a beautiful alpine setting and is home to an incredibly innovative, sustainable and cozy Michelin-starred restaurant. The Wiesner Mysterion and the Werkstatt Kost serve as a restaurant and cookery school. All the products used are sourced by the kitchen team from the immediate vicinity. Culinary masterpieces are served that will delight you and your escort lady. Tip: Reserve a table on the panoramic terrace on warm summer evenings or for lunch.

Website Wiesner Mysterion
Address Brambode 6, 6167 Bramboden
Telephone number +41 (0) 414861241

Magdalena - vegetarian cuisine at the highest level +


Two stars as well as the green star from Michelin and 17 toques from Gault & Millau are already strong indicators that you will be served fabulous culinary delights at the Magdalena gourmet restaurant. The fact that almost no meat or fish is used in the preparation of the tasting menu does not detract from the culinary delights. Quite the opposite! A romantic dinner with your sweet temporary girlfriend at the Magdalena starred restaurant is the perfect complement to our sensual girlfriend eroticism.

Website Magdalena
Address Rickenbachstrasse 127, 6432 Rickenbach
Telephone number +41 (0) 418100606

Lucide - stylish gourmet temple in the culture and congress center +


There are several reasons why Lucide is one of the hottest Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. Firstly, there is the great location on the second floor of the KKL with a fantastic view over the lake. Then there is the stylish interior design and the fantastic service team. But what makes your date à la Target Escort Lucerne particularly enjoyable, apart from your sexy companion, is the refined cuisine, which you can enjoy either for dinner (menu) or lunch (à la carte).

Website Lucide
Address Europaplatz 1, 6005 Lucerne
Telephone number +41 (0) 412267110

Regina Montium - Fine dining at 1550 meters above sea level +


If you fancy a very special dinner date with your beautiful escort model from Lucerne, then take the Rigi cable car from Vinznau to the Regina Montium Michelin-starred restaurant. The culinary focus of this gourmet temple is on regional quality products and over 400 different herbs, which are harvested in the restaurant's own garden. These wonderful ingredients are used to create fabulous culinary delights that impress across the board. And all of this without excessive frippery and pretentious embellishment.

Website Regina Montium
Address Station Staffelhöhe, 6356 Rigi Kaltbad
Telephone number +41 (0) 413998800

Colonnade - haute cuisine in a timelessly elegant ambience +


If you are staying at the Mandarin Oriental Palace in Lucerne with your parquet-safe lady from our high-class escort service, then one of the best restaurants in the city is just a few steps away from your suite. The Colonnade fits perfectly into the traditional flair of this beautiful building. And not just in terms of the interior and top-class service, but also in terms of the exquisite dishes inspired by modern French cuisine.

Website Colonnade
Address Haldenstrasse 10, Lucerne 6002
Telephone number +41 (0) 415881888




Bars - for a wonderful escort date in Lucerne

Sunset Bar - the perfect location for a sophisticated sundowner +


The name of this charming cocktail bar right on the shores of Lake Lucerne could not be more aptly chosen. If you take a seat on the cozy terrace with your top model from our Elite Escort Agency Lucerne in the early evening hours, you can toast your erotic adventure to picturesque sunsets over the lake. The cocktails are fantastic, the atmosphere relaxed, the panorama unique and your companion breathtakingly sexy. What more could you want?

Website Sunset Bar
Address Seeburgstrasse 61, 6006 Lucerne
Telephone number +41 (0) 413755555

Hanky Panky - beautiful cocktail bar in the style of the 1920s +


It is a proven fact that people knew how to party in the swinging twenties. In the stylish Hanky Panky cocktail bar, this easy-going attitude to life is taken up and celebrated anew every evening. The interior design has been put together in an incredibly tasteful way to create a liaison between the forbidden flair of a speakeasy and the pomp of a luxurious champagne bar. You and your elegant escort lady are sure to feel right at home in this centrally located bar.

Website Hanky Panky
Address Sempacherstrasse 16, 6003 Lucerne
Telephone number +41 (0) 412112626

Kaspar Bar - coffee during the day and fine cocktails in the evening +


The Kaspar is a stylish jack-of-all-trades. From early morning, coffee connoisseurs meet here to discuss roast aromas, grinds and growing regions over a cup or two. As soon as the day draws to a close, Kaspar is transformed into one of the hippest cocktail bars in the city. The interior design is incredibly curated, the cocktails are a delight and your sexy escort girl can hardly wait to seduce you after the last drink according to all the rules of the sensual arts.

Website Kaspar
Address Hirschmattstrasse 24, 6003 Lucerne
Telephone number +41 (0) 412111166

Max - an ever-trendy veteran of the Lucerne bar scene +


There is at least one bar in every major city that feels like it has always been there. In Lucerne, the Max has this status. For more than thirty years, this cool bar has been a popular fixed star for all night owls. During the day, you can get to know your escort girl over a delicious coffee in the Max. Or you can take your sweet companion out for a delicious cocktail before exploring the local nightlife together. Tip: there is live music on Thursdays.

Website Max
Address Sempacherstrasse 5, 6003 Lucerne
Telephone number +41 (0) 412102101

Boca Grande Bar & Lounge - extravagance with a pinch of quirkiness +


That's how this beautiful bar in the heart of the city sells itself. And the concept works. The interior design is artfully overloaded without detracting from the cozy flair. The bar team at the Boca Grande Bar & Lounge consists of true virtuosos at the cocktail shakers, who will mix you and your hot top model from our VIP escort agency in Lucerne fabulously delicious drinks. The audience is a colorful mix, which makes for a great atmosphere.

Website Boca Grande
Address Pilatusstrasse 15, 6002 Lucerne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 412268787




Clubs - turn night into day with our escort service Lucerne

Penthouse - stylish rooftop bar & club in one +


To describe the Penthouse as just a club does not do justice to this cool location. This stylishly furnished urban lounge on the eighth floor of the Astoria Hotel in Lucerne is certainly a great place to party and shake a leg to good DJ sets, but the atmosphere here is generally more dignified. You and your sexy escort girl from our premium escort service in Lucerne will definitely have a great evening in the penthouse.

Website Penthouse
Address Pilatusstrasse 29, 6002 Lucerne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 41 226 88 88

Das Schwarze Schaf - casual club with an ingenious concept +


The Schwarze Schaf is a fixed star for many night owls in Lucerne. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, the stylish interior design and the high-end sound system. Particularly noteworthy is the line-up of mostly local DJs, who have a remarkable feel for the atmosphere on the dance floor and inspire guests with house beats. Tip: Reserve a lounge for yourself and your hot ladies from our VIP escort agency.

Website Schwarze Schaf
Address Frankenstrasse 2, 6003 Lucerne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 796106767

Princesse The Club - hot go-go girls, cool beats & a great atmosphere +


The fact that you treat yourself to a highly erotic date à la Target Escorts Lucerne proves that you appreciate beautiful ladies. To add even more color to this sensual delight, you should spend a few hours with your top model at Princesse - The Club. Here, lightly clad go-go girls dance on various stages, champagne corks pop every minute and you have plenty of space in your private lounge to celebrate life with your ladies.

Website Princesse
Address Hallwilerweg 12, 6003 Lucerne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 0412592000

Hardrock Music Bar Downtown - a club legend for over 40 years +


Even if younger generations find it hard to believe, there was and still is a club culture far removed from techno, hip-hop and chart breakers. Living proof of this is a Swiss club legend: Downtown. This is where music lovers who love guitar riffs, drum solos and vocals, heavy metal, rock and hard rock come together. It's been the place to be for over 40 years. And thanks to our escort service, the motto "Sex & Drinks & Rock 'n' Roll" comes true.

Website Downtown
Address Eisengasse 11, 6004 Lucerne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 414102239

Kopfklang Club - Lucerne's happy place for techno lovers +


The Kopfklang is a must if you want to dance the night away with your young escort lady to driving techno bass. The club itself is not huge, but offers plenty of space to live it up. The lighting effects and the different rave set-ups are really cool. For example, there are surprise line-ups where previously undisclosed top-class artists from the scene perform. Sometimes the DJ booth is positioned classically in front of the dance floor, sometimes in boiler room style in the middle of the dance floor.

Website Kopfklang
Address Habsburgerstrasse 46, 6003 Lucerne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 764603868




Shopping - romantic shopping spree with Target Escorts Lucerne

Bucherer - Swiss temple for watches and jewelry +


On the historic Schwanenplatz you will find the most renowned address for high-quality watches and exquisite jewelry. Since 1880, the name Bucherer has been regarded as the place where the fine art of Swiss watchmaking is celebrated. Rolex, for example, began its road to success in the first Bucherer store. Today, you can not only expand your watch collection here with your top model from our elite escort Lucerne, but also purchase almost sinfully expensive pieces of jewelry.

Website Bucherer
Address Schwanenplatz 5, 6004 Lucerne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 413697700

Globus - an Eldorado for lifestyle trends +


In Switzerland, the name Globus is synonymous with fashion labels, interior designers, lifestyle stores and delicatessens that have their finger on the pulse of the times. You can easily spend a whole day in this shopping mecca with your stylish escort lady and still discover new luxury goods time and time again. Tip: If you please your gorgeous companion with sexy lingerie, you can look forward to a private fashion show in your hotel suite.

Website Globus
Address Pilatusstrasse 4, 6003 Lucerne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 415109010

Bongénie & Grieder - paradisiacal conditions for fashionistas +


The Bongénie and Grieder store in Lucerne on Kapellplatz should definitely be on the agenda as part of your sensual shopping tour with your charming escort girl. In this shopping paradise, you will find not only high-class fashion labels but also exquisite shoes, stylish design elements for your home and a wide selection of renowned beauty and care products. The first Bongénie and Grieder store opened its doors for the first time in 1903. Today, the group's 15 boutiques throughout Switzerland offer selected luxury goods.

Website Bongenie Grieder
Address Kapellenplatz1, 6004 Lucerne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 583303032



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