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With the beautiful and seductive models from Target Escorts St. Gallen, you can expect a time full of sensual pleasures. For more than 24 years, our high-class escort service has been the first port of call for successful men who know how to celebrate the sweet life. And since you are reading these lines, you belong to this elite circle. You know that a discreet, harmless date with our young and playful escort ladies is a luxury that goes far beyond the accumulation of material things. With our VIP escort service St. Gallen, you will create precious memories of an erotic adventure that others hardly dare to dream of. And before the memory comes the experience. Every girl that you can book exclusively through our high-class escort agency St. Gallen is a revelation. You will spend time with a woman who has both feet on the ground, enjoys erotic tête-à-têtes with interesting men and knows how to move with style in the highest social circles.


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Louisa Escort service to melt away
Age: Early 30s, Student
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Emilia VIP Travel Escort
Age: Early 20s, Real Estate
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Minimum 12 Hour Booking
Amira Discreet Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
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Julia VIP Model Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Nova Dream escort girl
Age: Late 20s, Student
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Angelina Sexy Escort Girl
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Victoria Curvy VIP Escort
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Kyla Passionate Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
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Serena Luxurious Escort
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Camilla Luxury escort service
Age: Mid 20s, Student
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Chloé  Escort with perfect curves
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
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Alice Sensual Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Lara High Class Escort
Age: Mid 20s, Assistant
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Dilara Elegant Escort Girl
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Nika Exclusive escort services
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Hailey Charming Escort Girl
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Jennifer Sexy escort model
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Helena Elite Escort Model
Age: Mid 20s, Student
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Lea - Diverse Escort Girl Hamburg - Hanover - Berlin
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Pia Exclusive escort girl
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Stella Discreet escort services
Age: Early 20s, Manager
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Nelly Blonde VIP Escort
Age: Mid 20s, Influencer
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Sarah VIP Escort Girl
Age: Mid 20s, Manager
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Nikole Stunning Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Manager
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 First class escort service
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Ariana Petite Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Secretary
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Anna Delicate VIP Escort
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
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Elite escort service St. Gallen for men of the world

Our top-class St. Gallen escort agency is the go-to address for national and international big players who want to sweeten their time in this beautiful city with one - or even several - of our open-hearted models. Target Escort St. Gallen is a guarantee for absolutely discreet handling, for maximum customer orientation and, of course, for a breathtaking, highly exclusive selection of VIP escorts in St. Gallen. If you have not yet had the pleasure of our St. Gallen escort service, then you are to be envied. Because the passionate fireworks that await you will redefine the limits of your erotic imagination. The ultimate in sensual pleasures offered by our premium escort service is certainly a night with our bisexual escorts. Here you are the longed-for link in a love game between two beautiful women who can never get enough of each other or of you. Apart from the erotic component of our high-end escort service Sankt Gallen, you will spend quality time with sophisticated ladies who will also fascinate you on an interpersonal level.



VIP Escort agency St. Gallen - enjoy in style

St. Gallen offers a wonderful stage for a faunistic adventure à la Target Escorts. The historic mountain town lies in an alpine setting that is almost too good to be true. Fabulous hotels, fine restaurants, a lively nightlife and sophisticated shopping opportunities provide the perfect setting for your exquisite escort date in St. Gallen.


Hotels - Enjoy VIP escort Sankt Gallen in style

Einstein St. Gallen - luxury hotel in the heart of the city +


The Hotel Einstein is in many ways the perfect place to enjoy a sensually romantic vacation in St. Gallen with your partner. In addition to a highly decorated Michelin-starred restaurant, the 4* superior hotel also offers a fitness and wellness world that extends over 3000 m². The Hotel Einstein itself is just a few steps away from the historic monastery quarter. The spacious suites offer the perfect stage to inspire your love life with our emotional escort service for couples.

Website Einstein
Address Berneggstrasse 2, 9000 Sankt Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 712275555

Hofweissbad - much more than a luxurious hotel +


The Hotel Hofweissbad is located just outside the city gates of St. Gallen in the middle of the picturesque mountain landscape of the Appenzellerland. You and your elegant escort lady can expect not only a breathtaking landscape setting, but also every conceivable luxury that a modern wellness hotel has to offer. In addition to the stylishly furnished suites, the excellent restaurant and the many other amenities such as the wellness area, bar, etc., the hotel has its own rehabilitation clinic. You are guaranteed not to find a hotter spa shadow than your playful escort girl ...

Website Hofweissbad
Address In the park 1, 9057 Weissbad, Sankt Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 717988080

Bad Horn Hotel & Spa - Wellness hotel on the shores of Lake Constance +


Just a few minutes' drive from St. Gallen - in the picturesque canton of Thurgau - you will find a beautiful, family-run and equally elite luxury hotel that leaves nothing to be desired. The Bad Horn Hotel has been welcoming guests on the shores of Lake Constance since 1827. The hotel has naturally moved with the times and presents itself to you and your top model from our VIP escort agency Sankt Gallen as a top-class spa hotel that will pamper you to your heart's content.

Website Bad Horn
Address Seestrasse 36, 9326 HornSorell, St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 718445151

Sorell Hotel City Weissenstein - modern, stylish and en vogue +


If you are longing for a romantic vacation in St. Gallen that promises sensual fireworks on the one hand, but without any drama or unpleasant aftermath on the other, then we offer you the perfect solution: Reserve the "Fashion Atelier" room at the design hotel City Weissenstein and book our enchanting erotic girlfriend service. Your sexy girlfriend from Target Escorts Sankt Gallen is the ideal temporary partner who will make you laugh, continuously make you look beautiful and seduce you according to all the rules of the erotic arts.

Website Sorell
Address Davidstrasse 21, 9000 St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 712280628

Schloss Wartegg - beautiful boutique hotel on Lake Constance +


This beautiful luxury hotel is also just a few minutes' drive from Sankt Gallen. But the short drive to Lake Constance is definitely worth it. Schloss Wartegg pampers its guests with 25 beautiful, contemporary rooms and suites, a Michelin-starred restaurant, wellness area and all the other comforts you would expect from a luxury hotel. The fact that you will feel right at home here with your elegant escort lady is carved in stone.

Website Schloss Wartegg
Address Von Blarer Weg, 9404 Rorschacherberg, St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 718586262




Restaurants - sensual dinner with St. Gallen escort services

Einstein Gourmet - culinary sensual delights at the highest level +


If you are staying at the Hotel Einstein with your elegant escort lady from St. Gallen, the best restaurant in the city is just a few steps away from your suite. On the fifth floor of the hotel, the "Einstein Gourmet" welcomes you with fabulous culinary delights that have been awarded two stars by Michelin. Each dish is a delicately prepared work of art that tastes sensational. The ambience is elegant, the wine selection comprises around 3,000 wines and the service leaves nothing to be desired.

Website Einstein Gourmet
Address Berneggstrasse 2, 9000 St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 712275555

Restaurant Jägerhof - an evergreen of the upscale gastronomy scene +


The Michelin-starred Jägerhof restaurant has been playing in the town's gastronomic Champions League for years. Shortly after opening in 2019, the Jägerhof was praised by renowned restaurant guides and now boasts one star and 17 toques. Don't miss out on the homemade chocolates, which go wonderfully with the espresso afterwards. Our highly erotic duo escort service Sankt Gallen fits perfectly into this firework display of sensual delights.

Website Jägerhof
Address Brühlbleichestrasse 11, 9000 St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 712455022

Helvetia Restaurant - wonderful concept in a noble ambience +


If you want to have a really good meal with your top model from our premium escort agency St. Gallen and feel like you are dining at home, then Helvetia offers the perfect concept. In this cozy and stylish restaurant, you and your escort lady order and eat together. This means that all the food you order is placed on the table and everyone takes what and how much they want. This creates a wonderfully informal atmosphere.

Website Helvetia
Address Vonwilstrasse 39, 9000 St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 712772127

Osteria San Gallo - typical Italian cuisine in St. Gallen +


It's no secret that our girls from Target Escort St. Gallen love the varied cuisine of Italy. If you are also a fan of this wonderful cuisine, then you should go to the Osteria San Gallo with your escort. The cozy restaurant is located right at the entrance to the pedestrian zone and is therefore a great place to enjoy a nice lunch before or after a romantic shopping spree. Tip: order the agnolotti Piemontesi when they are on the menu. Delicious!

Website Osteria
Address Schwertgasse 1, 9000 St.Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 712327078

Corso - alpine cuisine: sustainable and authentic +


In Brühlgasse you will find a gourmet temple that delights all along the line. First and foremost the authentic alpine cuisine, which is celebrated here at the highest level. You and your lady from our VIP escort agency St. Gallen will enjoy fabulous dishes from the pots and pans of Switzerland at Corso. The seasonal ingredients are sourced exclusively from the region: freshly caught fish from Lake Constance, meat and dairy products from local producers and freshly harvested vegetables, which play the main role in the culinary focus.

Website Corso
Address Brühlgasse 37, 9000 St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 715113236




Bars - Cheers! To your hot escort date in St. Gallen

Maverick Bar - paradisiacal conditions for cocktail lovers +


The Maverick is a prime example of a sophisticated cocktail bar. Of course, you can also toast with a glass of wine, champagne or beer with your lovely companion from our escort agency in Sankt Gallen. But the undisputed focus is on the masterfully mixed cocktails. And you shouldn't miss out on them. The team behind the bar are true artists who not only prepare incredibly tasty creations of their own, but also take classic cocktails and long drinks to the next level.

Website Maverick
Address Augustinergasse 19, 9000 St. Gallen

Baracca Bar & Music - the institution of the local bar scene +


For over two decades, Baracca has been the place to go for people who want to escape everyday life for a few hours in a cozy bar. The Baracca is not a stylish diva, an urban trendsetter or a dark dive. This cool bar is classic, cozy and genuine. Small tables, a sofa seating area, a long bar paired with good music and an impressive selection of drinks. Nothing more and nothing less. Ideal to start the night with your escort girl.

Website Baracca
Address Teufenerstr. 2/4, 9000 St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 712201057

Lunaris - Chillout Bar and Smokers Lounge +


According to the top models of our VIP St. Gallen escort service, Lunaris is one of the most stylish bars in the city. The interior is modern and the style is somewhere between urban chic and minimalism. Ingeniously coordinated and incredibly cozy to boot. The drinks menu ranges from top-class wines and fine spirits to creative cocktails. A very special highlight is the Smokers Lounge, where you can also buy exquisite cigars.

Website Lunaris
Address Augustinergasse 29, 9000 St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 712301919

Südbar - a great location with a good mood guaranteed +


The Südbar in the heart of St. Gallen is a hub of city life. Here you can enjoy a cappuccino and fresh croissants with your escort lady early in the morning. In summer, the beautiful terrace is a wonderful place to relax and as soon as the setting sun turns the sky purple, the Südbar takes on an almost club-like character: lush beats, cool drinks and lots of fun people.

Website Südbar
Address Oberer Graben 03, 9000, St. Gallen
Telephone number +41 (0) 712208385

Affekt Bar - symbiosis between club and cocktail bar +


The Affekt Bar is in itself one side of the coin, as it is closely linked to the Ostklang club. The Affekt Bar itself is a great place from which you can immerse yourself in the colorful nightlife of the city with your life-hungry escort girl. Inside, a stylish bar awaits you, which not only spoils its guests with a considerable selection of drinks, but also with a great music program and fun events. In summer, you can also take a seat on the terrace.

Website Affekt
Address Brühlgasse 21, Saint Gallen




Clubs - party de luxe with our St. Gallen escort agency

Garage Club - driving beats in the middle of the city +


The Garage Club is a very special location. Right in the heart of St. Gallen, you can dive into a transformed underground parking garage with your sexy escort lady. Where cars once stood, cows now fly! Depending on the evening and the event, you can enjoy a variety of modern music genres. The interior design strikes the perfect balance between modern-chic and urban-industrial, the sound system is awe-inspiring and the mostly younger crowd really steps on the gas.

Website Garage
Address Hintere Poststrasse 2, 9000 St. Gallen
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 715555855

Eden Club - if a party, then with style! +


The Eden in St. Gallen is the stylish diva among the local nightclubs. The furnishings are classy, there are various bars and lounges, the music selection highlights modern dancefloor hits, and the crowd knows how to celebrate the good life. In short, you will have a fantastic night here with your sexy companion from Target Escorts St. Gallen. If you apply for the member card before your visit, you will benefit from various advantages.

Website Eden
Address Bahnhofstrasse 10, 9000 Sankt Gallen
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 764173190

Ostklang - the place to dance for techno lovers +


Ostklang is the place to be in St. Gallen if you like to let yourself drift through the night to hard techno beats. The club is the counterpart to the Affekt Bar, which we have already introduced to you. This makes it the ideal location if you want to turn night into day with your escort model. The sound and lighting are a revelation. The interior design of the club is also perfectly suited to the electronic music played by well-known DJs.

Website Ostklang
Address Homebase: Bohl 9, 9000 St. Gallen

Trischli - the newest club in St. Gallen +


Trischli is the latest addition to the local nightlife scene. The interior tastefully strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern without sacrificing a good dose of extravagance. The music ranges from casual house vibes to harder dancehall tracks and chart hits from the 90s and 2000s. If you would like to celebrate in style with your sexy VIP escorts in St. Gallen at Trischli, then reserve a table.

Website Trischli
Address Brühlgasse 15, 9000 Sankt Gallen

Alpenchique - High-end club for adults +


If you and your lady from our elite escort agency in St. Gallen are not in the mood for booming bass, an 18+ door policy and sweaty crowds, then the Alpenchique club offers the perfect alternative. This beautifully designed club is much more elite, but by no means stiff. People come here to dance and sing along to hits from the 80s and 90s as well as evergreens from German pop music in an upscale atmosphere.

Website Alpenchique
Address Unterer Graben 21, 9000 St. Gallen
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 712222002




Shopping - shopping in style with Target Escorts Sankt Gallen

Globus - luxury shopping on several floors +


The luxury department store chain Globus is synonymous with a top-class shopping experience throughout Switzerland. It is obvious that you and your top model from our VIP escort service St. Gallen do not have to do without this luxury. In the heart of the city, you can hunt for exclusive men's fashion, fine delicacies, design, art and many other high-end consumer goods at Globus. Tip: Here you will also find sinfully sexy lingerie that your hot escort girl will be happy to show you.

Website Globus
Address Neugasse 54, at the Multertor, 9000 St. Gallen
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 715116403

Weber fashion - an Eldorado for fashionistas +


In Eastern Switzerland, the name Weber is automatically associated with high-end fashion. You can find out why this is the case with your escort lady in St. Gallen at the Weber fashion store. Here you will find exquisite men's fashion from brands such as Eleventy, Les Deux or Armedangles and can have your very own personal suit made in the in-house tailor's shop. Your playful lady will be grateful for a small gift in her own way.

Website Weber
Address St. Leonhardstrasse 8, 9000 St. Gallen
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 712282000

Beldona - Fancy a private fashion show? +


It's always a pleasure to admire shapely ladies in wafer-thin lingerie. But it's even more tingling when these beauties show off their latest sexy lingerie just for you and beg you to free them from this provocative hint of nothing. If you like this idea, then invite your sexy escort model on a sensual shopping spree at Beldona. And everything that follows is left to your imagination at this point.

Website Beldona



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