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If you are looking for a romantic, highly erotic and harmless adventure, then Target Escorts Bern is the right address for you. For more than 24 years, we have been offering a top-class escort service that not only satisfies the elite demands of successful gentlemen, but exceeds them. Our sexy escort ladies in Bern are all true masters of seduction who will fulfill your every sensual desire. The fact that these beautiful girls work exclusively with our VIP escort agency Bern is a fundamental part of our philosophy. After all, our esteemed members are successful men of the world who appreciate the exclusive, the luxurious and, above all, the beautiful things in life. The fact is that you will have a wonderful time with each of our charming escort models. Not only in terms of fabulous eroticism, but also on an interpersonal level. We and each of our girls are looking forward to spoiling you with an unforgettably beautiful escort service in Bern.


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Minimum 12 Hour Booking
Lena Intensive Escort Service
Age: Late 20s, Student
Profile & details
Violeta Emotional Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Manager
Profile & details
 First class escort service
Age: Mid 20s, Real Estate
Profile & details
Dilara Elegant Escort Girl
Age: Late 20s, Model
Profile & details
Escort Girl Stella
Age: Early 20s, Sales
Profile & details
Ariana Petite Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Secretary
Profile & details
Kyla Passionate Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
Profile & details
Camilla Luxury escort service
Age: Mid 20s, Student
Profile & details
Emilia VIP Travel Escort
Age: Early 20s, Real Estate
Profile & details
Nova Dream escort girl
Age: Late 20s, Student
Profile & details
Serena Luxurious Escort
Age: Early 20s, Model
Profile & details
Alice Sensual Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Sofia Majestic VIP Model
Age: Mid 20s, Manager
Profile & details
Hailey Charming Escort Girl
Age: Early 20s, Model
Profile & details
Jennifer Sexy escort model
Age: Early 30s, Model
Profile & details
Louisa Escort service to melt away
Age: Early 30s, Student
Profile & details
Julia VIP Model Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Aurelia Catwalk Escort Model
Age: Mid 20s, Student
Profile & details
Amira Discreet Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
Profile & details
Victoria Curvy VIP Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Mina Breathtaking Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Manager
Profile & details
Nika Exclusive escort services
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Nelly Blonde VIP Escort
Age: Mid 20s, Influencer
Profile & details
Anastasia Sensual Girlfriend Service
Age: Mid 20s, Real Estate
Profile & details
Angelina Sexy Escort Girl
Age: Early 20s, Student
Profile & details
Chloé  Escort with perfect curves
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
Profile & details
Nikole Stunning Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Manager
Profile & details
Lea - Diverse Escort Girl Hamburg - Hanover - Berlin
Age: Mid 20s, Student
Profile & details
Anna Delicate VIP Escort
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
Profile & details
Pia Exclusive escort girl
Age: Mid 20s, Student
Profile & details
Helena Elite Escort Model
Age: Mid 20s, Student
Profile & details
Elina Luxury escort girl
Age: Mid 20s, Assistant
Profile & details

Deluxe Escort Service Bern - erotic adventures in the federal city

Experiencing Bern with the dream ladies from Target Escorts is a sensual revelation. Provided that you have not yet enjoyed our girlfriend experience. If this is the case, then imagine the following scenario: After you have decided on one or - as part of our Duo Escort Service - two of our top models, we will arrange everything else flexibly and discreetly. You meet the lady of your choice in a bar and are amazed at how uncomplicated and refreshing it is to get to know her. Your flirtations are guaranteed to fall on fertile ground. The ensuing tête-à-tête takes you into a world of sophisticated eroticism that you have only ever dreamed of. In these intimate moments, a deep bond develops with your beautiful temporary girlfriend. Sensual ecstasies alternate with meaningful conversations. In public, your confident companion presents herself as a young colleague who fits in perfectly with every situation. And after the date, the two go their separate ways. Without drama. Without any aftermath. But with a lot of gratitude and mutual respect.



VIP Escort Agency Bern: stylish date locations

The Swiss capital offers numerous locations that provide our Bern escort service with the perfect setting as well as enjoyable enrichment. Excellent hotels, superb restaurants, hip bars and cool clubs are just waiting to make your discreet escort date perfect.


Hotels - high-class escort services Bern in a luxurious setting

Bellevue Palace - classic elegance & modern comfort +


For many years, the 5* Grand Hotel Bellevue Palace has been the first address for celebrities from politics, business and show business when they stay in Bern. Our tip: Receive your elegant escort lady in the hotel bar, enjoy a romantic dinner in the hotel's own gourmet restaurant and then retire to the beautiful Tower Suite. In addition to plenty of free space, a fabulous view awaits you here, although it will only briefly distract you from the sight of your top model.

Website Bellevue Palace
Address Kochergasse 3-5, 3011 Bern
Telephone number +41 (0) 313204545

Schweizerhof Bern - the city's first luxury hotel +


When the Schweizerhof opened its doors for the first time in 1859, the history of one of the most elegant and high-class hotels in the country began. Pompous comfort, top-class cuisine and first-class service. After just a few moments with your stylish lady from our premium escort agency in Bern, you will realize that nothing has changed to this day. With around 120 m², the Presidential Suite offers plenty of space to treat yourself to a night with our Bi Escorts.

Website Schweizerhof
Address Bahnhofplatz 11, 3001 Bern
Telephone number +41 (0) 313268080

Stadthaus Burgdorf - sophisticated living flair on historic ground +


If you would like to spend a few sensual hours (or days?) with your sunny escort model in Bern in a particularly historic ambience, then the beautiful boutique hotel "Stadthaus Burgdorf" is the perfect choice. The history of this venerable building dates back to 1376. Today, 18 stylishly furnished, cozy rooms and suites offer the ideal ambience for sensual role-playing games with your sexy playmate from Target Escorts Bern. The food in the hotel restaurant is also a real highlight.

Website Stadthaus
Address Kirchbühl 2, 3400 Burgdorf
Telephone number +41 (0) 344288000

Boutique Hotel Schloss Hünigen - a romantic get-away in the Emmental valley +


Just a few minutes' drive from the city walls of Bern, you will find a wonderful retreat that - in combination with our high-class escort service Bern - leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comfort, charm and convenience. The Schloss Hünigen boutique hotel is the perfect place to escape the stresses of everyday life. Stylish rooms and suites strike a balance between the 800-year history of the building and the modern comforts you would expect from a first-class hotel.

Website Schloss Hünigen
Address Freimettigenstrasse 9, 3510 Konolfingen
Telephone number +41 (0) 317912611

Grand Hotel & Spa Victoria Jungfrau - everything your heart desires +


If you are looking for a luxurious retreat in the Bernese Oberland where you can enjoy a sensually relaxing time with your partner, then the 5* Grand Hotel Victoria Jungfrau is the perfect place for you. The traditional hotel with its 5,500 m² wellness world, gourmet restaurants and comfortable suites and rooms merely provides the setting. Our highly erotic, sensitive and unforgettably beautiful girlfriend experience for couples in Bern adds a sensual, romantic touch.

Website Victoria Jungfrau
Address Höheweg 41, 3800 Interlaken
Telephone number +41 (0) 338282730

Video hotel recommendations +



Target Escorts Hotel recommendations for Bern

Luxury hotel Bern
Exclusive hotel Bern
Design hotel Bern




Restaurants - Gourmet recommendations from Target Escorts Bern

Steinhalle - star cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere +


Even though this fabulous restaurant is located in an old, venerable building, neither the culinary delicacies nor the friendly manner of the service team are old-fashioned. The opposite is the case! Here you can enjoy incredibly creative dishes with your top model from our elite escort agency, in which flavors from all over the world are harmoniously combined. The flair is dignified, the service is on a first-name basis and the wine selection is remarkable.

Website Steinhalle
Address Helvetiaplatz 5, CH-3005 Bern
Telephone number +41 (0) 313515100

Essort - fine dining for veggie lovers too +


The Essort restaurant in the heart of Bern is a great place in many respects where you can enrich your escort date in Bern with culinary delights. On the one hand, the Essort offers a small, fine menu for lunch. In the evening, the creative kitchen brigade prepares wonderfully tasty dishes that are literally rooted in vegetarian cuisine. However, Essort also caters for meat and fish lovers.

Website Essort
Address Jubiläumsstrasse 97, 3005 Bern
Telephone number +41 (0) 313681111

Wein und Sein - Michelin-starred enjoyment in a charming setting +


In this stylishly furnished gourmet temple with one Michelin star, regional cuisine is celebrated at a very high level. Each dish on the four- to six-course menu is a sensory explosion in every respect. As the name of the restaurant suggests, the wine selection is first-class. In short, at Wein und Sein you will find the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner with your escort lady in Bern as part of our sensual Girlfriend Experience.

Website Wein und Sein
Address Münstergasse 50, 3011 Bern
Telephone number +41 (0) 313119844

Sonne Scheunenberg - seasonal cuisine at star level +


The Michelin star and 17 toques from Gault & Millau that this wonderful restaurant rightly bears are a clear indication of an evening full of sensory delights. This is especially true when you take your seductive top model from our VIP escort in Bern out into the sun. Wonderful culinary delights from the modern cuisine of France await you. In summer, you can take a seat on the beautiful terrace and let the competent service team take care of you.

Website Sonne
Address Scheunenberg 70, 3251 Wengi bei Büren
Telephone number +41 (0) 323891545

ZOE - vegetarian, sustainable and incredibly tasty +


The kitchen team at ZOE proves every day just how incredibly tasty vegetarian dishes can be. Michelin has not only awarded this young and extremely friendly restaurant in the heart of Bern a star, but also a green star, which recognizes its sustainable approach. If you wish, you and your sexy escort model can sample the delicate creations here for lunch. In summer, the small terrace invites you to enjoy the open-air dining experience.

Website Zoe
Address Münstergasse 39, 3011 Bern
Telephone number +41 (0) 313183333




Bars - stylish meeting places for your escort date in Bern

Prizeotel Roof-Top Bar - stylish design and a fabulous view +


As soon as you enter the rooftop bar of the Prizeotel with your sexy companion from our high-end escort agency Bern, it becomes clear that you can lose track of time here. The interior design was created by a New York star architect. Outside on the large roof terrace, your gaze wanders over the city skyline to the imposing Alps ... only to quickly return to the angelic face and dream body of your escort model.

Website Prizeotel
Address Viktoriastrasse 21, 3013 Bern

Roof-Top Grill - cool location, juicy steaks and fabulous cocktails +


There are plenty of rooftop bars. The Rooftop Grill in Bern, however, is something special. This trendy location on the terrace of the Kursaal in Bern is a popular meeting place for the young and young at heart, especially in summer. You and your cheerful escort girl from our VIP escort service Bern are therefore in the best of company here. In addition to the wonderfully prepared cocktails, you should treat yourself to something from the grill menu. The steaks in particular are perfectly prepared and incredibly tasty.

Website Rooftop Grill
Address Kornhausstrasse 3, 3013 Bern
Telephone number +41 (0) 313395242

Atelier Classic Bar - the menage of liquid poetry +


Do you appreciate classic cocktail bars where the slightly dimmed lighting, heavy furniture and dignified music set the mood? Where an impressively well-stocked selection of spirits is displayed behind the bar, the drinks menu reads like a beautifully written book and the bar team is made up of masters of the trade? Then the Atelier Classic Bar is the ideal place for you. It goes without saying that you will fit in perfectly here with your stylish escort lady.

Website Atelier
Address Rathausplatz 3, 3600 Thun
Telephone number +41 (0) 332237567

Kurt & Kurt - stylish cocktail bar in the heart of the old town +


One of the city's most stylish cocktail bars is located just a few steps away from the main train station. Kurt & Kurt is not only known for its gigantic selection of gin and whisky, but also for its many regular events. If you wish, you can take part in various tastings or cocktail courses with your escort lady, for example. Or you can simply take a seat, order a fine drink and then toast to your escort date in Bern.

Website Kurt & Kurt
Address Aarbergergasse 28, 3011 Bern
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 31 382 77 77

Die Taube - fine drinks and delicious snacks +


Die Taube is more than just a cozy cocktail bar that treats its guests to excellent mixed drinks. This place is also an insider tip for anyone who loves pizza. You can order a double margherita with your dream lady from Target Escort Bern. One as a Yellow Margherita in pizza form and the other as a Basil Margherita in a glass. The fact is that you will certainly experience a wonderful evening here, which is far from over thanks to a sensual girlfriend experience.

Website Die Taube
Address Rathausgasse 50, 3011 Bern
Telephone number +41 (0) 315561650




Clubs - Party de luxe with our premium escort Bern

Le Ciel - hip club with a varied music program +


The club "Le Ciel" is in many ways a perfect place where you can turn night into day with your sweet escort girl in Bern. Latin vibes, hip hop, reggaeton and RnB are the preferred genres that come out of the speakers here. The club itself is stylishly furnished, the lighting effects are spectacular and the crowd is exuberant. What's more, this location is only a five-minute walk from the main train station, which also speaks for Le Ciel.

Website Le Ciel
Address Bollwerk 31, 3011 Bern

Circle Club - cool events with music from all over the world +


The Circle Club is not only worth a visit for its stylish interior and fabulous sound system. What makes this Bernese nightlife institution stand out are the many different styles of music that are celebrated here. One evening you can dance to Italian hits with your escort girls from our VIP escort agency Bern and the next night you can shake your hips to Latin beats from Portugal. It is guaranteed never to be boring at the Circle Club.

Website Circle Club
Address Aarbergergasse 35, 3011 Bern

Kapitel Bollwerk - Bern's hot spot for fans of electronic music +


Kapitel Bollwerk has been a fixed star in Bern's nightlife for more than a decade. It is refreshing that this club does not rely on flashy marketing, attaches little importance to big names and simply focuses on the music, partying and enjoying the moment. The music here is mostly electronic. In combination with our uncomplicated escort services Bern, you will enjoy every second at Kapitel.

Website Kapitel
Address Bollwerk 41, 3011 Bern
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 313116090

Du Théâtre - celebrate in style in the best of company +


As a successful gentleman of the world who likes to pop the corks in an appropriate setting, this high society club in Bern is just the place for you. Here you can rent a VIP lounge for yourself and your sexy escort girls and turn night into day in the company of like-minded people. Incidentally, the Du Théâtre has been around for two decades and is considered the club with the most exquisite door policy in Bern.

Website Du Theatre
Address Hotelgasse 10, 3011 Berne
Telefonnummer +41 (0) 313114433

Marians Jazzroom - an icon of the international jazz scene +


When Marians Jazzroom opened its doors for the first time in 1992, the first chapter of an impressive success story was written. The club quickly developed into one of the most sought-after stages for jazz greats from all over the world. Here you can experience unforgettable musical happenings with your elegant escort lady in a rustic and cozy atmosphere. In addition to jazz, gospel, blues, funk, soul and many other musical genres are also performed here.

Website Marians Jazzroom
Address Engestrasse 54, 3012 Bern
Telephone number +41 (0) 313096111




Shopping - sensual shopping pleasure with Target Escort Bern

Bongenie Grieder - luxurious fashion labels on 1000 m² +


If you would like to go on a little shopping tour with your top model from our first-class escort service Bern, then the branch of the luxury fashion boutique Grieder is the ideal address. Here you will find a considerable selection of high-quality women's and men's clothing on a sales area of more than 1000 square meters. Kenzo, Chloé and Fabiana Filippi are just a small selection from the exclusive range. The thanks of your sexy escort lady for a little attention will certainly be extremely sensual ...

Website Bongenie
Address Waisenhausplatz 14, 3011 Bern



Treat yourself to our first-class escort services. No matter where you are.

As one of the most renowned escort agencies in Europe with over 24 years of experience, we offer our highly erotic girlfriend experience not only in Switzerland, but also far beyond the country's borders. In Germany, you can look forward to a date with our seductive escort girls in every major city. For example, not far from the Swiss border in Stuttgart, Munich and Karlsruhe. Of course, our VIP agency is also there for you if you move further north. Discovering the German capital Berlin in the company of one of our sexy escort girls is a wonderful experience. Or you can get up close and personal with the hot top models from our escort agency in Dresden and let yourself be pampered according to all the rules of sophisticated eroticism.

In Frankfurt am Main, there is no better way to celebrate a successful business deal than in the tender arms of our love-hungry VIP escorts. In addition, the parquet-safe and multilingual ladies are your perfect plus 1 for various events. With a lot of charm and empathy, your escort model in Düsseldorf will put you in the perfect light at a fashion event, for example. Your charming and absolutely discreet lady from Target Escorts Mainz or from our escort agency in Hamburg will explain the meaning of "girlfriend with benefits" to you after the event.

On your business trips through Europe, our VIP escort service is just a phone call away. No matter whether you are treating yourself to a few pleasant hours in Zurich, Vienna or a more distant location such as Brussels or London. There is no better way to combine work with pleasure. Speaking of which, there is certainly no more sensual way to enrich a short vacation than with our fiery escort girls in Marbella or Sardinia. The fact remains that you can rely 100% on the discretion of our beautiful escort models and, of course, the entire team behind Target Escorts.


We look forward to arranging your escort date in Bern!

Experiencing Bern with one or even several of our VIP escorts is an experience that few men can afford. You are one of the lucky ones who have fully earned this sensual adventure à la Target Escorts Bern. All that is left to do now is to contact us.

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