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Early 30s
167 cm 5‘5’’
89B-64-91 cm 35B-25-36
55 Kg 121 lbs.








Ariana - Wild & Beautiful

How would you describe your erotic lifestyle?

My erotic lifestyle can best be described with one word: sensuality. I am a very sensual type of woman who gets turned on when all my senses are stimulated. I love feeling, touching, tasting and smelling. My erotic play should stimulate my senses and completely tease me and get me going. It is a wonderful art of expression on an escort date.


What does a perfect dating scenario look like for you?

So many examples come to mind: scenario 1: on the beach, by candlelight directly under the starry sky with soft music in the background, a cool breeze, a drink and chocolates! Scenario 2: conversations with lots of intelligence and humor, we laugh at silly things, philosophise and just enjoy the moment! Wine and fine dining would be the cherry on top. Scenario 3 etc.: road trips, spa visits, concerts and surprises....

What is it that excites you about dating an unknown man?

Never seen, never heard of, never experienced - dating a stranger is a very special way of getting to know someone. I'm attracted by the unknown, the surprise, even the challenge. But what I find almost more fascinating is the process, from the getting-to-know-you phase to the familiar.

In which outfit do you feel especially sexy and desirable?

With the right man by my side, I feel sexy in everything. Otherwise: sexy, sporty tank top, vintage jeans, loose short dress, off-the-shoulder top with elegant trousers or skirt.... a combination of casual and elegant or sexy.

What do you find attractive about a man?

I am attracted to men who have a passion for something and who enjoy life to the fullest. The kind of man with whom I can have valuable conversations and laugh a lot. A man who has eliminated selfishness and arrogance from his life. In short, a loving, sensitive, intelligent man with inner beauty is a hottie for me.

How can a gentleman impress you?

A man doesn't have to roll out the red carpet to impress me on a date. Basic things are enough to make me feel special and appreciated. Understatement and a certain modesty earn you a lot of sympathy points. Politeness, attentiveness, good manners, sincerity - for me, all these are the hallmarks of a true gentleman - and that is so sexy. I admit it, I also want to be carried around a bit on his hands and getting attention - besides pleasurable eroticism, that is precisely what I value most. My gentleman simply enjoys expressing his masculine protective instinct, his politeness and manners and behaving charmingly towards his fellow.


How would you describe your personality?

I am multi-skilled and would describe myself as a "Jack of all trades, a master of none". I have love for almost all people, especially those who are truly vulnerable and try to put a smile on most people's faces. I am said to be brave and kind, at the same time inspiring and filling the room with my presence.

Do you have a philosophy of life?

In my vocabulary, the terms Carpe Diem and Amor Fati frequently insert themselves. I live here and now and welcome every experience in life, because every single one is valuable. In everything I experience an opportunity to learn, to enjoy and to simply "live" consciously.

Which is the best way to seduce you?

I love it when I can lose myself in a man's smile. I seek your physical closeness and touch you gently on the shoulders, arm or back. I look into your beautiful eyes. Pupils dilate and the heart beats fast as thoughts ride a rollercoaster. Conversation fades as you caress my face, approach my lips in my girlfriend service ...

Do you like flirting – and how?

I am a woman who burns, who has passion and humour. So yes, I like to flirt. How? With authentic self-confidence and a confident aura. You are welcome to get an idea of this at my escort service.

What leisure activities are you passionate about?

Travel, concerts, sports activities, road trips, adventures, cultural activities, etc.

What is special about your style?

I find inner and outer naturalness valuable. Stylistically, I like it cool, sporty, casual. However, I like to combine that with elegance and subtle sex appeal. I also love to wear dresses in my free time or in the evening. Sometimes it can also be rocky. I just like the variety.

What are your character strengths?

I am a modern, strong woman with a free spirit who knows what she wants. At the same time, I have this soft, empathetic and supportive side. I see the best in every situation. If life gives me lemons, I make lemonade!

What do men love about you, your look, and your personality?

Men like me especially for my intellect and sense of humor. They also find me attractive because I am caring, confident, open, easy-going, independent and helpful.


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Data & Preferences

Conversation: English, German, Italian, Spanish (Basic), French (Basic)
Cuisine: Italian, Greek, Japanese
Drinks: Champagne, Wine
Wardrobe: Elegant, Casual
Lingerie: Agent Provocateur, La Perla
Perfumes: Guerlain, Kenzo
Flowers: Roses
Hobbies: Music, Dancing, Travel
Occupation: Secretary
Clothing Size: EU 34, US 2, UK 6, Italy 38
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Jeans size: 28
Bra size: 75B
Shoe size: 40 EU, 9 US, 7 UK, 39 IT
Wears bags by: Saint Laurent, Prada
Loves shoes by: Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga
Character traits: Empathetic, energetic
Trips: Worldwide
Sensual preferences: Girlfriend Experience, Bisexual, Duo Service, Couple Service
More: Non Smoker, Tattoo

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