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With Target Escorts Dresden you enter a world of sophisticated sensuality and stylish entertainment. The beautiful ladies of our escort service will be happy to welcome you to this world, to take you by the hand, and to pamper you by all the rules in the book of sensuality. For many years, our VIP escort agency Dresden has been the first point of contact for international big players who wish to enhance their precious leisure time with a discreet one-night stand. If you have not yet enjoyed our deluxe escort services in Dresden, you may look forward to a highly erotic adventure that you will certainly remember with joy for a long time.


The following elite escorts are available in Dresden:

Dresden Ladies:

Elite escort service Dresden: premium sensuality!

A rendezvous with the student of your choice is not only, but above all, a sensual revelation. The beautiful ladies, who are available exclusively via our 5* escort agency Dresden, love to pamper their lover. The genuine pictures of our models in their playful lingerie will give you an idea of what awaits you: The young, sporty girls of high-class escort service Dresden are true love goddesses, who will take you to seventh heaven – sometimes in a deeply devout way, sometimes lovingly dominant. There are no limits to the love games, as long as all involved are having fun. For example, you may fulfil the dream of many men and book our bi escort service. Observe how two of our sexy part-time escorts pamper each other, and then become a part this highly erotic happening. The feeling, when you merge with the perfect dream bodies of your two ladies to become a harmonious whole, cannot be described in words. With Target Escort Dresden you can live this and many other sensual dreams! Very discreetly, uninhibited, and without unpleasant consequences.



Meet our lovely escorts …

... wherever you wish to. Our highly discreet escort agency will arrange your rendezvous as you please. Yet, it is always a special experience, if you meet the sweet escort student of your choice in an exclusive setting. The capital of Saxony offers many elegant bars and lounges where you can meet with your lady companion. One of the most fabulous and stylish locations for your sensual tête-à-tête is the "Karl May Bar" at the Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski. The chic ambience will remind you of a classic gentleman's club from the 30s. Dark wood, fine leather armchairs, a high-class beverage offer, and select music make this place truly perfect to get to know your part-time escort. Of course, the Florence on the Elbe still offers many other suitable locations for the start of your rendezvous with your top model. The "Blue Salon" at the Parkhotel has something of a cult status amongst the rich and famous. Here, you may flirt with your lady from our top-class escort services Dresden in an elegant setting that combines modernity and classic in a tasteful way.


Dresden escort agency: Our fine dining recommendation

All our elegant escort ladies love the big and small pleasures in life, and really appreciate the beauty of life. Amorous adventures with distinguished gentlemen are just as much part of this as are fine food and fine wines. Thus, if you wish to surprise your self-confident model from luxury escorts Dresden, a romantic dinner would be a great idea. Dresden offers a great selection of fabulous gourmet restaurants! Culinary delights at star level are served in three top restaurants. For example, you may take your charming student to the Caroussel. This gourmet temple has been the local benchmark in fine dining for many years. Here, the classic cuisine of France is interpreted in a modern interpretation and presented in a fabulously filigree way. On top of that, the restaurant's exclusive setting is a perfect match for the sensual luxury that you will enjoy with our exquisite escort service. Just outside the city, another fine restaurant is waiting to pamper you and your sexy part-time escort Dresden with a fantastic cuisine: the "Bean & Beluga". The modern, straightforward dishes prepared with incredible finesse are a feast for all senses – just like the rendezvous with your dream lady from our VIP escort agency.


First-class escorts Dresden: One night & a hotel suite

That is all you need to experience one of the most beautiful, sensual, and unforgettable erotic adventures of your entire life! Our playful models are happy to fulfil all your most secret wishes. All you need to do is choose one or more models, and then inform our VIP escort agency Dresden about your decision. We will take care of everything else with the utmost discretion. In terms of finding an exclusive hotel suite, the city itself makes it very easy for you: Dresden is home to some of the best hotels in Germany! For example, you may book a room in a real hotel legend: The 5* Boutique Hotel "Bülow Palais" in the Baroque quarter. The 54 rooms at this luxury hotel also include two beautiful suites, each with 90 m² of living to fully enjoy our first-class escort service. Modern, stylish, elegant – that's the way to describe another hotel highlight: The Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss! In the beautifully furnished loft suites of the 5* hotel, you can seduce your sexy companion elite escort service Dresden high above the rooftops of the city. Alone the open-plan bathroom, which is connected to the bedroom, offers space for truly sensual water games ...


Party with your lady companions!

Experiencing Dresden's nightlife with your VIP companions is another very special experience! Your lovely lady from our high-class escort service is like a beautiful and trusted temporary girlfriend, with whom you may wonderfully party! Of course, your sexy friend from deluxe escort service Dresden comes along with these very special benefits – offering the perfect girlfriend experience. If you wish to dive into the local nightlife with your top model, the capital of Saxony offers some very cool and upscale venues. For example, the night club "Arteum", which includes various dancefloors, lounges, and bars – divided over three floors. Of course, you may also book your private VIP area for you and your elite escorts and enjoy a couple of bottles of champagne in full privacy. However, if you are in the mood for a smaller club, which is very popular with the city's young jet set, you can take your sexy student from Target Escorts Dresden to "My House". This trend location offers a cool bar, a club, and a summer lounge. In the casual cocktail bar, you may make a toast to your evening with your sweet lady, then dance in the club, and – in the summer – even take a dip in the pool in the open-air lounge.


Premium escort services: Pure pleasure!

To get into the right mood already before your date with the beautiful lady of your choice, you may start your day in a stylish and very relaxed manner. First, perhaps take a visit to the barber – for example, "Giljana's Barbershop" – and get ready for the upcoming rendezvous with your part-time escort Dresden. If you are in the mood for a new, elegant, and tailor-made suit, you may visit the city’s most traditional gentlemen's outfitter "Prüssing & Köll". Finally, to make sure that you are not late for a date with your dream lady companion from Target Escorts, stop at one of Germany's most exclusive watchmakers - "Glashütte Original". Stylish, elegant and, above all, relaxed, you can now fully enjoy our VIP escort service Dresden. Because with such a stylish appearance, you make sure that your elegant lady from our elite escort agency Dresden will devour you with her eyes ...


Target Escorts Hotel recommendations for Dresden

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