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The enchanting models of our top-class escort service welcome you to Target Escorts Dresden. For sophisticated gentlemen, doors open here that lead to sophisticated erotic adventures with young, passionate and beautiful escort models. You can also look forward to stylish rendezvous that are a blessing on an interpersonal level. Our elegant, highly discreet escort ladies in Dresden are wonderful companions with whom you will make an excellent figure at any event. So it may come as no surprise to you that our escort service has been the first choice for 24 years for men of the world who know how to live their success and appreciate quality life. With this in mind, we wish you much pleasure with our VIP escorts in Dresden.


Escorts Dresden    

Nikole Stunning Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Manager
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Lea - Diverse Escort Girl Hamburg - Hanover - Berlin
Age: Mid 20s, Student
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Ariana Petite Escort Girl
Age: Early 30s, Secretary
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Stella Discreet escort services
Age: Early 20s, Manager
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Minimum 12 Hour Booking
Angelina Sexy Escort Girl
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Nelly Blonde VIP Escort
Age: Mid 20s, Influencer
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Amira Discreet Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
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Nova Dream escort girl
Age: Late 20s, Student
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Dilara Elegant Escort Girl
Age: Late 20s, Model
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Anastasia Sensual Girlfriend Service
Age: Mid 20s, Real Estate
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Sofia Majestic VIP Model
Age: Mid 20s, Manager
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Emilia VIP Travel Escort
Age: Early 20s, Real Estate
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 First class escort service
Age: Mid 20s, Real Estate
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Louisa Escort service to melt away
Age: Early 30s, Student
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Helena Elite Escort Model
Age: Mid 20s, Student
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Victoria Curvy VIP Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Lara High Class Escort
Age: Mid 20s, Assistant
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Nika Exclusive escort services
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Anna Delicate VIP Escort
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
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Mina Breathtaking Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Manager
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Pia Exclusive escort girl
Age: Mid 20s, Student
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Alice Sensual Escort Service
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Kyla Passionate Escort Service
Age: Early 30s, Manager
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Jennifer Sexy escort model
Age: Early 30s, Model
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Julia VIP Model Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Chloé  Escort with perfect curves
Age: Late 20s, Assistant
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Hailey Charming Escort Girl
Age: Early 20s, Model
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Camilla Luxury escort service
Age: Mid 20s, Student
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Serena Luxurious Escort
Age: Early 20s, Model
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First-Class Escort Service Dresden: Where dreams become reality

Now that you have certainly seen the authentic photos of our seductive escort ladies in Dresden, we would like to invite you to a small, harmless and at the same time wonderfully erotic experiment: Close your eyes and imagine that you are watching two of our bisexual escorts making intimate love. How the shapely bodies of the two escort girls nestle against each other. With Target Escorts Dresden, this dream simply becomes reality. However, it would be a little presumptuous to limit our elite escort service to the erotic component alone. With our sunny, well-traveled and sophisticated models, you can look forward to interesting conversation partners with whom you can philosophize for hours about God and the world. Make your choice, contact Target Escort Dresden, and we will arrange your dream date with the utmost discretion.



Hotels, restaurants, bars & shopping: location tips from our VIP escort agency

No man in the world would blame you if you enjoyed our sensual Girlfriend Service


Hotels - the perfect hideaways to experience our elite escorts in Dresden

Bülow Palais: Timeless elegance in Dresdens baroque quarter +


The Relais & Châteaux Hotel Bülow Palais is a fabulously beautiful and ideally located place to enjoy a passionate GFE in Dresden. Spacious, luxuriously furnished suites, a top-class restaurant, a sophisticated bar with a cigar lounge and the wonderful spa area are just a few of the many amenities on offer here. The Hotel Bülow Palais is also highly valued by our long-standing clients, who - together with their partner - enjoy our discreet escort service for couples in Dresden.

Website Bülow Palais
Address Königstraße 14, 01097 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 35180030

Suitess Hotel: Five star superior hotel in the heart of the old town +


If you would like to reside in style in Dresden with your escort lady from our elite escort agency, then the traditional Hotel Suitess is the perfect address. Directly opposite the Frauenkirche, a stone's throw from the Semper Opera House and within walking distance of the Dresden Zwinger and the Royal Palace, you can experience historic Dresden in all its impressive splendor. You can rest assured that neither you nor your VIP escort will miss anything in this 5* hotel.

Website Suitess Hotel
Address An der Frauenkirche 13, 01067 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 35141727

Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski: Hotel business at the highest level +


Not only are you spoiled for choice when it comes to our beautiful escorts in Dresden, but you can also choose from a wide range of luxury hotels, as the beautiful Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski proves. The newly renovated suites are a tribute to good taste, the three hotel restaurants offer culinary works of art, and the wellness area - just like our high-class escort service in Dresden - leave nothing to be desired.

Website Kempinski
Address Taschenberg 3, 01067 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 35149120

Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe: the ideal starting point for your escort date in Dresden +


When you look out of the window of your spacious, elegantly furnished suite at the Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe, your gaze wanders over all the famous sights of Dresden's old town. And when you turn around, you can admire one - or thanks to our duo escort service - two beautiful top models cuddling expectantly in bed. The fact is that the Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe is one of the best addresses in the city and easily meets the highest demands of distinguished gentlemen.

Website Steigenberger
Address Neumarkt 9, 01067 Dresden
Telephone number + 49 (0) 351 43860

Hilton Hotel Dresden: A successful balance between modernity and tradition +


The Hilton Hotel in Dresdens old town is a guarantee for a pleasant stay. The suites offer plenty of space to feel at home, the hotel's location could hardly be better and the amenities on offer are manifold. The only thing that will enrich your visit is an extensive rendezvous with one of our charming escort ladies. After a nice dinner and a relaxed drink at the bar, the pleasure really begins for you and your VIP escort in Dresden ...

Website Hilton
Address An der Frauenkirche 5, 01067 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 35186420

Video hotel recommendations +


Target Escorts Hotel recommendations for Dresden
Exclusive hotel Dresden
Design hotel Dresden




Restaurants - your lady from Target Escorts will serve you the sweetest course...

Genuss Atelier - culinary art at star level +


If you would like to take your charming escort lady in Dresden out to dinner in style, then the Genuss Atelier is an excellent choice. 14 steps lead down into a rustic, cozy, yet incredibly stylishly furnished cellar restaurant with sandstone walls and cross vaults. The cuisine is modern and fabulously creative, and the service is spot on. You can indulge in culinary delights à la carte or with a four- to eight-course surprise menu.

Website Genuss Atelier
Address Bautzner Straße 149, 01099 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 35125028337

Elements - stylish, elegant and culinary delights to kneel down to +


The Michelin-star restaurant "Elements" is an ideal place for your sensual escort date in Dresden in many aspects. On one hand, you can dine here with your dream lady from our reputable escort agency. The ambience of the restaurant harmonizes perfectly with the modern, creative culinary delights that are conjured up here. At lunchtime, the Element is transformed into a deli with an outdoor terrace, making it the perfect place to meet your escort girl for the first time.

Website Elements
Address Königsbrücker Straße 96 - House 25 - 26, 01099 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 3512721696

Moritz - romantic indulgence with a view of the Frauenkirche +


The elegant rooftop restaurant Moritz in the 5* Hotel Suitess is not only worth a visit for its excellent cuisine. From the glass-roofed terrace, you have a unique view of the imposing dome of the Frauenkirche. If you are already staying at this hotel with your elegant VIP escort in Dresden, you will not have far to go to your suite after the last course, where your model will serve you a particularly sensual dessert.

Website Moritz
Address An der Frauenkirche 13, 01067 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 351417270

Caroussel Nouvelle - a fusion of classic chic and urban nonchalance +


If you combine our top-class escort service with a stay at the luxury hotel Bülow Palais, then we recommend a dinner at the in-house restaurant Caroussel Nouvelle. The wonderful culinary delights are based on classic French cuisine, with a focus on seasonal and regional ingredients. The service team is unparalleled, the ambience is sophisticated and the path to your hotel suite is not far. In short: the perfect setting for an unforgettably beautiful rendezvous à la Target Escort Dresden.

Website Bülow Palais
Address Königstraße 14, 01097 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 35180030

Atelier Sanssouci - star cuisine in the "Sorgenfrei" villa +


Just a few minutes' drive from the city, you will find a truly magical place where you can spend an unforgettable evening with your top model. The Michelin-starred restaurant Atelier Sanssouci is located in a beautiful 18th century villa. The food, the wine, the interior ... everything about this place is a tribute to the sweet life and thus forms a perfect symbiosis with our luxurious escort service.

Website Atelier Sanssouci
Address Augustusweg 48, 01445 Radebeul
Telephone number +49 (0)3517956660




Bars - Cheers to your escort date and to a wonderful time in Dresden

Gin House - stylish gin enjoyment with flair of the 1920s +


The Gin House in the Hotel Suitess is a fixture of Dresden's high society. No wonder, because the ambience of this beautiful bar radiates the timeless elegance of the "Swinging 20s". As the name of the elegant bar suggests, gin certainly plays the leading role, but all the other sophisticated cocktails and long drinks are also excellent. What's more, you will be in the best of company with your escort lady, and the evening has only just begun. What more could one want?

Website Gin House
Address An der Frauenkirche 13 (Directions: Rampische Straße 1), 01067 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 351417270

Twist Bar - modern, stylish and in the heart of the old town +


The Twist Bar achieves what few can: the balancing act between minimalism and elegance. The bar and counter are skillfully illuminated, creating a stylish contrast to the dark interior. The selection of drinks goes beyond the impressive cocktail selection. You and your sunny escort girl can also have drinks mixed for you that are not on the menu. The Twist Bar is also located directly in the old town, making it an ideal starting point for immersing yourself in the local nightlife.

Website Twist Bar
Address Salzgasse 4, 01067 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 351795150

Shiki - Sushi, cocktails and lemonades +


The sushi restaurant "Shiki" is always worth a visit if you and your top model from Target Escorts Dresden feel the desire for sophisticated culinary delights from the land of the rising sun. One of the city's most beautiful cocktail bars is located on the upper floor of the restaurant. In addition to the breathtaking view of the Zwinger, you can enjoy sophisticated drinks and refreshing lemonades here. The in-house cocktail creations, which are inspired by the diverse, aromatic and colorful flavors of Asia, are highly recommended.

Website Shiki
Address Postplatz 2, 01067 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 35149761777

Herz American Bar - young, hip and right on trend +


The Herz American Bar is a perfect springboard, especially at the weekend, from which you and your sunny companion from our high-class escort service in Dresden can immerse yourselves in the vibrant nightlife of the city. In addition to a well-stocked selection of drinks, a stylish interior design and good music, you will find one thing above all else here: plenty of good vibes. With 25 standing and 25 seated places, the Herz Bar is not particularly large, but that is precisely what makes this trendy location so charming.

Website Herz Bar
Address Wallgäßchen 4, 01097 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 35185096108

Schwenke`s Bar & Lounge - a stylish toast to your escort date +


You can do this particularly well with your top escort model in the house bar of the elegant Pullman Hotel. The Schwenke's Bar & Lounge is not only a meeting place for hotel guests, but is also popular with successful Dresden business people who come here to relax after a busy day. The drinks are masterfully prepared, the selection of wines and spirits is exquisite and the service team strikes the perfect balance between discreet reserve and friendly attention.

Website Schwenke`s Bar & Lounge
Address Prager Straße 2c, 01069 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 3514814109




Clubs - turn nights into days with our VIP escort agency

Jazzclub Tonne - for the "society against sobriety" +


The premises in which this legendary jazz club is located already served Augustus the Strong (around 1620) as the seat of the society he founded against sobriety. Today, international stars of the jazz scene perform here, making "die Tonne" a true cultural institution known far beyond the city walls and national borders. So if you and your fun-loving escort model feel like letting yourself be carried away by jazzy soundscapes, then you've come to the right place.

Website Jazzclub Tonne
Address Tzschirnerplatz 3-5, Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 3518026017

Club Paula - let yourself be driven by deep basses +


You can do this with your beauty from Target Escorts in Dresden's hippest techno club until the early hours of the morning. Club Paula is a fixed star in the local nightlife sky for all those who enjoy being surrounded by good-humored, tolerant and musically like-minded people, sometimes driven by hard basses, sometimes by spherical surfaces. Together with your sexy escort girl, you will enter a world in Club Paula where hedonism is lived out in the open.

Website Paula
Address Plattleite 31/ House B, 01324 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 35148246647

Sektor Evolution - electronic underground in its purest form +


Hard beats in an industrial setting. High brick walls, concrete pillars and old industrial machinery are the foundations of one of Saxony's best-known clubs. Everything that people outside the scene imagine a techno club to be is delivered here. Apart from the setting, a powerful sound system, sophisticated lighting effects, a remarkable line-up and, of course, the exuberant guests ensure a night that you and your top model will certainly remember for a long time to come.

Website Sector Evolution
Address An der Eisenbahn 2 Industrial area, 01099 Dresden Neustadt
Telephone number +49 (0) 15253845693

Objekt klein a - a safe haven for night owls +


The Objekt klein a club is unlike any other. The word endearing probably sums it up best. Here you and your VIP escort from our escort agency in Dresden will find a place where electronic music usually sets the tone, but where other events also take place: Concerts, exhibitions, discourses as well as theater & film performances. At Objekt klein a, you and your escort lady can dance uninhibitedly on two floors, flirt at the bar and enjoy your togetherness in quiet corners.

Website Objekt klein a
Address Meschwitzstraße 9, 01099 Dresden

Milkersdorf Castle - luxury refuge of passion +


If you would like to experience an erotic adventure of a special kind with your open-hearted Bi Escort from Dresden, then we can recommend a trip to the beautiful Milkersdorf Castle. This lovingly restored manor house regularly hosts top-class lifestyle parties. Like-minded people meet here to indulge in free love in a fabulously elegant setting. But to compare Schloss Milkersdorf with a classic swingers' club would be presumptuous. Etiquette, style and class play a decisive role here.

Website Milkersdorf Castle
Address Schloßstraße 15, 03099 Kolkwitz OT Milkersdorf
Telephone number +49 (0) 3560464439




Shopping - sensual shopping with our VIP escort girls in Dresden

QF-Passage - luxurious shopping experience in the heart of the old town +


The QF-Passage is probably the most beautiful shopping mile in the city. Not only because of the many sophisticated stores for fashion, jewelry and design accessories, but also because of its wonderful location right next to the Frauenkirche. Here you can treat yourself and - if you wish - your elegant escort lady to something nice. You can be sure that your seductive top model from Target Escort Dresden will thank you in her own, highly sensual way for a little attention.

Website QF
Address Töpferstraße 6, 01067 Dresden
Telephone number +49 (0) 3514843389755



Our high-class escort services for gentlemen is available for you worldwide

As one of the most renowned escort agencies in Europe, it goes without saying that you can enjoy our high-class escort service not only in Saxony, but also far beyond the country's borders. In Germany, for example, highly erotic adventures with our beautiful escort girls await you in Bochum, Cologne and/or Essen.

Or how about a rendezvous lasting several days in the German capital? Our VIP escorts in Berlin know their way around the big B and will be only too happy to show you where you can have an unforgettable time here. Of course, it is also no problem if the lady of your dreams is based in another city. Our girls are eager to travel and will accompany you wherever you wish.

So your escort date could start in Frankfurt am Main and end with an enjoyable gourmet weekend in Hamburg. After all, the Hanseatic city offers a cornucopia of exquisite gourmet temples. And the best way to enjoy it is in the company of a sunny, cosmopolitan and fantastically beautiful escort lady.

Or how about a relaxed escort date in Leipzig? Stroll through the historic old town with your charming companion and then let yourself be pampered in your hotel suite according to all the rules of the erotic arts. This scenario can also be transferred to Stuttgart, Dusseldorf or any other German city.

As already mentioned, our elite escort service extends from German cities such as Mannheim beyond the country's borders. In Austria, sugar-sweet escort girls await you in Graz and Innsbruck, among others. If you are traveling to Switzerland for business or pleasure, our VIP escort agency is there for you in all major cities such as Zurich or Geneva. On a global level, Target Escort is your discreet partner if you would like to explore the world with a charming travel escort. Whether it is a short trip to Brussels or Luxembourg. Or whether you want to spend a sophisticated erotic vacation in Monte Carlo, Dubai or London: Our high-class escort models are the perfect travel companions.


The stage is set for your hot escort date in Dresden.

All you have to do is contact our exclusive VIP escort agency, let us know your wishes and we will arrange your sensual escort rendezvous in Dresden with the utmost discretion.

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