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Worldwide escort service Alica


Oh baby you stole my heart - only gods or angels are built like you. I like to be seduced by your elegance...

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Review by A. 08.2023


I wanted to thank you very much for the date yesterday. Alica is very nice and I really had a great time.


Review by A. 06.2023


Alice is simply unique! So incredibly nice, educated, smart and hot. From now on I want to meet her again and again! Thank you for the professional service.


Review by D. 05.2023

Brunette Ariana


Ariana creates a perfect atmosphere with her beautiful & charming smile. She knows exactly how to make a date unforgettable!

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Review by J.10.2022 J.10.2022


The meeting with Arianna was very beautiful. She is completely dedicated to you and your needs with an embracing manner.


Review by J. 09.2022

Escort service with Candice


A quick note to say thank you for organizing - Candice was great, good conversations, a very warm personality., A beautiful and amazing person to spend time with.

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Review by A. 05.2023


Candice is an amazing girl. She has a great personality and an amazing body. I am very happy to have met her. Thank you for organizing this meeting.


Review by S. 04.2023


We had great fun and a wonderful conversation. She is beautiful and has great energy. Looking forward to the next time with her!


Review by B. 11.2022


Candice breaks the ice instantly with her sophisticated, intelligent and incredibly gorgeous way. Adorned with her beautiful, fascinating and calming charisma, the meeting proves to be superlative and will remain in my memory forever. First class!


Review by L. 09.2022


She is an educated, stunning and open minded personality with a really wild side. I can't wait to see her again!


Review by C. 05.2022


Dream woman in one word: Candice. Incredible body, bright blue eyes and the sun in her heart. Every date with Candice is like a holiday and I'm already looking forward to the next one!


Review by D. H. 03.2022

Sensual Escort Girl Chanel


I had an extremely engaging and very relaxing evening with Chanel. From the first moment we met, I was able to have interesting and stimulating conversations with Chanel because of her friendly and open-minded nature. With her toned, youthful body and her overall, very feminine appearance, Chanel almost steals your senses. She responded sensitively and intuitively to all of my wishes during the intimate part of our meeting. I'm already looking forward to meeting Chanel again next time.

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Review by L. 08.2023


I had a wonderful evening with Chanel. She is an extraordinary woman who is not only stunningly sexy with her athletic slim figure, but also a charming and versatile conversation partner. I look forward to hopefully seeing her again soon!


Review by M. 11.2022


Discreet, stylish, adaptable, loving, communicative, attractive, well-groomed, sensitive, flexible, decisive, provocative, fashion-conscious, sexy, determined, passionate and natural are the adjectives that comprehensively describe Chanel. For every man who is looking for a meeting with an absolute dream woman, Chanel is not an insider tip, but heaven on earth. With best thanks and best regards to all of Target Escort. W.


Review by W. 08.2022


Chanel is stunning. She has a warm laugh, humour and a stunning body. Our conversations were deep and we laughed a lot. The three hours flew by and was absolute quality time. In bed, Chanel is a grenade that will steal all your senses.


Review by E. 08.2022


Chanel is a fantastic person. She is really nice and sex with her is like paradise. I am really happy about our encounter. Naturally fantastic figure and really beautiful.


Review by D. 07.2022


Chanel was a fantastic dream date. If you are looking for the complete package, she is the one. Amazingly funny and entertaining (we could have talked all night), but of course you have to mention she's a gorgeous blonde sexpot with a toned body to match. The sex was the cherry on top, you will definitely feel like a king. Definitely repeat next time in Frankfurt.


Review by N. 08.2022


Chanel is fun and sexy, a rare combination. She is wild in bed.


Review by A. 05.2022


The overnight date with Chanel was great! Chanel is a very kind, cool and funny lady. We laughed a lot together. You can really talk to her about anything - as if you had been friends with her for years. She truly made my evening in all other areas as well. This lady knows her trade! Even the nightly fierce battles - over even the smallest part - on the bedspread, make me look back on the meeting with joy.


Review by S. 05.2022


We finally found each other and had 2 great hours! Chanel is a super friendly and nice lady! 100% satisfaction!


Review by L. 04.2022

Travel escort worldwide Daria


Daria ist wirklich eine tolle Person, sowohl persönlich als auch körperlich, sie ist die schönste Frau, die ich je getroffen habe. Ihr Charakter ist süß und sie ist unbeschreiblich schön. Ich war schon einige Male mit ihr zusammen und kann nicht genug von ihr bekommen. Je öfter wir uns sehen, desto besser lernen wir uns kennen. Ich werde sie auf jeden Fall wiedersehen, denn ich bin süchtig nach dieser Frau geworden und möchte süchtig bleiben und auf keinen Fall in die Reha gehen. Das ist eine superschöne Sucht und ich wusste nicht, dass eine Sucht so gut für mich sein kann.

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Review by A. 07.2023


Daria is cozy, Daria is sweet, Daria is irresistibly. For the third time I have seen her and this time was unforgettable and only makes me want her more. What I have been able to do with her is a wish for me that has come true and what she has done with me I cannot describe in words. You are special!


Review by L. 12.2022


Breathtaking and Beautiful! This applies both meetings with her and shortly before the 2nd Advent. Loosely based on J. W. v. I would like to quote Goethe: " Whom Daria paralyzes, he does not come to his senses so easily.." I am really looking forward to our next meeting in spring 2023!


Review by G. 12.2022


Thank you so much, she was absolutely fantastic! I will definitely see her again next time I am in town.


Review by W. 08.2022


Every meeting has been excellent. Daria is incredible. I was captivated from the very beginning.Her figure, smile and impeccable appearance are 1A+. The interviews show her good training and were always of the highest standard. We talked and laughed a lot.
We had a fun time from start to finish. And her girlfriend service is simply unsurpassable without words.


Review by J. 08.2022


Daria - A body to die for. Intense and tender at the same time. I want to keep the crazy vision of her body in my head forever. Book multi day trips if you want to have the best time of your life, hour sessions are just too short. Fantastic agency, will continue to book only with you. Next trip will probably be in November. I will try to plan ahead and maybe visit your other cities.


Review by C. 07.2022


Fantastic experience. Super sexy, erotic and fun in bed. The photos are realistic but live she is incredible, in a word.


Review by F. 06.2022


My second date with this wonderful and beautiful Daria was together with Adriana. It doesn't get any better than that. Daria and Adriana really are a fantastic couple. The way they make me feel comfortable with them was so perfect. We laugh together and have nice conversations. And afterwards we have a time that I will never forget in my life. The way the girls move around me and the way they touch each other as I watch was the best and makes me so crazy. The bodies of these girls are so amazing and after the great show they gave me, the girls seduced me in the best way.


Review by D. 05.2022


Daria is a dream come true. It's hard to imagine what a better body could look like. She is perfect in every way and moves so sexy and flawless. She's easy to talk to and likes my sarcastic jokes. If I could, I would see her all the time.


Review by N. 05.2022


Daria is a fantastic woman to be with. She is sweet and caring and I immediately felt comfortable by her side. I have never seen anyone with such a beautiful figure. So beautifully slim with beautiful brown eyes and a fantastic figure with really nice and perfect breasts. She is more beautiful than I could have imagined. I hope to see her again soon.


Review by S. 01.2022

Hot escort date Dilara


Dear Dilara, thank you again for the wonderful evening together.It was just much too short, the time has passed much too quickly. I hug you again - even if only in thought - and hope that we will see each other again soon.


Review by J. 01.2023

Ekaterina - VIP Escort Service


Thank you for this great evening – Ekatarina is incredible! This is probably the most incredible experience in recent years!!! - Thank you for making it possible!!!

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Review by H. 08.2023


Thank you for arranging, this won’t be the last time I will see her.


Review by T. 05.2023


She is a very friendly and gorgeous woman. I had a really great evening with her and enjoyed it very much.


Review by T. 06.2022


I had a super nice evening with Ekaterina! She completely catered to my wishes and made me very happy!!! You can really have a lot of fun with her! Thank you very much for that!


Review by Christian 6.2022


Ekaterina is simply stunning. She looks like in the pictures and is incredibly sexy! She is an absolute sex bomb, and she also took away all my nervousness with her easy-going and humorous manner! I had a great and horny time with her! Absolute recommendation for this dream woman! Thank you Ekaterina! And thank you Sia for making the meeting possible!


Review by Y 4.2022


Thank you so much for Ekaterina! She was incredibly great and very, very nice! I had a wonderful time with her. For me, she is the best woman I have ever met in this business. I highly recommend her! Thank you again for making it possible.


Review by C. 1.2022


Ekaterina in one word: WOW! An absolutely stunning young lady. I booked her and was incredibly excited before the date. Ekaterina immediately broke the ice with her relaxed and cool manner and gave me the night of my life. She is a dream come true and her service is out of this world! Gigantic! Thanks baby & see you soon!


Review by B. 3.2022

Erotic Eleyna


A very nice evening with Elenya yesterday. Thank you so much! Interesting conversation, very positive personality, and a perfect body.

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Review by H. 07.2023


Eleyna is an incredible girl. She’s energetic, eager, independent, and so intelligent. From chatting with her, you’ll find someone who’s genuine and kind. She’ll make sure that your fantasies are fulfilled and that you’re taken care of emotionally as well. You’ll have the night of your dreams with Eleyna!


Review by C. 04.2023

Outgoing and sexy: Elina


She was just perfect and is an exceptional lady. I think we get along very well. Looking forward to meeting her again in my next visit.

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Review by J. 01.2023


I had a great time. I will book through your service every time I am in Europe from now on. Thank you so much for that.


Review by R. 04.2022

Elizabeth - VIP Escort Service


Thank you for arranging everything so carefully. It was a very pleasant evening! In addition to being beautiful, sexy and with a great temper, Elisabeth is knowledgeable on many topics, which makes her an interesting conversationalist.


Review by F. 06.2023

Sexy Escort Helena


I am so pleased I had the opportunity & privilege to meet Helena! She's a delight. Her photos hint at her beauty (yet don't do her full justice) but cannot convey how bright, interesting, and fun she is. She can converse on so many topics - so smart & well read. In conversation she's animated, engaging, positive - I wish we'd had more time just to talk. She's also deeply passionate and exceptionally rewarding. A very unique woman and experience. Thanks to her for a memorable first date and to you for your help.


Review by G. 11.2022

Charming Escort Model Jennifer


Jennifer is the gold standard of femininity, the dream made flesh from 1001 nights. Breathtaking curves, loving and glowing eyes make time with her fly by. To get the highest possible pleasure of sensuality, it is almost obligatory to treat yourself to at least one night (12 hours).


Review by J. 08.2022

Hot escort date Kyla


I met with Kyla in Munich - she was amazing! She is really pretty, has a great body and.... fun to talk to and is fantastic in bed. Highly recommended.

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Review by L. 09.2022


Kyla is a real escort monster! She is professional, dedicated and I was immensely pleased by her service and the time we spent together.


Review by A. 05.2022

Modella esperta Lea


The time with Lea was great and wonderful. Thank you so much for your help!


Review by J. 09.2022

Elegant Mila


The date was again fantastic and extraordinary! Mila is something very special. Thank you for the great service!

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Review by S. 03.2023


Mila was really nice, very beautiful, and a genuinely warm and kind personality.


Review by J. 03.2023


Mila is a wonderful person and a fantastic lover. Truly the best!


Review by L. 11.2022


Thank you so very much for connecting me with Mila. She is really an Angel and I can only recommend her. I am really thankful for everything !


Review by T. 11.2022


Mila is not only very empathetic and sensitive, but also has a wild and passionate side that makes meeting her an absolute dream date!


Review by A.10.2022 A.10.2022


An incredible combination of personality, grace, beauty and style. More than words can describe. Mila is the best!


Review by K. 09.2022


Mila has exceeded my wildest dreams. Her personality and sweetness complement her stunning looks and beautiful body. After this experience, I felt like the luckiest man in the world.Finding her is like finding a diamond. Take care my dear!!! See you as soon as possible!


Review by B. 07.2022


Mila is amazing. She is sweet and stunningly beautiful. Thank you for helping me find her!


Review by N. 07.2022

VIP model Mina


I just must tell you, how amazing and sweet this date was. I’m so blessed and grateful to have met her!


Review by B. 04.2023

Escort model Nelly


Nelly is real, smart and sexy. I like her more in real life than in the pictures.
I really enjoyed my time with her. Thanks very much.


Review by L. 06.2023

Spanish Nikole


Thank you for setting up today’s date! Nikole is naturally gorgeous and true in her openhearted joyful and playful character. Please let her know that I am not going to forget meeting her and that I enjoyed her truly sparkling company greatly.

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Review by A. 06.2023


Excellent recommendation. Thank you very much!


Review by KR. 04.2023

Travel escort worldwide Nova


Quick feedback from my end. I had a very nice date with Nova and enjoyed the time very much. She is a smart lady with clear views and we had a lot to talk about. She also has an amazing body and is very sensual about what a man could look for.


Review by M. 07.2023

VIP Escort Olivia


Olivia was just amazing! Warm, thoughtful and much more beautiful than in her photos. She was wonderful and I would love to see her again.

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Review by H. 05.2023


As I said, an insane time. Olivia is also very beautiful, very open-minded and not shy. She knows what she needs and wants, and she also takes the opportunity to get it. 3My table (she knows what I mean) needed some time to cool down, just like me.


Review by M. 07.2022


Thank you for the recommendation, Olivia was excellent, really super service.


Review by D. 07.2022


I really enjoyed the date with Olivia. She is a charming and sensual lady and we had a great time. Thank you!


Review by L. 06.2022


Dear Olivia, thank you so much for the great time. You gave me back the lightness that I had been missing and needed for a long time. You are a first-class woman who is blessed with a sexy body that you also know how to use properly. Looking forward to our next reunion!


Review by E. 02.2022

Brown eyes saphira


I came to Target through a recommendation. I saw Saphira and booked her straight away. The evening exceeded all my expectations and I hope to see her again soon

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Review by H. 06.2023


I would like to say a huge thanks for the meeting with Saphira. If it’s possible to pass personally to Saphira for really amazing date, that I won’t forget that fast. She was beyond my expectations and she definitely a person who I wish to be one day my girlfriend…


Review by J. 09.2022

VIP Escort Sofia


Good evening, I'd like to say that I had a great time with Sofia, she is such a sexy & charming lady. Her body is perfect and I really like her polish accent, which makes her so exotic. I'm looking forward to seeing her again in the future!

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Review by F. 4.2023


I wanted to THANK YOU so much for introducing to Sofia. She's gorgeous, funny, a great conversationalist and showed up on time. Her outfits were absolutely stunning. WOW!
I want to see her next time for sure. Thank you again!


Review by A. 02.2023


It was an amazing overnight date with Sofia! She was super sexy and eager to have wild moments - I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you!


Review by T. 10.2022


My time with Sofia was incredibly fantastic. She made my time in Mykonos an unforgettable dream experience. I travel a lot and Sofia's facilitation was so easy and wonderful that I will turn to you regularly when I travel. Thank you so much for everything!


Review by J. 08.2022


When I first met Sofia, my breath caught and I thought I was going to faint. Yes, Sofia is so stunningly beautiful. Sofia has the perfect body. More than that, she has a personality that hypnotises her man so that every wish, need and desire is fulfilled as if it were an erotic dream. Every minute with Sofia is a treasure of pleasure. She is open-minded, beautiful, intelligent and truly desirable in every way a man dreams of. Thank you Cleo for arranging my meeting with Sofia so smoothly and easily. I'll be sure to see her again soon. A warning: once you have felt and tasted Sofia, you will be completely addicted to her. You will want her again and again and you won't be able to resist her.


Review by M. 08.2022


Sofia is a wonderful woman, our date was the best I have ever had. Not only is she a sweet and good looking woman, we had a lot of fun and shared great moments together.
I will never forget her positive attitude and her smile. It was just a great date and I am already looking forward to the next one.


Review by L. 07.2022


It was a fantastic date with Sofia. She is not only pretty and very good looking - she is funny and full of positive energy. We had a very good time together and shared great moments. Every minute I spent with her was just perfect. For sure I will see her again because she is really an inspiring lady... CU soon my love...


Review by N. 07.2022


Explosive body and ocean blue eyes full of seduction! Sofia is an absolute treasure with a beautiful soul and is a perfect match for people who are looking for an uncomplicated girlfriend. For the rest, she is open-minded, caring and spoils even the most demanding lover with her senses. It is so easy to spend time with her!


Review by Enzo. 03.2022


Well, I booked a two-day meeting with Sofia through the agency and Sia! What I want to say is that I got a lot of exercise for two days! Sofia was kind and loving and the time with her was a great experience!


Review by D. 02.2022


Thank you so much for organising my date with Sofia, the perfect mix of sweetness and sex appeal ;) I really enjoyed the hot moments in bed and her hot outfits. But even more important for me was the feeling of having a real girlfriend by my side. I will remember the deep conversations in the restaurant, her smile and her sky-blue eyes as well as her beautiful soul and human warmth.


Review by V. 02.2022

Passionate Valentina


What an awesome Lady Valentina is! Beautiful, smart and very intelligent. I hope I can book her again soon.


Review by B. 03.2023



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