Girlfriend experience

Would you like to have a date with a charming escort lady who takes on the role of a partner by your side? Then you make the right choice with us. All our ladies at Target Escorts offer GFE. Experience an unforgettable date with one of our high-class escort models and look forward to intimate moments in sensual closeness. A sexy massage, sinful role playing or even living out a fetish? With our girlfriend escort service, almost anything is possible.


These high-class escort models offer a girlfriend experience:

Girlfriend experience

What distinguishes a girlfriend escort service?

If you opt for the girlfriend experience, the time you spend with your escort will be very intimate and intense. You will have the feeling to know the beautiful woman at your side since ages. You may hold your lady’s hand while strolling through a shopping street, kiss her in public, and hug her – just like you would do with your real life partner. Our escort models play the game with confidence. No one will suspect that the woman by your side is a booked lady companion. And even if it all feels so familiar, things will still remain exciting. Because during a girlfriend service, the erotic part is not neglected.


Girlfriend experience – Pure sensuality

Spend the evening with a stunningly beautiful escort model enjoying the sweet side of life, have inspiring conversations and indulge in erotic pampering. With a VIP escort lady all this is possible. During your date, she will always be by your side and you will have a wonderful time together. The highlight of your encounter will be the moments of sweet intimacy – Just the two of you in the suite of a five-star luxury hotel or another romantic location of your choice. Here you will experience a sensual GFE, which will truly mesmerize you. Enjoy a stimulating massage, cuddling and fondling, or even more. If you book a lady who shares your erotic preferences, you can be sure that your desires and needs are fully satisfied.


GFE – A stylish lady companion for any occasion

Our escort models are the perfect partners for any occasion: Whether you look for a lady companion for a business dinner, for the party of a good friend or for your next vacation. Our VIP escorts are up for any type of events and excursions. They are comfortable also in exclusive circles: All of our charming escort girls are accustomed to move in upscale localities. All our models perfectly know how to make a truly stylish appearance. Furthermore, our lovely ladies will impress you with their intelligence and a broad general knowledge. With your lady companion you may have interesting conversations, laugh together and inspire each other. You will see: Your companion will fascinate you like no other woman before.


Feel at ease from the very first moment

The immediate feeling of being understood. This is what distinguishes our girlfriend escort service. All our elite escorts will be happy to slip into the role of your long-time companion. This way, from the very beginning of your time together, there will be a close connection between you and the booked lady. You will not even realise that the woman is a booked escort. Instead, the beauty by your side will give you the feeling that you’ve known each other forever. How does she manage that? She simply knows how to behave like a real girlfriend. She will always be friendly and make you feel good. Because that’s what our attractive escort ladies do best: They give their gentleman amazingly beautiful moments.


High-class escort – Unforgettably moments as a couple

In the world of escort service there are major differences in the quality of women. Unlike many other escort agencies, all our ladies count among the elite selection of high-class escorts. No matter which model you choose: Every single one of our premium companions has a perfect body, flawless skin, and is sensual, feminine and beautiful. All are sporty, open-minded and eager to fully enjoy life together with a nice gentleman. And because most of our ladies are either still studying or already successfully set in their career, you may also expect a certain intellect. Intelligent, beautiful and down to earth – where else would you find such a wonderful combination?


Girlfriend service – With a travel escort around the world

Travelling together with a steady girlfriend is a wonderful experience. But what if the female counterpart is missing? Or if you rather wish to use your leisure time to escape from your everyday life and meet new people? For these purposes, our travel escorts are the perfect choice. Our elite companions will happily accompany you on your next trip. During your time together, you will feel like travelling with a real girlfriend. Together with your VIP escort you may explore foreign cities, reside in classy hotels and dine at fine restaurants. With a travel escort – booked as a GFE – your journey will certainly be unforgettable.


GFE – Everything but boring

Every woman at Target Escorts offers the girlfriend experience. And for good reason: Those who choose this type of escort service, will soon forget that they are spending time with a booked escort. Instead, romance is paramount. The feeling to simply experience a wonderful time together with your girlfriend. However, also the sensual part is not neglected. Even during intimate moments with your lady, there is no space for boredom. Our ladies are open for various erotic games and are looking forward to satisfy your deepest desires.


Deluxe escort services – Every lady a jackpot

We’d like to give you a promise: If you opt for one of our ladies from Target Escorts, you will always make the right choice. Each of our elite escorts is enchanting in her own special way. Each has a gorgeous body – and will mesmerise you with style and plenty of charm and grace. During your time together, you will also notice how educated and interesting our ladies are. And the best part: Our VIP escorts will be polite, correct and loving at all times. This combination of beauty, intelligence and commitment makes our girlfriend experience truly perfect – and allows you to forget about your everyday life for a few hours (or maybe even days?).

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