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Job perspectives +


Do I also have the possibility to work internationally?

Our clients are international business people and VIPs who travel accordingly often to the most beautiful metropolises and most interesting places of the world. You are welcome to accompany the client on his business trips and vacations as your time and flexibility allows. The trip scheduling is organized by our office. Your pre paid flight ticket will be waiting for you at the nearest airport. You will not have to do a thing!


Does Target Escorts® have realistic rates?

Of course! Target Escorts® belongs to the elite of the escort business since %%years_trading%% years and enjoys an excellent reputation. Target Escorts® is solely contacted by gentlemen who know that a lady is a jewel and she should be paid handsomely for her time!

Requirements for the job +


Which requirements should I bring along?

You will need to feel comfortable in magnificent hotels and restaurants and you should know how to move in this society. You need to be open for sensual adventures. You should be able to quickly adapt to a new situation and to forge close links to the client. It is very important to our clients that you feel comfortable as well. They don't want a cool and reserved lady by their side.


Which ladies come into consideration for Target Escorts®?

You need to be sociable, good looking, between 18 and 35 years old and open-minded towards sensuality. Do you love to dress up, enjoy deep conversations and romantic nights? Do you have a fixed job or do you study and are looking for a lucrative side job? Then you will fit perfectly into our team!


What are the ideal measurements I should bring along?

It is essential that you like the way you look and radiate this feeling in a natural way. The ideal sizes are between 4 and 8 and you should have a minimum height of 165 cm (5' 4''). Your body should be important to you and you should set a high value on a neat appearance.


Advantages of the agency +


The company Target Escorts®

Our elite escort agency has an excellent reputation in the worldwide escort business. Internationally and nationally reputable business people, doctors, lawyers, managers, VIPs and wealthy clients appreciate the professional and discrete handling of their requests. Every day, satisfied gentlemen all over the world recommend us.

Our successful concept is based on trust, discretion, reliability, professionalism, and humanity. We commit ourselves to our clients' interests and needs. And our escort ladies are also classed as our clients! Our aim is to successfully arrange a nice time between two people in the most uncomplicated and fastest way possible.

Target Escorts® is a registered trademark in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and many other European countries. This is also proof for the recognized expertise of Target Escorts®, which has emerged as a modern and globally operating elite escort agency over the years.


What is the difference between Target Escorts® and other agencies?

Take your time and gather some information on other agencies. Meanwhile there are a lot of so called "exclusive high-class" agencies. While searching, pay attention to the following criteria: For how many years has the agency existed? How does the stability look, on which rank is the agency listed by large and renowned search engines and how high are the rates.

A classy and reliable escort agency for example, does not offer any apartments or establishments for a date on its website.

If you find any of our text passages at other agencies' sites, you can be sure that these have definitely been copied from us. Such agencies are copycats and are not familiar with high-class escort at all. They are absolutely not reliable!

During your research you will quickly notice the difference between "appearance and reality". A lady is a jewel and she should be paid handsomely for her time! This is how we and also the client of Target Escorts® view you!


Who can I contact in case of questions?

Besides the manager Sia and her assistant, the team of Target Escorts® consists of various experts and specialists such as marketing experts, a renowned erotic photographer, a translation agency, a webmaster, and an IT expert. As a matter of course, Target Escorts® is advised and represented by a well-known law office.

Our formula for success is a trustful cooperation of the whole team. This is why it is also important to us to meet you in person. This is the only way we can build mutual trust, learn more about your wishes and limits and guarantee a memorable date for you and the client.

We support you in all job-related issues and build a portfolio for your perfect appearance with exquisite pictures and selective marketing measures. Our friendly team is always there for you!


Is the Target Escorts® team available at any time?

During our co-operation we are always there for you - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During your dates you always have the possibility to reach us by telephone at any time. You are a member of our team and you are never on your own!


Does Target Escorts® practice enough advertising?

Target Escorts® counts a lot of national and international VIP clients for many years. Every day, satisfied gentlemen all over the world recommend us. And a personal recommendation is the best advertising! As a matter of course, Target Escorts® is always located in top positions in any national and international search engine. Additionally, Target Escorts® advertises directly in magazines, journals and daily newspapers so that we can welcome many new clients in our elite escort agency every day. But you will never find advertising from Target Escorts® in dingy magazines!


Which clientele has Target Escorts®?

We solely address reputable and neat business people, physicians, lawyers, managers, VIPs, athletes and wealthy clients. Our rates have been on a constant high level for years. Target Escorts® is one of the oldest and first of all leading companies in this sector.


Will there arise any costs for me for joining the agency?

Of course, there won't arise any costs for you for joining our friendly team.


Which securities does the agency provide?

Each client is exactly checked for validity and integrity! During your dates you have the possibility to reach us by telephone at any time. The Target Escorts® team is always there for you.


Is it possible to end our working relationship spontaneously?

It is entirely up to you how long you would like to maintain our working relationship. Nevertheless, it is obvious that we always aim for a long-term co-operation. Girls who only focus on making some fast cash without any commitment, are not the type of personalities we are looking for.


What happens with the personal information I submitted to the agency?

All private data and information about you are treated absolutely confidential and will stay in the agency. Your information will not be passed on to third parties or clients at any time.


Application procedure +


Why is it so vital to have a personal interview?

Established and high-class escort services always place value on meeting you in person! For us, you are not an "object" or a "number", but a valued part of our team in a sector where trust is of particular importance. In our opinion, the only true way of creating a sound base for mutual trust is a face-to-face meeting. This way, we can guarantee a long-lasting, enjoyable and profitable co-operation. We have to get acquainted to your needs and taboos in order to be able to support you in an optimal way. This can't be discussed seriously on the phone. A respectful co-operation requires personal contact.


Where do we meet for the interview?

Target Escorts® is one of just a hand full of escort companies whose manager Sia puts great value on meeting each lady personally before welcoming her to the team. Our company is located in the stunning city of Marbella. However, the personal interview will be conducted by Sia on neutral territory in Germany, Austria or Switzerland in an exclusive 5-star hotel. There we take our time to familiarize you with our agency and to go into all important details. Your questions are discussed and answered unhurriedly and without any pressure of time.


Can I bring my own pictures?

In order to preserve the exclusiveness and the high demands of our sophisticated clientele, we require professionally taken pictures. For many years we are working with a renowned photographer who also worked for glossy magazines such as Penthouse, Matador etc. The photo shoots are taken during our presence in a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere. With these pictures, a lot of ladies were mediated to famous magazines as cover girls in the past. Maybe you also have the potential for this?


Payment and expenditure of time +


Which period do I get paid for?

The client pays for the whole date and also for your travel costs. All expenses such as invitations to lunch, dinner, spa, theater etc. are made by the client. There will not be any expenses for you at any time.


How many dates can I anticipate per month?

This is totally up to your flexibility. We only seek for the co-operation with you if we are very sure that the demand for you is given regularly! You decide about the number of your dates!!! Your potential earnings are enormous. We can guarantee this!
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Am I flexible with my time management?

You won't find this flexibility in any other business. The job is suitable for ladies who are employed full-time, for students, models or whoever is looking for a new and lucrative challenge. You can decide when, how often and where you accept your dates. Your free time won't suffer from it!


Which costs arise for me at a date?

None! Of course, all costs such as expenses, travel costs etc. are made by our client. So no costs arise for you at any time.


Are trips to other cities and countries a pre-condition for the job?

Only if you would like to! Of course, you can seize the opportunity to travel internationally. Our clients would be pleased to invite you to a weekend trip, holidays or a business trip.


Organizational matters and others +


Is my privacy ensured?

We do not only provide discretion to our clients but also to you. We give you the possibility to present yourself discreetly on our website (e.g. by concealing your face and thus ensuring your anonymity).


Do I meet the client before my date?

Also our clients expect the utmost discretion from you as well as from the agency! However, we guarantee that you will always meet neat and charming gentlemen.


Can I refuse the client?

You will consort with reputable and charming gentlemen with style and class. However, should you - against expectations - not feel comfortable and the chemistry is wrong between you, it's no problem to end the date. It's up to your discretion and we respect this.


When does a date with a client take place?

As a rule, a date takes place in the early evening. However, you will be informed 1 - 2 days before about when and where the date will take place. Your date will never take place at unearthly hours like in the middle of the night or in the morning hours.


Where does a date take place?

The dates always and solely take place in exclusive and renowned 5-stars hotels in big cities. Also abroad you will only have dates in 5-star hotels or leading hotels of the world. Enjoy the sunny side of life together with the client!



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