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The Portuguese capital by the River Tejo is an awesome place that you may discover together with your escort model from VIP escort service Lisbon – And there is plenty to discover in one of the oldest cities in Europe! With your five-star escort Lisbon, you may explore seven hills – each borough welcomes you and your beautiful lady from Target Escorts Lisbon with a different flair. Sometimes quaint and easy-going like Alfama, sometimes hip and stylish like the neighbourhood Príncipe Real, sometimes loud and bustling like the Bairro Alto. What you and your sweet companion of elite escort service Lisbon will feel everywhere is the unique magic that surrounds this beautiful city.


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VIP Lisbon escort service – Everything but “saudade”

"Saudade" is a word that describes the Portuguese way of life – It is only to a certain extent translatable with a kind of charming, proud melancholy. With the lively female escorts from our five-star escort agency in Lisbon, however, there is certainly no space for melancholy. As part of your stay with our premium escort-service Lisbon, all signs point to pure pleasure! Together with your VIP escort in Lisbon, you will enjoy every day in many ways. Legendary hotels, wonderful restaurants and a vibrant nightlife make Portugal's capital a (still) secret hot spot attracting ever more members of the international jet set.


Stylish living with your companion in Lisbon

Of course, you and your charming lady in Lisbon could reside in one of the classic five-star hotel chains - such as the Sheraton, the Hilton or the Ritz. However, in order to experience fully the sublime historic flair of this city, you and your top escort in Lisbon should consider one of the small, exclusive design hotels. Brand-new: the "Pousada of Lisbon" – a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the city. This extravagant hotel is located in the former building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; it will certainly delight you and your elegant companion from Target Escorts Lisbon! Another very charming design hotel, where you can enjoy our high-class escort service in Lisbon, is the "Memmo Hotel" in Alfama. This stylish design hotel is located in one of the most historic areas of the city and offers great amenities.


Portugal‘s cuisine & your luxury escort agency in Lisbon

In this cosmopolitan city, you and your VIP escort in Lisbon will discover great culinary highlights! The original, usually somewhat rustic cuisine of the country is perfectly suited both for fish and for meat lovers. If you and your gorgeous escort model of our premium escort agency in Lisbon are more in the mood for delicate, creative high-quality dishes, you could reserve a table, for example, at the "Belcanto". With two Michelin stars, it is the most decorated restaurant in town. An outstanding dining experience awaits you and your elegant companion of elite escort service Lisbon at the "Restaurante 100 Maneiras" in Bairro Alto. Still a well-kept secret among gourmets of the city – the small restaurant "Boi-Cavalo" in Alfama. Here, you and your escort in Lisbon may indulge in culinary delights, yet without any airs and graces.


Your day with first-class escort service …

... could start with a shopping tour along the magnificent boulevard "Avenida Liberdade". Here, you and your glamorous lady of Target Escorts Lisbon may find all luxury brands in the world – whether it is an Armani suit or a new Lamborghini. From here, you and your sweet girl of our elite escort agency Lisbon may continue to the hip area of Principe Real, where you and your wonderful companion of deluxe escort service Lisbon may discover exclusive designer shops, stylish bars and an awesome view. Afterwards, a sensual "nap" with your attractive escort model in your hotel suite would be a great option. Enjoy a wonderful dinner in one of the many excellent restaurants of the city, and then dive into the nightlife with your top escort Lisbon...


A night out! – With VIP Lisbon escort

In terms of nightlife, you and your sweet escort girl in Lisbon are spoiled for choice. However, before you decide where the journey takes you with your premium escort in Lisbon, you should treat yourself to a glass of excellent Portuguese red wine. The stylish wine and gin bar "Vestigius" on the banks of the River Tejo is the very best place to do just that. Afterwards, of course, it depends what you want to experience with your joyful escort lady from Target Escorts Lisbon. The jazz club "Hot Club" is a guarantee for incredible life acts by artists who do not play music, but live it. Fado is the sound of Portugal - moody, romantic and emotional! The most classic location, where you and your escort Lisbon may listen to Fado stars, is the legendary "Clube do Fado" in Alfama. By far the best dance club in the city is the "Lux-Fragil" where you can swing the night away with your sweet companion from our exclusive escort service in Lisbon.


Deluxe sensuality with gorgeous female escorts Lisbon

With all the attractions that this city has to offer, the most sensual beauty is right there in your arms: your top model from five-star escort service Lisbon. Your beautiful companion perfectly knows how to pamper you. Your seductive girl from our top-class escort agency in Lisbon is a true goddess of love, who not only knows how to highlight her nimble body with gauzy lingerie, but also knows how to move it in a sensual way. Your stay with Target Escorts Lisbon will turn into an unforgettable erotic experience – a promise we are happy to fulfil. Of course, you can also count on the unconditional confidentiality of our VIP escort services in Lisbon. Everything that happens with our premium female escorts in Lisbon will remain your sweet secret...


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