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It’s certainly no secret that life is good in Bavaria – especially in combination with our elite escort service. After all, the ‘Free State’ is one of the most prosperous states in Germany. Thus, you may enjoy our top-class Escort Service Bavaria also regionally. We serve you not only in the big cities and the VIP hot spots of the state. The flexible top models of our Bavarian premium escort agency are always looking forward to a sensual rendezvous with interesting gentlemen. The "where" doesn’t matter. In the end, there is only one question: Which of our sexy Target Escorts will soon sweeten your life?


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Age: Early 30s, Manager
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Nova Dream escort girl
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Dilara Elegant Escort Girl
Age: Late 20s, Model
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Louisa Escort service to melt away
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Lara High Class Escort
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Nika Exclusive escort services
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Julia VIP Model Escort
Age: Early 20s, Student
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Lea - Diverse Escort Girl Hamburg - Hanover - Berlin
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Anastasia Sensual Girlfriend Service
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Sofia Majestic VIP Model
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Emilia VIP Travel Escort
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 First class escort service
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High-Class Escort Service Bavaria

Bavaria has it all, and plenty of it. A breath-taking landscape, cool cities, nice people, fine food, good beer and of course one of the best escort services available anywhere in Europe. Thus, for sophisticated gentlemen of the world, this beautiful state is the perfect choice to enjoy a few carefree hours. The Bavarian capital Munich certainly offers the ideal conditions. Fabulous restaurants, exclusive clubs, elegant bars, and luxurious hotels await you in this cosmopolitan city. However, it would be a shame to limit the enjoyment of our sensual escort service to this one city. After all, the largest of all federal states (approx. 70,500 m²) offers a true treasure chest of idyllic cities, picturesque landscapes and dream locations for you and your cheerful lady from our escort agency. Historic cities like Nuremberg or Würzburg, for example, are always worth a visit. But the smaller towns also offer beautiful locations where you may enjoy the here and now together with your VIP escort in Bavaria.


Munich: Bavaria’s Grand Metropolis

Discovering the city together with your sexy escort Munich is undoubtedly one of the finest delights a true gentleman can experience. With its 1.5 million residents, the Bavarian capital is the third largest city in Germany. Furthermore, it is one of the most prosperous cities in the country. Of course, this is a guarantee for a wonderfully sophisticated date with the sexy girls from Target Escorts Munich! The city is teeming with luxury hotels. In terms of exclusivity, 12 star-restaurants (four with two and one with three stars), fashionable VIP clubs, stylish bars, a rich cultural program, and our deluxe escort service in Munich leave no wish unfulfilled.

Pure Pleasure in Nuremberg

The second largest city in Bavaria in the district Middle Franconia is perfect for a romantic date with VIP Escort Nuremberg. The ‘Kaiserburg’ (Imperial Castle) towers over the city, which offers many posh hotels and fabulous restaurants. With the "Carlton" and the "Grand Hotel" you and your elegant model from our escort service in Nuremberg have two 5* hotels to choose from. Among the seven star-restaurants in the city, the “Essigbrätlein” and the “Sosein” each have two of the coveted awards. Many bars, clubs, and beer gardens, a varied cultural offer and, above all, our dating service will leave no space for boredom in Nuremberg.

Augsburg: A contemporary witness of history

When you explore the city with your charming escort Augsburg, you are moving through one of the oldest towns in Germany. Already 15 BC, the Romans settled here and laid the foundation stone for this historic city. However, with a sexy girl from our elite escort agency in your arms, the present is more important than the past. Take your dream lady, for example, to the legendary, two-star restaurant "August" and enjoy a magical evening. After dinner, the way could lead to one of the cosy bars in the old town. Or you ask your model to pamper you in your hotel suite.

Carpe diem in Regensburg

Seizing the day will be easy for you thanks to high-class Escort Regensburg. On the one hand, the fourth largest city in the country offers a truly picturesque setting for your discreet rendezvous. During a romantic walk through the old town, you and your beautiful student will stroll across a UNESCO World Heritage site. On the other hand, you may enhance our luxury escort service in Regensburg with fantastic fine dining. The best address in the city is the star restaurant "Stostad". If you wish to retire with your seductive lady, the luxurious design apartments "Domresidenz" would be an excellent choice. Otherwise, you may book a suite in one of the many 4* hotels in Regensburg.

A perfect Date in Ingolstadt

This picturesque town on the banks of the river Danube is one of the most romantic cities. Especially if you have arranged a date via VIP Escort Ingolstadt. You may go for a walk with your wonderful lady companion along the banks of the Danube, admire the historic old town and plan the further course of your date while sipping a coffee at the Rathausplatz. How about a fine dinner? For example, regional delicacies at the restaurant "Schanzer Rutschn" or modern dishes at the "Avus" in the Audi Forum. Speaking of which: If you fancy a new Audi, you are of course in the right place. To top it all off, erotic fireworks à la Target Escorts Ingolstadt await you in your hotel suite.

Würzburg: A true highlight among Germany’s cities

If you already know this city, you will definitely agree with us. If not, then you should visit together with your dream escort Würzburg. This time-honoured town on the river Main is teeming with elegant buildings. The Würzburg Residenz, the old Main Bridge, the Marienberg Fortress and many other historical buildings are waiting to be admired. You may also enjoy our exquisite escort service in Würzburg in one of the many luxury hotels. You should definitely reserve a table at the "KUNO 1408". The star restaurant serves you and your beauty from our escort agency Franconian specialties with a very particular and modern twist.

Relax and unwind in Fürth

As a busy and cosmopolitan man, you deserve some time to relax with Elite Escort Fürth. The city in the district of Middle Franconia is part of a triangle of cities yet has retained its very special charm. This is partly due to the beautiful, historic city centre, which with its many bars, cafés and restaurants invites you to a leisurely stroll. However, our sensual escort service in Fürth also plays an important role. After all, your sexy model will happily fulfil all your wishes. If you are looking for a fine dining experience: The "Waidwerk" – the nearest star restaurant – is only a few minutes away from the old town.

Discover Erlangen with a Top Model

Target Escort Erlangen will be happy to arrange for you a wonderful date with a true dream woman. The city itself offers plenty of entertainment for you and your escort lady. Quaint pubs, elegant restaurants and plenty of culture ensure exciting moments and plenty of conversation topics. Nice locations for romantic dinners would be the restaurants "Rosmarin" or "Altmann’s Stube" in the city centre. If you wish to fully savour the classy, erotic component of our escort service in Erlangen, then a total of eight 4* hotels are waiting to welcome you. For example, the "KRAL Erlangen Residenz" is highly recommended.

Sensual moments of joy in Bamberg

The fact that together with VIP Escort Bamberg you will experience a fabulous time in this picturesque city is practically set in stone. Our sugar-sweet part-time escorts are looking forward to exploring the largest city in Upper Franconia. There is plenty to see here! The historic old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and will enchant you and your dream lady from our escort agency in Bamberg. Dine wonderfully, for example, in the restaurant "Kropf" or in the "Weinhaus Messerschmitt". In order to fully enjoy the sensual part of your rendezvous in Bamberg, a suite at the "Hotel Residenzschloss Bamberg" is highly recommended.

Bayreuth – A true classic

With Target Escort Bayreuth you have hit the bull's eye as a cultivated gentleman and fan of classical music! Since 1857, this beautifully situated city has been the location of the Richard Wagner Festival, which has a magnetic attraction for lovers of classical music. If you would like to enhance this musical experience with a nice portion of sophisticated sensuality, then our exquisite escort Bavaria is only a phone call away. Our escort agency arranges true dream dates for successful gents – flexibly and with the utmost discretion. The city also offers seven four-star hotels and a nice selection of excellent restaurants. Our culinary recommendation for Bayreuth would be the "Goldener Anker" in the old town.

Idyll and Joie de Vivre in Landshut

When you visit Landshut together with your cheerful lady for the first time, you will certainly feel good. The small town in the district Landshut is primarily of cultural and historical importance. Gothic and Renaissance determine the image of the old town with the stunning 130-meter tower of the Martinskirche as the centre. But of course, there is more to your sexy escort girl than just sightseeing. After a fine dinner with your dream lady in one of the many gourmet temples, sooner or later your path leads to your hotel suite, where the full sensual magic of our highly erotic escort service in Landshut unfolds.

Aschaffenburg: Romance Deluxe

As soon as you see Aschaffenburg's landmark with your VIP model for the first time, you will probably feel very small and humble. The Castle Johannisburg was once a meeting point for archbishops, electoral princes and – until the end of the monarchy – the Bavarian crown. If you and your top model from our escort agency love the sweet life, you will certainly be able to imagine the lavish parties that probably once took place behind the thick castle walls. With your sexy student in Aschaffenburg, you will soon find out that the city has much more to offer than just the Castle Johannisburg.

Kempten: A sensual rendezvous in Allgäu

Even the ancient Romans could have told you that you would experience a fabulous time together with premium escort Kempten. They settled here already in 15 BC and laid the foundation stone for one of the oldest cities in the country. Today Kempten presents itself as a young, trendy city that has never lost touch with its deeply rooted traditions. You may combine our Girlfriend experience with the finest culinary delights, elegant hotel suites, a colourful cultural offer and a quite noteworthy nightlife. For example, music events take place regularly in the "bigBOX Allgäu", while at the "Parktheater" you may sip champagne together with your sexy model.

An exciting time in Rosenheim

Our sexy girls from Elite Escort Rosenheim truly love sensual role-playing games. Especially if they are based on the popular German TV series "The Rosenheim Cops". The term "on the hot trace" immediately acquires a sensual touch. With your lady from our VIP escort agency in Rosenheim you may enjoy romantic moments in a beautiful setting. With its four stars, the “Hotel San Gabriele” is one of the best hotels in the city. There are many charming restaurants in Rosenheim. If you wish to treat yourself and your elegant part-time escort to a culinary highlight, the 2* gourmet temple "Restaurant Heinz Winkler" is less than 20 km away.

Neu-Ulm: Dive into Bavaria’s (Wild) West

It may well be that Bavaria's west will get a little wild during an erotic adventure with high-class escort Neu-Ulm. After all, the open-minded top models from our renowned escort agency are true goddesses of love who make even your most sensual wishes come true. With this sparkling anticipation, you should book a beautiful suite in one of the two 4* hotels – the "Hotel Hirsch" or the "Meinl Hotel & Restaurant". If after lovemaking you get hungry, you may take your pretty Femme Fatale from our VIP escort service in Neu-Ulm to one of the cosy restaurants in town.

Bavaria’s Golf Paradise: Schweinfurt

If you are looking for a sweet golf partner with whom you could like to spend a few days in the golfing region of Franconia, then Target Escort Schweinfurt is the perfect choice. It remains to be seen whether your attractive student can keep up with you in terms of handicap. On the other hand, it is a sweet promise that she will pamper you with an unforgettable escort service that will extend the limits of your erotic imagination. As one of the oldest cities in the country, the city in the district Lower Franconia also offers plenty of culture, fabulous restaurants and with the "Hotel Ross" a very nice retreat. The charming models from Deluxe escort service Schweinfurt are looking forward to meeting you!

Passau: Dream Date in the Three-River-City

Exploring this city with your charming escort Passau is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the present moment. Three rivers come together in Passau, a fact which not only gives the city its epithet, but also creates a very special ambience. Together with your lady you may stay in one of the 12 hotels 4* hotels. Once there, enjoy the sight of your top model in flimsy lingerie, followed by the sensual artistry that all girls from Target Escorts have in common. Afterwards, a nice dinner and a few drinks in the old town will be ideal to gather new strength for the further course of your sensual adventure.

Discover the Bavarian History in Freising

Due to the proximity to the FJS Airport, many international businessmen treat themselves to the sensual service of VIP Escort Freising in order to sweeten layovers. Not many travellers are aware that this picturesque town was once one of the most important cities in the country. Thus, if you spend some time in the city, combine our exclusive escort service in Freising with a small sightseeing tour. The historic old town, the former monastery of Weihenstephan, the church Mariendom ... you will embark on a sensual journey through time with your Bavarian student. It goes without saying that the city also offers high-quality hotels and good restaurants.

Straubing: A Uni City with a Kick

Your stay in this beautiful university town gets the "kick" mostly thanks to a date with Elite Escort Straubing. Our beautiful, fun-loving girls always guarantee good vibrations, flirtatious moments and of course plenty of sophisticated sensuality. You may enjoy the latter at the “Genusshotel Weinisch” or the “Asam Hotel”, for example. A total of four houses with four stars welcome you to the city. If you wish to surprise your elegant lady from our top-class escort agency in Straubing, then you should reserve a table in the restaurant "Buchner". The gourmet temple with one star is somewhat outside the city walls but is worth the short trip a thousand times over.

Simply relax in Dachau

The district town in Upper Bavaria is not far from the state capital and is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle with your favourite first-class escort Dachau. A picturesque city centre with cosy cafés and pubs invites you to stroll. Great 4* hotels – such as the "Hotel MODI" – receive you and your elegant lady from our premium escort agency Bavaria with fabulous amenities and hospitality. Our Elite agency recommends Schloss Dachau as the perfect dinner location, where regional cuisine is refined with Mediterranean accents. In any case, you will relax wonderfully in the arms of your beautiful lady in this charming city.

Hof (Saale): On top in Bavaria!

If you search this city on the map with your sweet escort Hof (Saale), you will have to stick to the uppermost north-eastern part of the state. This beautiful, cosy city lies on the border with the Czech Republic. You may spend the night with your playful girl, for example in the 4* "Hotel Central". And thanks to the erotic escort service in Hof (Saale) in your hotel suite you will also be “at the top”. You may then dine in the restaurant "Season" or - if the weather is good - in the family-run, cosy and quite quaint beer garden "Meinel’s Bas".

The perfect Rendezvous in Kaufbeuren

After just a few moments of your date with premium Escort Kaufbeuren, you will see how sexy the Allgäu can be. The city in the administrative district of Swabia could have sprung from a beautiful postcard. Here, you may get to know Bavaria from its most idyllic side together with your part-time escort. Cosy cafés invite you to linger, the city's culinary offerings range from regional dishes to Asian delicacies. You may spend the night with your beautiful Circe from our deluxe escort service in Kaufbeuren in one of the many hotels that welcome their guests. The surrounding natural scenery is a paradise for golfers, hikers, and mountain bikers.

In the footsteps of Ancient Rome in Memmingen

This beautiful city is a true eye opener! If you leisurely stroll across the city together with your top escort Memmingen, you will have the chance walk through one of the best-preserved ancient cities in southern Germany – With a city history that goes far back to Roman times. Thus, maybe you and your playful girl by our premium escort agency are tempted to celebrate a very private toga party in your hotel suite. A suitable location is offered by the 4* hotel "Weisses Ross" or even by one of the spacious holiday apartments at "Apartment Storchenfärbe". Target Escorts Bavaria wishes you plenty of fun!

The historic city of Amberg ...

... sets a particularly romantic setting for your rendezvous with VIP Escort Amberg. The tranquil city in the Upper Palatinate is one of the best-preserved medieval city complexes in Europe. Thus, together with your culture-loving model from our luxury escort service you may embark on a highly interesting tour. The Electoral Palace, the Stadtbrille ("City Glasses") and the Fronfeste are just a few of the many impressive buildings in the historic city of Amberg. An exploration tour of the sensual kind is then waiting for you in the privacy of your suite. Your seductive tour guide from our VIP escort agency will take you into a world of limitless eroticism.

Fürstenfeldbruck: Away from the madding crowds

The relatively close location to the Bavarian capital makes this charming city the ideal location for relaxed dates with Elite Escort Fürstenfeldbruck. Just 25 km west of the state capital, you’ll yourself in this picturesque oasis of peace. Together your lovely lady you may stay at one of the two 4* hotels: The "Fürstenfeld Hotel" and the "Romantikhotel zur Post" offer plenty of comfort and authentic hospitality. The cosy restaurant "Fürstenfelder" serves Bavarian soul food. Regional dishes, a modern ambience and flawless service set the stage for a romantic dinner with your top model in Fürstenfeldbruck.

Celebrate the Bavarian Beer Culture in Erding

The ‘Weissbier’ (wheat beer) from this magical town has long been an international celebrity. Quite like the exquisite service from VIP Escort Erding. Combined they will offer one of the most stunning gentlemen delights ever! You don't have to convince your cheerful girl to take you on a tour of the Erdinger Brewery. After all, the ladies of our luxury escort agency are true Bavarian beauties who appreciate a good beer. We would recommend the “Hotel Victory Therme Erding” among the eight hotels with four stars each. Here, you may relax wonderfully together with your sexy lady in the in-house spa area.

Königsbrunn: World’s Largest Globe

The fact that you have the whole world at your feet with your model from Deluxe Escort Königsbrunn seems a bit far-fetched at first. But it is actually possible! The “Mercateum” in the heart of the city is the world’s largest globe based on historical cartography. Thus, you can not only look at the whole world together with your pretty lady from our Bavarian VIP escort agency in Königsbrunn – you can even step inside the globe. Furthermore, this beautiful city offers many other attractions. Elegant hotels like the "Best Hotel Zeller", quaint restaurants and plenty of culture will turn your escort date in Königsbrunn into an unforgettable event.

VIP Paradise: Garmisch-Partenkirchen

We assume that you are a gourmet, and thus will have a great time with your sexy escort Garmisch-Partenkirchen. After all, the town at the foot of Mount Zugspitze is one of the hot spots for the Bavarian jet set. Luxurious spa retreats, a picturesque natural backdrop, annual top sports events and our exclusive escort service make Garmisch-Partenkirchen so very special. Here, together with your elegant lady from our premium escort agency you may dine in one of the best restaurants in the entire country. The "Luce d’Oro" is only a short drive from Garmisch-Partenkirchen and serves you and your top model creative treats at a double star level.

Romance Deluxe on the Island City of Lindau

There are not very many places in Bavaria that are better for a romantic weekend with high-class escort Lindau than this picturesque town on Lake Constance. Although it was not so long ago that Lindau was called "in Lake Constance". The reason for this is the old town, which is now protected as a historic monument and was built around AD 880 on the island of the same name. Thus, you will be enjoying our escort service in Lindau in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Three classy hotels with five stars each offer the right ambience for you and your self-confident model. Three restaurants with one star await you in the immediate vicinity.

Starnberg: Everything you’re looking for!

This tranquil town counts among the most popular local recreation areas in the country. Together with your dream lady from Elite Escort Starnberg you may look forward to a wonderfully relaxing, but also exciting sensual break. The "Hotel Starnberg" is certainly one of the best addresses in the area. The house more than lives up to each of its five stars and offers the perfect setting to enjoy our high-class escort service in style. The restaurant “Aubergine” has been a constant in the German culinary firmament for many years. Especially the flair in the restaurant's winter garden fits like a glove to a wonderful evening with your lady in Starnberg.


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