A true gentleman knows what his escort lady loves

When it comes to sensual love games with the escort lady of his choice, a gentleman should always also act as a gentle man! He enjoys to seduce his sweet girl, to pamper her and to take her to ecstasy – preferably more than once. Although every lady of our escort agency is different in her essence and the erotic preferences differ with each character, there are a few sensual likenesses which all women love. The playful models of our high-class escort service will be happy to disclose them to you. After all, not only the gentleman will benefit from these intimate revelations …

All women love TLC – your VIP escort, too!

It is certainly no secret that during lovemaking, men get going somewhat faster than women. Therefore, the caring lover should always first caress and kiss his beautiful escort lady – on the neck, the arms, and the belly. Even when things get a bit more animated, the man should continue to indulge his lady with sweet kisses. Furthermore, the ladies of Target Escorts agree that also eye contact is very important. A woman wants not only to feel but also to see how important she is. The shapely breasts of your top escort model long to be admired, caressed, kissed and stroked. It is very important to praise the attractive body of your lover, to tell her that she’s gorgeous, that everything about her is beautiful! After all, the desire for recognition is immeasurably in every person.

The gentler the lover – the more thankful the escort model!    

It is an art to adapt to each new lover, to realize what she likes and what she doesn’t. Of course, a passionate escort service is an inventive way for perfecting this art with a number of different dream girls. Pamper your sexy escort lady with intimate kisses and enjoy a wonderful erotic experience. Take your time. Feel how your VIP escort trembles in delight, how she moves towards you, eventually begging you to feel you all the way. However, when making love, the most important of all gentlemen’s rules applies: “Ladies first!”

Toys are fun – even during a hot escort rendezvous

On request, our inventive companions will be happy to bring their toys along on the date. The things you can do with them and the extra pleasures for you and your sweet escort model promise a sensual revelation! Scented massage oils for extensive full-body massages are just the beginning. Our top class service arranges this hot extra for your upcoming date with the escort lady of your choice …