Escort service and fast cars: Present your supercar at the Modball Rally

Impressive supercars. Lots of adrenaline. And beautiful women. The Modball Rally is a must for every gentleman who is enthusiastic about specially modified luxury cars. Attending the legendary event will be even nicer with an escort model as your ambitious companion – and the best passenger you could wish for.

Hot sports cars + girlfriend service = perfect match!

Modball has been THE event for sports car lovers for 17 years. Driving through famous cities, attending lavish parties and creating incredible memories – it’s all possible with this week-long event.

2024 will be no different. Founder Jon Joseph Bourgerie teamed up with YouTube icon and millionaire Iman Gadzhi to give all participants the best week of their lives.
Let’s start in London! The crowning glory is the Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday, May 26th in Nikki Beach.

And best of all: the event is open to co-pilots of all ages.

How about if your passenger was a hot lady from our escort agency? As part of this exclusive girlfriend service, your model will be there on every trip, partying with you through the night and also adorning you at every event related to Modball.

Connect the Modball with an escort date

Modball starts on May 18th and means pure adrenaline until May 23rd. You and your escort lady can expect not only hot sleighs and lively tours, but also luxurious hotel stays in London, Paris, Luxembourg, Zurich and Milan.

Of course, you and your companion enjoy access to all Modball events for the entire week. Transport will be organized for you. You and your escort are guests at the Great Gatsby party. And you get tickets to the all-day Formula 1 party in Monaco at Nikki Beach.

Sexy Target escort girl in a car during Modball

Important: Modball is limited to 100 cars. The principle “first come, first served” applies. If you want to register your car, it must have at least two modifications. It doesn’t matter whether they are cosmetic or mechanical in nature.

Escort service at the Modball event? Absolutely!

There are still places available at Modball. Your chance to present your tuned sports car to the world. Driving hot races. And to have the week of your life. Of course with an escort girl at your side who is just as enthusiastic about sports cars as you are.

Some of our most sought-after travel escorts would be grateful if they could accompany you to this event and be your co-pilot. In addition to good conversations and lavish parties, you can look forward to sensual nights in the hotel.

The best thing to do is to apply to Modball today before all places are filled. And take a look at the profiles of our travel escorts. The perfect passenger is sure to be there.