Peter Island Resort & Spa: Caribbean feelings with five-star escort

If you wish to embark on a very luxurious adventure journey with a gorgeous VIP escort, Peter Island in the Caribbean is the perfect choice for you. The high-end luxury resort “Peter Island Resort & Spa” in the Virgin Islands offers everything the cosmopolitan gentleman and his attractive escort model could only wish for. Supposedly, Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake and the dreaded buccaneer Blackbeard have spent time on this Caribbean paradise island. The lovely ladies of our elite escort agency are the ideal travel companions for such an exclusive trip!

Pure nature! Luxury escort service on Peter Island

1/6 luxury resort – 5/6 unspoiled natural paradise. This is how the family who owns the island and the resort divides their picturesque property. Thus, you and your sweet escort girl will live in a truly pristine ecosystem. Only surrounded by tropical nature, white beaches and an impressive biodiversity – above, as well as under the sea. Therefore, in terms of leisure activities, you and your sporty luxury escort may enjoy a great variety of options on Peter Island. Big Game Fishing, scuba diving, sailing, hiking or simply enjoying the day, lazy, happy and satisfied, together with your VIP companion.

Watch now the video about the Peter Island Resort & Spa:

A sensual retreat with your VIP lady companion

Simply choose among the 32 spacious Ocean View Rooms, the 20 Beach Front Junior Suites and the three fabulously luxurious villas on Peter Island Resort & Spa – In any case, you and your dream woman from our elite escort service will share this Caribbean paradise with a maximum of 128 other guests. If that is still too crowded for you, you may simply book the entire island! In this case, it would certainly be a good idea to take more than just one of our playful escort ladies on the trip. Even Robinson Crusoe would have certainly had a better time on his island with a few dream models from our deluxe escort agency.

Fine dining, fresh cocktails and your sexy escort model

Of course, in the beautiful and comfortable Peter Island Resort & Spa all your most exclusive creature comforts will be satisfied, too! First of all, together with your escort lady you may visit the truly fabulous spa area of the island. After that, several beach bars and two high-class restaurants await you with creative cocktails and light and fiery Caribbean cuisine. After a drink at the “Drakes Lounge”, you might feel a certain buccaneer flair, which you may then live out together with your seductive escort in your private chambers …