Deluxe short vacation for gentlemen in Porto with Target Escorts

A luxurious getaway, enhanced by our discreet escort service, is a wonderful experience. When it comes to travel destinations, today our elite escort agency would like to recommend a city that up to now was in the focus only of very few luxury travellers: Porto. This beautiful city in the north of Portugal offers you and your lady from our VIP escort service everything you could wish for. Plenty of flair, legendary hotels, terrific food and a vibrant cultural scene. Dive into the “second capital” of Portugal with Target Escorts …

Deluxe Escort Service in stylish hotels

Although Porto may not enjoy the splendid reputation of the country’s capital as a travel destination, this fabulous city is just as worthwhile a visit as Lisbon. In fact, it offers a variety truly select accommodation possibilities, where you may spend the night with your dream lady of Target Escorts! The stylish 5* design hotel “The Yeatman” – – is one of the most beautiful hotels in Portugal. In the Bacchus Suite, from your rotating double bed, you may watch your sexy student bathing in the free-standing copper bathtub, while a few paces away a romantic fire crackles in the fireplace. Very feudal and traditional – our escort service may also be enjoyed at the Hotel Palácio do Freixo – The 18th century Baroque city palace, located by the Douro River, combines historic luxury with modern comforts.

Watch now the video about Porto:

Porto restaurant tips

The already mentioned luxury hotel “The Yeatman” is also home to the only restaurant in the city where you may dine with your elegant part-time escort at a two-star level. Here, you will experience the otherwise rather rustic cuisine of Portugal in an incredibly filigree and fabulously creative way. With a view over the Atlantic, you and your charming model may dine at the star restaurant “Pedro Lemos” – – which convinces above all with its delicious fish dishes.

Your lovely lady companion & Nightlife

As usual in many southern European cities, you and your lady from our premium escort agency will experience the nightlife in Porto on the street rather than in clubs and bars. However, if you would rather party “indoor” with your lovely lady from our escort service, for example, the three-story PITCH Club in the heart of the city would be a good choice. The top floor is home to a sophisticated cocktail bar, where you may relax with your stylish student. On the other two floors of the PITCH you may then, depending on your taste in music, party until the early hours with your sweet lady from Target Escorts.