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Early 20s
168 cm 5‘6’’
84C-54-85 cm 33C-21-33
45 Kg 99 lbs.
Dark Brown




Yana - Parisian luxury model

How would you describe your erotic lifestyle?

I like to constantly experiment, discover new things and do my best to satisfy my partner on an escort date.

What does a perfect dating scenario look like for you?

Dinner in an upscale restaurant - or a glass of champagne in a luxurious lounge if it's the afternoon. I enjoy beautiful places and good cuisine.

What is it that excites you about dating an unknown man?

The fact that I don't know what pleases him, excites him, and how to seduce him excites me. It's like starting a new game. It's exciting because I don't know what to expect.

In which outfit do you feel especially sexy and desirable?

At my Girlfriend Service I feel sexy and desirable in a black leather or lace dress with high heels.

What do you find attractive about a man?

I am attracted to a masculine, traditional and confident man who has good manners and takes initiative. A man who knows his role as protector and provider.

How can a gentleman impress you?

Good manners, generosity and actions impress me. Caring and thoughtfulness are also important qualities.

How would you describe your personality?

I would say that I am calm, down to earth and caring. I always think about others and treat them in the best possible way, be they strangers or friends. I am educated, open-minded and a perfectionist.

Do you have a philosophy of life?

My philosophy in life is to live for yourself, don't worry too much about other people's opinions because there are 8 billion different opinions and yours is the most important one. Use your full potential. Surround yourself with people at your level or above and never let anyone define who you are and what you deserve or don't deserve.

Which is the best way to seduce you?

The best way to seduce me is to be a gentleman and not rush things. We have pleasant conversations, get to know each other a little and then proceed step by step...

Do you like flirting – and how?

I like to stay feminine and tease the man a little. Eye contact is also important, the way I hold myself, how I run my hands through my hair. I like to remain a little aloof and make the man curious for more.

What leisure activities are you passionate about?

I am passionate about tennis, badminton, fashion and art. I love exercise in general as it helps me stay in shape. Appreciating the good things in life, I enjoy playing golf or attending sporting events such as horse racing or tennis tournaments.

What is special about your style?

My style is sexy and elegant at the same time. I can wear something elegant and quite formal for a dinner or special occasion, but add a touch of sensuality without being vulgar or cheap. I know exactly how to dress for every occasion.

What are your character strengths?

I'm very understanding and patient, I'm also open-minded as I've lived abroad for a few years for my studies and have travelled a lot. I have knowledge of different languages and cultures, which makes my escort service so special.

What do men love about you, your look, and your personality?

Men like the fact that I'm open minded about intimacy, like experiences with other women, and that I'm educated. They also like that I am very feminine with a narrow waist and delicate facial features.


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Data & Preferences

Conversation: English, French, Italian (Basic), Spanish (Basic)
Cuisine: French, Italian
Drinks: Champagne, Cocktails
Wardrobe: Elegant
Lingerie: Agent Provocateur
Perfumes: Saint Laurent, Baccarat Rouge
Flowers: Roses
Hobbies: Sport, Museums
Occupation: Model
Clothing Size: EU 32, US 0, UK 4, Italy 36
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Jeans size: 26
Bra size: 85C Silicone
Shoe size: 39 EU, 8 US, 6 UK, 38 IT
Wears bags by: Fendi, Dior, Chanel
Loves shoes by: Jimmy Choo
Character traits: Calm, open-minded
Trips: Worldwide
Sensual preferences: Girlfriend Experience, Bisexual
More: Non Smoker
Duo Service: Dilara

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