A sailing trip to Tavolara with your escort lady …

… is a journey to the smallest kingdom in the world. The island of Tavolara is a true insider tip, which our deluxe escort service would like to present to you. And the best part: You do not have to travel to the other end of the world with your VIP lady to discover this little island paradise with your sexy companion from Target Escorts. All you have to do is book your dream lady via our elite agency and charter a luxury yacht in Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Together with your adventurous student you may set sail and soon reach one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

High-class escort service on the high seas

Porto Cervo is certainly one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world. Here, you may indulge in pure luxury with your elegant escort lady: premium hotels, a fabulous cuisine, VIP shopping and a nightlife that leaves no wish unfulfilled. However, Sardinia has so much more to offer! An unforgettable experience is guaranteed by a multi-day boat trip in combination with our premium escort service. Luxury yacht charters abound in Porto Cervo. For example, “Silver Star Yachting” – www.silverstaryachting.com – offers a remarkable selection of motor and sailing yachts that you and your beautiful part-time escort can charter.

Watch now the video about Tavolara Island:

With your lovely lady companion as guests of the king

Antonio Bartoleoni is 86 years old – With about 10 family members (and almost 100 wild goats) he lives on a 6 km long and 1 km wide Mediterranean island, where he manages the only restaurant – www.ristorantereditavolara.com – and where he is king. His realm, where he welcomes you and your lady from our escort agency, is the breathtakingly beautiful island of Tavolara. According to history, in 1807 a member of the Genoese royal family Bartoleoni fled from the law to the island – he’d illegally married two women! – and founded his own kingdom, which over time had even been recognized.

An island paradise with escort services

The first sight of the island is truly special. Tavolara rises from the Gulf of Olbia like a sea monster with a large, grey hump. Once you have arrived, you and your bikini beauty will find gorgeous beaches, crystal-clear waters and a picturesque island scenery. You may enjoy fresh fish in the restaurant with your sexy lady, climb the almost 600 m mountain, swim in the blue sea and then indulge on your luxury yacht in the sensual pleasures of our escort service. This is what a royal holiday à la Target Escorts looks like …