Abu Dhabi: A luxury break with elite escort service

The world is full of fabulous destinations where sophisticated gentlemen can spend a few days in pure luxury together with the part-time escort of their choice. Abu Dhabi is, of course, one of the top choices among these select destinations! A true paradise for well-heeled people, full of exquisite hotels and fantastic options to enjoy every free minute to the fullest. And our top-class escort service is essentially the cherry on the icing.

VIP escort Abu Dhabi: Landing in luxury! 

Immediately after landing in Abu Dhabi, a deluxe limousine awaits you and your charming companion from our escort agency and takes you to the VIP terminal of the airport: www.vipterminalabudhabi.com. There, you will not only find a luxury setting that reminds of an Arab palace, but also an all-round service that takes care of everything – from entry visas to transfers for you and your sweet student. Then you will be taken to your accommodation, which matches your exclusive lifestyle. For example, the Royal Suite at the Hotel Burj Al Arab, which is one of the ten most expensive hotels in the world (approximately 20,000 USD per night). Alternatively, you may enjoy our exclusive escort service in a private villa, which you may first rent and then eventually buy from a broker – www.de.luxuryestate.com.

Watch now the video about Abu Dhabi:

Time for yourself – Discover Abu Dhabi with your lovely lady companion 

During this little adventure, together with your sexy model from our premium escort service, you may enjoy a great variety of comforts in this luxury destination! A good start would be, for example, to rent a suitable vehicle. The address for many VIPs is the German company “Edel & Stark” – www.edelstark.com. Here, you may rent – among others – a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin or Porsche for yourself and your sexy escort lady to explore the city. With a stylish Land Rover, you may even venture into the desert.

A shopping tour with your model 

Whether you want to take a shopping tour on your own with your lady from Target Escorts and explore the many malls, bazars, and shopping miles of the city, is of course your decision. A relaxed and very common method is to book a shopping guide, which shows you and your escort student exactly the shops in Abu Dhabi that suit you. Young companies, like “Privé” – www.prive-lifestyle.com – provide a comprehensive carefree package for affluent gentlemen and their lovely escort models.