1 Porsche 911, 4 countries, 13 days, and 1 escort model

Combined with our high-class escort service, these are the key features of one of the most beautiful car tours in Europe. The exclusive travel agency “Autobahn Adventures” – www.autobahnadventures.com – is the perfect address for gentlemen who wish to explore Europe’s most beautiful spots with a super car. Meanwhile, our VIP escort agency will provide your pretty travel companion. Our sexy part-time escorts have not only a weakness for refined gents, but also for sleek luxury car with real power under the hood. In October, the annual “4 Country Adventure Tour” takes place, taking you and your lady from our elite escort service in a Porsche 911 through Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Fast cars, elegant hotels and sexy students

Of course, during this luxurious car tour your driving pleasure is paramount. However, thanks to your beauty from Target Escorts, the moments outside of your super car will also be an unforgettable experience! During the 13 days, you will spend the night with your top escort model in the most beautiful hotels that each destination has to offer. After the driving pleasure, not only living comfort and culinary delights await you, but also the privacy of your hotel suite. Here, the sensual magic of our high-class escort service unfolds. Your charming lady will be happy to prove to you that even without a Porsche 911 you can get from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye …

Watch now the video about the Porsche Tour:

The stages of the 4 Country Adventure Tour …

… which you will tackle with your sexy co-driver from our premium escort agency leave nothing to be desired! The route takes you from Wiesbaden and Stuttgart to Switzerland, where legendary mountain passes challenge your driving skills. Furthermore, every evening you will experience pure alpine romance with your VIP escort. After a few days in the Swiss Alps, the tour continues across the legendary Gotthard Pass to Italy on Lake Garda. Again, our deluxe Escort Service fits perfectly into the picture. Finally, you and your lovely student will spend the night in one of the most beautiful luxury resorts in this beautiful area. Afterwards, together with your fun-loving girl you’ll drive to Austria and after 13 days return in Wiesbaden.

13 days at full speed with our luxury escort service

A beautiful car, a charming model, legendary tracks, and a luxurious entertainment program: The combo from our Deluxe Escort Service and the Super-Car Tours from “Autobahn Adventures” is a must for real gents! At Target Escorts, you may already book your co-driver today and plan your next European tour together.