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High-class Frankfurt escort

The high-class Frankfurt escort offer the charming gentleman unforgettable dates full of sensuality and relaxation. Our companions in Frankfurt fulfil every wish with the utmost dedication and will sweeten your stay. Elite escort service Frankfurt can look back at a long-time experience from which you can only benefit. You also are able to gain access to the female escorts online portfolios from five-star escort service Frankfurt, which provide a little insight into the personality of your sweetheart. At escorts Frankfurt you are in the best of hands. Discretion as well as a sparkling atmosphere are guaranteed.


In Frankfurt, the following elite escorts are available:

Frankfurt Ladies:

First-class escorts Frankfurt in the coolest bar in the city


If you wish to dive into the local nightlife with your young escort student in Frankfurt, the bar "Chinaski" is the perfect place! Apart from our VIP escort services, a super cool ambience, fabulous cocktails, a hip yet casual audience and of course an ingenious music programme make the Chinaski the currently most fashionable bar in Mainhattan. It offers the ideal location to meet with your dream lady from Target Escorts Frankfurt, to celebrate a great evening with a creative cocktail or a bottle of champagne and to party the night away. The interior design of the "Chinaski" in the heart of the city reflects the concept behind the bar: No Bar – No Disco! Plenty of wood and copper, mixed with modern styling elements and urban art, create a cosy flair, where you and your VIP companion will certainly feel completely at ease. No wonder the Chinaski 2017 was awarded with the gastronomy prize in the category "Beverage"! If you are planning a private party with a few friends and some top models from our escort agency in Frankfurt, you may rent the "Tributebar" at the Chinaski. The small and separate private bar is perfect for spending an extraordinary evening with our deluxe escort service ...



Escort service Frankfurt – Your choice

We at Target Escorts Frankfurt hope that you enjoyed the authentic pictures of the beautiful companions from our elite escort service in Frankfurt. Perhaps you have also already chosen the dream escort in Frankfurt, who will sweeten your time during your next stay in the German metropolis. Anyhow, we are sure that every single one of the dream women of our five-star escort agency Frankfurt will fascinate you in a sensual way, as well as on an intellectual level. The many sensational possibilities and premium hotels, which await you and your luxury escort in Frankfurt, offer the perfect setting for your fabulous date. Treat yourself to our VIP Frankfurt escort service – you will certainly not be disappointed!


Target Escorts Frankfurt hotel recommendations – Luxury suites and designer rooms

Enjoy our top class escort service in Frankfurt am Main in one of the many wonderful hotels that will satisfy all your expectations of an upscale residence. The 5-star superior hotel "Hessischer Hof" in Frankfurt holds an exquisite award. As one of the "Leading Hotels of the World", this house stands for superlative luxury at the highest level. The two Steigenberger Hotels in the German banking capital perfectly reflect the high standard of service, comfort and style this luxury hotel chain is known for throughout the world. The Design Hotel Goldman 25 is perfect for all those gents, who prefer a more personal, yet absolutely exclusive ambience for their rendezvous with one or even two sweet companions of Target Escorts Frankfurt. One of the most fashionable addresses in the city is certainly the wonderful luxury hotel "Villa Kennedy". The posh suites of this traditional house are regularly used by international celebrities from politics, business and showbiz when they visit FFM. Here, together with your VIP escort in Frankfurt you will find not only plenty of space, but also every conceivable luxury you may desire. All 5 star hotels in the city and our premium escort service Frankfurt are a guarantee for a carefree stay full of sensual eroticism with our escort ladies in Frankfurt.


VIP escort agency Frankfurt – sensual exclusivity

In the financial capital of Germany, the sensual pleasures of the big players in business and politics may turn out a little more opulent than in other locations. Our premium escort service Frankfurt, offered by the charming companions from our luxury escort service Frankfurt, fits perfectly into this picture! Since many years, our elite escort service in Frankfurt successfully takes care of the exclusive and sensual desires of sophisticated gentlemen. Naturally, therefore, all top models of our deluxe escort agency Frankfurt are real dream women. Your discreet escort in Frankfurt am Main is far more than just a sexy and open-minded love goddess. The lovely models of our premium Frankfurt escort agency are charming and multicultural ladies, who put you in the limelight wherever you make an appearance! Eloquent, cosmopolitan, multilingual and self-confident, the companions of premium escort service Frankfurt move even in the most exclusive circles in a natural and confident way. Absolute discretion is as natural as the air we breathe for your VIP escort Frankfurt.


Top escort service FFM in full privacy: the new luxury accommodations for gentlemen with style

In order to take advantage of our high-class escort service Frankfurt in an entirely relaxed way, more and more successful business men rent luxury vacation apartments. This type of modern living is a new and exclusive trend, which is available in ever more cities. In combination with our first-class escort service Frankfurt, they offer you a private and very sensual living ambience, where you can enjoy your individual, free and unbound lifestyle also when you are away from your own four walls. The stylish design apartments are elegantly furnished, of high quality and usually located in a prime location; upon request, a butler, a chef, a chauffeur and other service personnel are available. Our premium escort agency in Frankfurt will take care of the sensual features. In your own home, you may fully enjoy your free time with the sexy companions of our top escort agency Frankfurt. The fashionable city flats offer plenty of comfort. Here, together with your seductive model of our VIP escort service in Frankfurt, you may enjoy the feeling of being at home while on a business trip.


Elite Frankfurt escort service – Your perfect date …

... could begin quite relaxed in the lobby of the hotel you are staying at during your trip to FFM. Your dream escort in Frankfurt is already waiting for you at the bar, and she looks simply gorgeous. After a glass of champagne, together with your top model of VIP escort service in Frankfurt you may enjoy a shopping spree in the fashionable boutiques of Goethe Street. Your chic escort lady from Target Escorts Frankfurt will be pleased to advise you. Afterwards, you could have dinner at the two-star "Tiger Gourmet Restaurant" at the Tigerpalast Varieté, while you easily flirt with your sweet girl of our top escort agency Frankfurt. Another culinary firework awaits you and your elegant lady from our premium escort agency Frankfurt at the restaurant Villa Merton. Among local gourmets the stylish villa is considered an insider tip – It is one of the nine restaurants whom Michelin awarded one star. The clever, modern kitchen of Maître Patrick Bittner at the restaurant "Français" on the river Main is also a Target Escorts Frankfurt restaurant recommendation, which you will certainly enjoy. How the evening will continue with your VIP escort in Frankfurt, we leave to your imagination...


VIP escort agency Frankfurt – lavish sensuality in Mainhatten

Frankfurt am Main can be described in so many ways: fourth-largest city in Germany, global financial hub and architectural blend of history and modernity. Discover Frankfurt with stylish VIP escorts and add a wonderful touch of sensuality to your experience. Our charming companions from escort service Frankfurt enjoy showing their gentleman the diversity of this business metropolis. The largest city in the Hesse region offers successful businessmen a cornucopia of fabulous ways to enjoy their precious quality time in harmony with their urbane lifestyle. A rich cultural programme, including different music events, exciting museums and exclusive exhibitions will offer plenty of conversation material; with your escort girl of luxury escort service FFM you will have the opportunity to talk on your high intellectual level. The sexy models of our elite escort agency in Frankfurt represent the sensual part of the experience during your stay in the city – as self-confident female escorts in gourmet restaurants, at the VIP Club or as stunning lovers in your hotel suite ...


Discover Frankfurt's cultural panorama with your VIP companion!

As already said, together with your deluxe model of our exquisite escort agency in Frankfurt you may also enjoy cultural experiences! The sophisticated ladies of our first-class escort service Frankfurt are indeed young, vibrant and full of energy, but they also appreciate the sweet, soft and delicate notes of the classic cultural diversity. About a hundred times per week, in FFM the curtains open for various concerts, operas, operettas, musicals, shows, variety shows and cabarets. Accompanied by the beautiful female escorts of our elite escort service Frankfurt, you may enjoy, for example, the magic of the famous Old Opera House (Alte Oper). Since the seventies, the independent theatre scene of the city is truly legendary! Your first-class escorts in Frankfurt will show you alternative stages far away from the mainstream. Enjoy with Target Escorts® a perfect escort service in Frankfurt, which will inspire you also on an intellectual level! And when the final curtain has fallen, together with your playful escort lady you may practice an easy and very sexual roleplay in your hotel suite. Of course, you will not only be the director of the play, but also the leading actor ...


With your escort lady, Frankfurt nights will last forever...

The nightlife in Frankfurt is legendary! In the trendy club "Moon13", the rich and famous of the city meet. But also a stroll with your escort girl through the quaint pubs downtown holds many amusing moments. Renowned clubs, such as the "Gibson" are very popular among the Frankfurt high society. The elegant ambience of this lounge is unique and simply perfect to enjoy sophisticated cocktails and good music with your stylish lady of Target Escorts Frankfurt. If you wish to discover the charming and typical Frankfurt pub scene, the famous Sachsenhaus “Apfelwein District” offers countless old-fashioned and authentic venues. With your escort in Frankfurt you can look forward to an unforgettable time. Our elite escorts will be happy to reveal to you the secrets of this vibrant city. However, the sweetest highlight of your tour across the city's nightlife awaits you in the privacy of your hotel suite, offered to you by our sensual escort service in Frankfurt - guaranteed. But see for yourself ...


An easy and convenient way to book your elite escort service Frankfurt

As you can see very well in our short video clip about Target Escorts Frankfurt, it is truly easy to book our high-class escort service. A quick call, a short e-mail or - even more stress-free - filling in our contact form, is all you need to pave the way for sophisticated, classy sensuality. Of course, in Mainhatten, the selection of female escorts is absolutely astonishing, as you will notice by having a look at the photo gallery of escort service FFM. Even spontaneous requests and wishes are no big trouble for us, so you can enjoy your perfect rendezvous with the escort lady of your choice. And soon you will discover first-hand, how unforgettably beautiful a real date with one of our elite escort models in Frankfurt is.


Your escort in Frankfurt combines business with pleasure

With our charming female escort in Frankfurt am Main, even a business trip definitely transforms into a pleasure stay with a sensual touch. Put yourself in the unfailing hands of your escort lady in Frankfurt, and experience the Main metropolis from its best side. The economic and financial centre in Germany is a city of contrasts! Local culture with an international flair, bustling city life with a rural charm and ancient traditions with modern class. Our attractive Frankfurt escorts will give this colourful mix an additional erotic and incredibly sensual appeal. Perfectly in harmony with this colourful, exciting and interesting variety, with our first-class escort agency in Frankfurt you will experience a date that will inspire you on many levels. Your discreet lady is also an amazing listener – with her you may talk about everything under the sky. It's fun to exchange ideas with such a beautiful woman on an intellectual par, and with the knowledge that your top escort in Frankfurt is a friend with sensual benefits. And once your passionate desire is aroused, your sweet companion will be happy to satisfy it ...


Exciting Frankfurt – Your companion will offer you sensual after-work pleasures

Our escort models in Frankfurt are the perfect company for any occasion. Beautiful, educated and eloquent, your lady will accompany you wherever you want to. During all the sensual pleasures offered by our luxury escort agency in Frankfurt, at no time you will have to worry about your reputation. Since many years, Target Escorts Frankfurt arranges premium dates for gentlemen from the highest social classes. Without an elevated degree of discretion - from the first contact to the last, passionate kiss from your VIP escort model in Frankfurt - we would not be one of the most prestigious escort services in Europe. Furthermore, it is understandable that your charming lady expects the same level of secrecy from you. After all, our elite models, in their “real lives” have a career or study. Look forward to a sensual rendezvous with elite female escorts in Frankfurt - without any restraints, tiresome sequels or a bad conscience. Now, we would like to wish you a fantastic time with Target Escorts Frankfurt. A time full of sophisticated erotic pleasures, interesting conversations and plenty of carefree joie de vivre.


Target Escorts Hotel recommendations for Frankfurt


VIP escort service Frankfurt: The "Wireless" Festival


At the music festival "Wireless Germany", you may experience a bombastic Germany premiere together with your beautiful escort lady! The Commerzbank-Arena is the location where the most popular pop, hip-hop and urban acts of the world will attract about 40,000 music fans for two days. With your charming companion from elite escort service Frankfurt you may see artists like Justin Bieber or The Weekend – stylish and comfortable from your business seats. The VIP seats are located on the main tribune and offer a brilliant view of all the action! Furthermore, with your elegant lady from our first-class escort agency in Frankfurt, you will have access to the nearby business lounge, where fine food and cool drinks await you. However, we doubt that you will want to miss any of the top acts from the fabulous line-up of the Wireless Festival. The legendary festival has been an inspiration for English music lovers for many years and will take place for the first time in Germany on June 24 and 25. It features, for example, one of Germany's best hip-hop bands: “Freundeskreis” will sweep you and your escort girl from the chairs with hits like "ANNA". The fact that this is a truly unique experience, in combination with our sensual escort service in FFM, is practically carved in stone!

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Escort rendezvous Frankfurt – Truffle pizza & more at the "H'ugo's"


Since the summer of last year, you may dine at the premium pizzeria of the city together with your top model of deluxe escort services Frankfurt. When the two restaurateurs Pedram Dadgar and Michael Kammerer opened the first "H'ugo's" in the Bavarian capital in 2007, they were not expecting to create such a hype among the urban upper classes. Since the first day, the "H'ugo's" has become a meeting place for the local high society, who accompany great pizza variations with a glass of champagne and thus escape everyday life. Therefore, the new "H'ugo's" in Mainhatten is an excellently choice as a starting point for your exclusive escort rendezvous in Frankfurt. Here, you may meet with your lady companion of Target Escorts Frankfurt and get to know each other enjoying small bites and a bottle of champagne. The classy pizzeria can host up to 300 people, however, due to the clever layout of the lounge, bar, terrace and restaurant, the location is anything but impersonal. On the contrary! You and your sexy companion from premium escort service Frankfurt will find an ambience that combines luxury, comfort, and Italian joie de vivre. At the "H'ugo's" as well as with our VIP escort agency in Frankfurt, your pleasure is always paramount.


Deluxe escort services Frankfurt: Premium culinary delights to go!


Since the beginning of the year, you and your sweet escort girl from our premium escort agency in Frankfurt may experience a new culinary concept! The restaurant "Schmitz – Fine Food & Catering" offers its guests delicious, creative and freshly prepared dishes until the early morning hours. Thus, together with your top companion from VIP escort services Frankfurt, you may live out your erotic dreams and afterwards gather new energy with refined snacks and meals until 4 o'clock in the morning. Enjoy truly tasty delicacies, such as panini, pulled-pork burger, homemade quiches or delicious salad variations. If you’re really hungry, the roast beef with gratin, salad and rosemary jus is the ideal choice! However, the "Schmitz" is far more than just an upscale take-away. In the stylishly furnished restaurant, you and your exclusive lady companion from luxury escort Frankfurt may get a taste of the many specialities of the house. The wine menu is quite petite; however, it offers a good selection from the region. In any case, the new restaurant "Schmitz" is a great location to visit with your sweet escort lady in Frankfurt – from 11 am until 4 am during the weekend (Friday and Saturday).


Elite escort agency Frankfurt & the best cocktail bar in FFM


"The Parlour" is the first address in the city if you wish to enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail. An ideal choice, just like our high-class escort service in Frankfurt, which is a guarantee for exclusive, discreet, and unforgettably sensual dates with breathtakingly beautiful escort models. And since fine drinks, pretty companions and a stylish location off the beaten tourist tracks match like a clockwork, our VIP escort agency in Frankfurt and "The Parlour" fit together perfectly. The exclusive cocktail bar offers 30 seats. Once they are occupied, the inconspicuous entrance door in the Zwingergasse 6 is closed. You’ll look in vain for an entrance sign... "The Parlour" is one of those exclusive addresses that can do without any kind of marketing. If you have finally found your way to the "Parlour" with your VIP escort in Frankfurt, a firework of the senses awaits you. Since its opening in 2012, the bar has been professed one of the world's 50 best cocktail bars and has recently received the Mixology Award 2017 for the best bar menu. The fact that you and your sexy escort girl in Frankfurt may look forward to a fabulous evening at the "The Parlour" is thus literally set in stone!


First-class Escorts Frankfurt: New Year's Eve, style & skyline


One thing is for sure: In Mainhatten, you’ll certainly find a New Year's Eve party with a view over the skyline. However, if you would like to welcome the new year in a very stylish way together with your beautiful escort model in Frankfurt, we recommend one special location: the 5* Superior Hotel Falkenstein Kempinski! Oliver Heberlein, the chef de cuisine, will serve you and your beautiful escort lady a 6-course menu that reaches for the stars. Alone the Breton St. Pierre with coconut curry foam and sesame parfait promises to be a culinary firework. Speaking of: The team of the hotel will light up special fireworks over the skyline of the city. Your seductive companion from Target Escorts Frankfurt, however, will offer you fireworks of a somewhat different type. After an evening of delicacies, expensive champagne and great live music, your private New Year's Eve party begins. In your hotel suite, you may let your high-class erotic fantasies run wild. If you wish to celebrate the new year with truly extraordinary sensual highlights, our duo escort service, or a date with our open-minded bisexual escorts in Frankfurt would be the perfect choice. Either way – the New Year's Eve at the Falkenstein Kempinski Hotel and our VIP escort service in Frankfurt are the perfect combo to welcome 2017!


VIP escort agency Frankfurt: truly legendary!


Of course, our premium escort agency in Frankfurt is honoured that our high-class escort service in Frankfurt is considered legendary even in the most elitist gentlemen circles due to its discretion, professionalism and flexibility. Another legendary highlight in terms of style and easy living awaits you in one of the latest gentlemen's oases in Mainhattan: "The Legends". Here, you will be pampered already before your date with one or two of our escort ladies in Frankfurt. At the "The Legends", wellness for gentlemen is based on three pillars: barber, tattoo studio and bar. The new design and concept bar in Frankfurt Neustadt is, of course, also open to ladies, which makes it the ideal place to meet your escort model in Frankfurt. Whether you prefer to have your beard trimmed with a luscious wet shave or listen to the cool sounds of the daily DJ-acts in the lower bar area is, of course, up to you. Your playful lady companion from first-class escort services Frankfurt will be delighted to be seduced by a well-groomed gentleman. After a sensual rendezvous with VIP companion Frankfurt and a visit to "The Legends" you will surely redefine the word "legendary" ...


Art de Vivre: Escort Frankfurt and the new Sofitel


Opening soon: Starting from October 2016, together with your charming escort lady from our VIP escort agency Frankfurt you may reside in the newest luxury hotel in town. The Sofitel Frankfurt Opera symbolizes everything a classy gentleman would expect from a five-star superior hotel. Each of the 120 rooms and 31 suites with up to 140 m2 offers a spacious area to fully indulge in the sensual part of our exclusive escort services in Frankfurt. Look forward to plenty of contemporary comfort and luxurious finishes. Together with your elegant lady companion from Target Escorts Frankfurt, you may discover this "hôtel particulier", as described by the renowned Parisian interior designer Nicolas Adnet. The star designer has excellently mastered to harmoniously combine unconventional features with modern glamour in the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera.


Deluxe cuisine with first-class escort services Frankfurt


The restaurant "Lafleur" in Frankfurt counts among the best addresses in the city. Since 2016, together with your elegant companion from our escort agency Frankfurt you may find out why the famous restaurant guide Michelin accepted the "Lafleur" in its selection of two-star restaurants. Chef Andreas Krolik will introduce you to his "cuisine of flavours" and pamper you and your elite escort in Frankfurt with dishes that harmoniously combine contemporary classical Mediterranean influences and regional products. The venue for this culinary happening is the Gesellschaftshaus in the Palmgarten, where the stylish interiors perfectly match with the creative culinary delights. If you wish, you may take your lovely lady companion from Target Escorts Frankfurt to this gourmet temple also at lunch time. Enjoy with all your senses – with deluxe escort services Frankfurt and the gourmet restaurant Lafleur.


Elite escort Frankfurt in the bar of the year 2016


If you are looking for a stylish and very trendy venue to meet with your lady from high-class escort service Frankfurt, "The Tiny Cup" at the Mainkai 4 in FFM offers you the perfect location! The hip bar has been selected by the magazine "Mixology" as the best bar of the year 2016. Furthermore, "The Tiny Cup" is probably also the smallest bar in town. On just 16 m2, you and your sweet lady companion from VIP escorts Frankfurt will easily get closer. The cocktail menu reads like a tribute to the elite of all mixed drinks. For example: Order a "Gravitation" with Grappa, Crème de Violette, maraschino and lemon for your lovely model of our deluxe escort agency Frankfurt. Upon request, you may top it with champagne. Or simply let the bartender do his magic. Under the motto "Trust your host", the cocktail experts at the Tiny Cup will mix various cocktails that will certainly delight you and your sweet companion.

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