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Alice - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Alice!

André 04.2017


Oh Alice! You really know how to make a man forget his stressful working life. I'm not the wary type of man and, and Alice is definitely not shy! She is so much fun, open-minded, and lively. And she always looks absolutely fantastic. She truly is the perfect choice for any occasion. I really like to think back to this hot weekend.

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Alina - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Alina!

X 03.2017


Alina is a dream come true. And I mean that. I had great expectations, and Alina exceeded all of them. I cannot get enough of her. However: When this beautiful woman entered the hotel lobby, for a moment I was afraid that she was not my lady companion for the evening, but another man’s date. This basically means that Alina is even more adorable in person than on her photos. From the very first moment, there was a connection between us, something I have experienced only rarely. Later, in sweet intimacy, everything was electrifying.

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Amelie - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Amelie!

Stan 06.2016


Thanks for a great evening. Amelie is really very nice, sweet and sexy. She is also very friendly and open-minded. I am looking forward to meet her soon again.

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Aroundtheglobe 05.2016


Pure moments of ecstasy... In person, Amelie is by far more beautiful than on her pictures.... She has an amazing body, is an expert in what she does, but is also really clever, pleasant to chat with...I had great fun, enjoyed heavenly relaxing moments because she is really cool and will take care of you.... You feel really privileged .... I cannot wait to meet her again....and to forget time getting lost in her deep blue eyes.

Timo 04.2016


Dear Scarlett, I would like to express my compliments for the very nice and fantastic time I’ve spent with Amelie. She arrived on time, beautiful – with the charisma of a princess –, and charming. Her sweetness and straightforward character made our time together truly relaxing. No words or number can describe the happiness during my date with Amelie. Time went by so quickly, and of course this experience will always stay in my memory. Thanks for your organization, and I’m looking forward to meet Amelie again during my next trip. Regards, TIMO

Markus 12.2015


I'm still quite flashed! Wow, Amelie is really mind-boggling. Witty, interesting and incredibly beautiful. I can only agree with the previous comments. I definitely want to meet her again.

Nick 11.2015


Amelie is an amazing girl... she made me feel right at home … her pictures don't do her justice … she is much more beautiful in person ... highly recommended!

Wolfgang 03.2015


There are moments in life that you should not miss. Meeting Amelie was a fabulous experience. A very pleasant young woman, very open-minded. Spontaneous hugs or strolling across the city arm in arm – it all comes natural to her. Amelie is the perfect lady, she unwinds by the side of a true gentleman at the opera, during dinner in an upscale restaurant or on a shopping spree. Her unique body and her charisma offer an intimate sensual experience. We were both feeling completely at ease, it was a pleasant experience and we had a great time. Yet, time flies when you are having fun, and we both wished we had some more time.

Paul 11.2014


The first meeting with Amelie was amazing; she really is a dream woman. Beautiful, delicate, stylish – simply perfect. Due to her straightforward and direct way, we quickly started a great conversation, which was very funny and felt familiar at the same time.
Her temper and passion have turned the evening into a memorable experience.
Unfortunately, the time passed in a flash, and I hope we meet again.

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Anabelle - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Anabelle!

Hendrik 04.2017


Thank you. This was my first date with Target Escorts and it was awesome. No wonder: Anabelle came, saw, and conquered. With indescribable charm. Anabelle, that’s a sweet smile and a delicate yet trained dream body. We soon got closer and had an exciting time together. And because you always meet twice in life, I am looking forward to an equally exciting duo date with Anabelle and Melissa.

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N. 04.2017


Dear Scarlett, Anabelle offered me truly unforgettable, tender, and sensual hours that made my most secret dreams, and more, come true. It was refreshing and inspiring for me to be able to talk with her about so many different things – The way she charmed me is indescribable and beautiful. Thank you, lovely Anabelle, and see you soon!

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Cheryl - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Cheryl!

Mike 01.2017


Thanks again for this super-exciting date with Cheryl. The entire experience was very relaxed and proceeded as desired. Cheryl is a woman for uncomplicated closeness and for inventive RPGs: To me, at first glance, Cheryl looked like a sweet, sexy and at the same time sporty little whirlwind. Brunette, curvy, with velvety soft skin, an authentic charm, and quite straightforward. Just as I like it. We soon came very close to each other. Once I took a deeper look, I discovered in Cheryl an ideal playmate and a sensual lady full of passion and the willingness to engage in erotic games. Perhaps I should have another go at RPGs during a classy threesome date.

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Alec 05.2016


I had an absolutely great & truly memorable evening with Cheryl. She is a wonderful person and we had a good time together. She by far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Cheryl. Regards, Alec.

Mr. M 04.2016


When Cheryl walked up to me, I was immediately blown away by her fantastic look. Alone her body! I was all the more enthusiastic, when during dinner I had the chance to discover her witty and sophisticated nature. I felt very familiar with her right away. What happened later in my room will remain mine and Cheryl’s secret. All I can say: It was amazing.

Alex 02.2016


Cheryl was exactly my type! Very sexy and sweet, but also wonderfully witty! This combination is usually rather difficult to find. Thank you very much for your recommendation.

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Clara - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Clara!

Christian 03.2017


6 hours with Clara – 6 hours that were over way too fast. Do you share your best experiences? A real gentleman indulges in silence. A truly wonderful, entertaining, and very sensual evening with a great and witty girlfriend. THANK YOU, Clara! I will certainly come back for more!

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Claudia - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Claudia!

O.P. 04.2017


Claudia is a truly elegant woman. She knows how to present herself in a stylish way. Her sense of humor is similar to mine, and when it comes to erotic practices, she is always good for a surprise. I already look forward to our next meeting.

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Stefan 02.2016


Dear Scarlett, what a date and what a girl :-) Please send my regards to Claudia, and thank you for the organization. The meeting with Claudia was an experience that I would definitely like to repeat.

Tim 01.2016


Well, thank you so much for introducing me to Claudia. Wonderful woman. Please pass on my very sincere thank you and best wishes to Claudia. I would love to see her every time I am here in Munich. She is beautiful, a perfect 10 and you can tell her I thought so. If she weren't scared of flying, I'd take her to my town tomorrow.

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Gina - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Gina!

Christian 02.2017


I’d booked Gina for 6 hours. Gina is a self-confident woman with a truly attractive body. The photos only give a small hint of what awaits you. Unfortunately, our time together passed way too fast, nevertheless, she is addictive. Thank you, Gina, for the wonderful hours – I hope to see you again soon.

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Jasmin - VIP Escort

Send us your feedback about Jasmin!

G. 02.2016


Hello Scarlett, thank you again for your recommendation. You perfectly understood what type of woman I am looking for. In person, Jasmin is even better. She is super-hot, bright and friendly. I have a weakness for curvy women and Jasmin in 3D is simply the best. PS: 100% satisfied.

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Christoph 12.2015


So, my expectations were fully met, or rather, even exceeded! Jasmin is a super attractive woman, very charming, well-expressed, entertaining, super sexy, and she offers a superior service. Our time together of course went by very quickly, and I look forward to seeing her again. Please give her my regards, it was a really great date! Again many thanks, merry X-mas + happy New year!

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Laura - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Laura!

Gabriel 10.2016


Target Escorts organized my date with Laura in a quick and stress-free way. Easy contact via e-mail and phone. I described my preferences and they suggested Laura. And Laura is actually exactly my type. In every respect. I will soon be back!!

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Leyla - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Leyla!

Daniel 03.2107


With Leyla, you can have plenty of fun, philosophize, and share intimate moments of sensuality. I am very grateful for the wonderful evening I could spend with this impressive woman.

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Lina - VIP Escort

Send us your feedback about Lina!

Pit 02.2017


Thanks for this great recommendation, Scarlett. You suggested the ideal woman. Lina is really sweet and has such a gentle, kind nature. I like that very much. She is so natural and completely authentic. Her looks are amazing. I think I've never been with such a beautiful woman. I'm not inexperienced, however, some of the things I did with Lina during this night were a true revelation to me. I would like to experience this more often. Next week, I booked another date with Lina. And I already enjoy the anticipation in every free minute.

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Jay 02.2017


I wanted my time with Lina to be romantic, sensual, fun, and enjoyable for both … and it was all those things, and more. Lina is a very attractive natural beauty, and even more than that, a warm, charming, curious, and adventurous person, with whom I enjoyed a lively conversation. My time with her was delightful and memorable.

Klaus 04.2016


This was by far one of the best dates of my entire life. My time with Lina was just unbelievable, and I will certainly remember it for a long time. Although this was my first escort date with Lina – and I was terribly nervous even days before – it seemed like I’d known her for years. She is truly a wonderful, unique and remarkable woman, who with her charming, witty, adorable and open nature gave me the "night of nights". Even now, a few days later, I still nostalgically look back to my experience. I can hardly wait to see her again.

Thomas 01.2016


All in all, I spent two really beautiful, funny and easy days, and Lina was definitely the perfect choice for me. At every level, we broke the ice very quickly – which I did not expect when it comes to an date. That really surprised me in a positive way.

Wolfgang 10.2015


Dear Scarlett, a very big compliment goes out to Lina! I had two really great days in Vienna; it has been a long time since I felt so relaxed and pleasantly pampered. Lina is such a nice, caring young lady, who knows no fear of contact. A wonderful partner in every situation, always stylish, great looks, very pleasant appearance, in all respects TOP! Of course, I want to meet this young lady again. Her cheerful nature, her open-minded and kind character, combined with a beautiful body makes it not easy to wait for "closed hotel doors". Again, thank you very much for this wonderful young lady.

Charly - 09.2015


I'm still very thrilled about my date with Lina. She is almost more beautiful than in the photos, but most importantly, she convinced me as a person. Authentic, cosmopolitan and passionate. In any case, I want to see her again.

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Louise - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Louise!

Francesco 10.2016


Thanks again for this great service. The evening with Louise was truly amazing. I hope there will be the opportunity for another meeting soon.

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Mandy - Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Mandy!

M. 03.2017


My date with Mandy was exciting and passionate right from the start. With her, you can freely talk about so many different topics. She’s an excellent listener. Her friendly, funny, and very sensual nature made a very positive impression on me. Thanks for the great date. I’m already looking forward to the next time.

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K. 02.2017


Scarlett, as you know, my taste is rather fancy – only the best will do. Like my date with Mandy. Unforgettable. I love it when a sexy woman has an athletic body. And I love it when a date is so exciting that I can completely switch off for a perfect night full of passion. Just like with Mandy. Mandy is my perfect match, because with her it's fun to forget the entire world around us....

Stefan 11.2015


Hello Scarlett, Mandy has just left, and I would like to thank you for your recommendation. It was an exceptionally pleasant and wonderful rendezvous. She's a really great girl. Best regards!

Helmut 10.2015


The date with Mandy was like a dream come true. She is a wonderful, kind and caring young woman and unfortunately our date was over way too soon. I will definitely meet her again!!

Niklas 06.2015


My night with Mandy was pure ecstasy at first sight, at a second glance, and on any other view. I enjoyed every second, because what happens when you come closer, you experience that behind the beauty with the perfect body there is a great and wonderfully open-minded playmate. Any time again.

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Mia - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Mia!

T. 04.2017


I must say, Mia radiates pure class. She is not only a beautiful woman, but also an interesting person. It is exciting to get to know her, to chat with her, to be seen with her and, of course, to be alone with her. Mia is very open-minded and straightforward, and together with her I have experienced erotic adventures that were everything but ordinary. I will surely repeat this experience soon! Scarlet, thank you for the outstanding service. Mia was exactly what I was looking for.

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Michael 07.2016


My date with Mia was amazing! First off, she is absolutely sexy! And I am not only talking about her looks, but also referring to her character. Mia is strong minded in a very positive way – she knows what she likes and has no problem to bring this across. On the other hand, she also loves to pamper and to make you feel special. The only downside of our date was the time … the two hours we spend together literally flew by! Thx to the agency for arranging this fantastic date on such a short notice.

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Noemie - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Noemie!

Jean Piette 02.2017


She is a truly natural African beauty. Her slender and elegant body is like her country of origin: warm, hot, and tender.

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Raffaela - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Raffaela!

T. 02.2017


This was only my second date with an escort. And it was amazing. First of all, Raffaela is truly adorable. Just as sexy and natural as she looks in the photos. I generally like women who are funny and have something to say. In this respect, Raffaela is a real dream woman for me. Our meeting was quite straightforward right from the start. Later on, Raffaela turned out to be a surprisingly sensual seductress. The combination of innocent appearance and sinful behavior was irresistible. Besides, Raffaela has incredibly soft skin and very long legs. I still think about Raffaela very often and will definitely book her again soon.

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Escort Lady Sandra

Send us your feedback about Sandra!

Philipp 02.2017


As always, a perfect and professional service and a consistent handling. About the charming Sandra: I generally do not tend to exaggerate, but Sandra leaves me no other choice. I was just coming back from a busy business trip. And I was totally exhausted. But then, along came Sandra, and let me just say "things went wild". Such an invigorating personality and a sensual woman. I was electrified and still am. I'm already planning a second date with Sandra. Maybe a triple date.

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Alex 12.2015


It's hard to put into words what a fantastic woman Sandra is: charming, lovable, intelligent, stunningly beautiful and sexy. Every single moment, I felt absolutely at ease and I am still speechless how beautiful our evening was. Thanks for a memorable experience.

L. 08.2015


Thank you Scarlett for this meeting. I spent a wonderful time with Sandra. I felt immediately very comfortable in her company. She is so sexy and beautiful, even better than on her pictures. I will not forget our intimate moments.

Stephan 07.2015


Hey Scarlett. How are you? Sorry for the late feedback, but I want to thank you for your recommendation of Sandra. It's was great to meet her and to be with her. Like before, your girls are the best and your service is one of a kind. I can assure you that every time I will make a reservation it will be with your company. Thanks and have good week. Best regards, Stephan

SA 07.2015


Sandra is beautiful, well-spoken and very sexy. I had a great time with her; I look forward to seeing her again when I'm in Berlin.

AA 03.2015


Sandra is what dreams are made of. Bright, witty and beautiful. Need I say more?

Peter 02.2014


Thank you Sandra for a wonderful evening, you are a charming, intelligent and good-looking woman, the time with you was beautiful!

D.E. 01.2014


What a nice evening I spent with you! In your presence, I did not experience one moment of boredom. First, a great conversation during our dinner together, then it was even more beautiful with you ... I truly enjoyed our date, and with all the senses, I will not forget your tenderness. The photo gallery cannot reflect fully your lovely personality and your erotic charisma. How nice to know you! I have a great desire to see you again, until then, with kind regards DE

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Sasha - VIP Escort

Send us your feedback about Sasha!

Jay 02.2017


Sasha just left and I am in a state of euphoria – she was everything you’ve promised: intelligent, yet down to earth, kind, attentive, relaxed. Without doubt she had the best body I have seen in quite some time. I hope I get the chance to see her again in the future.

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Thomas 01.2017


Once again, many thanks to Scarlett. The true gentleman indulges in silence. However, I will only say this much: You perfectly know my weaknesses. Elegance and education combined with a 90-60-90 dream body. This is Sasha. I booked Sasha for one night and time flew by, because Sasha offers the complete package. She has everything and knows how to use it. Any time again.

Dirtrider 01.2016


I was lucky enough to spend time with Sasha. Her pictures on the website are awesome, but in person she's even more gorgeous. She's not only beautiful but also extremely sensual and bright. We had some great discussion about places we've visited and places we'd like to visit. I had a fantastic time with her and I'm looking forward to meeting with her again hopefully in the next month or so. Don't miss an opportunity to meet with this stunning woman.

Kim 11.2015


Dear Scarlett, thank you very much! I am simply amazed! Sasha beautiful! Kind regards, Kim

Michael 08.2015


Dear Scarlett!
A thousand thanks for the perfect organization of the date with Sasha!
Sasha is a gorgeous girl with an incredible sex appeal: wow-factor: 10/10!!! She is an entertaining, eloquent, highly educated and interested conversation partner – and she comes across much more mature than one would expect considering her young age. In our private time, Sasha was initially a cuddly 'kitten', then she surprised me as an 'unleashed wildcat', who knows how to pamper a man all the way... If I want to see her again? Certainly yes!!!

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Selina - Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Selina!

Martin 04.2017


I cannot decide which side of Selina attracts me more: the charming, young lady with whom I can talk casually, or the mysterious seductress. With Selina, I experienced more in one evening than with any other women in two years. That is why after a meeting with her, I keep thinking about her for some time.

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J.J. 11.2015


Last week I had my date with Selina and it was certainly not our last encounter. Selina is extremely attentive, and I must confess that I have a weakness for everything Asian. She is simply gorgeous and hot. Selina really managed to wet my appetite for more.

Mike 07.2015


For me, Selina is as sensual, as a night in Asia. She makes everything incredibly easy, with her open nature, creating a genuine intimacy. I hope for another date in order to deepen my impressions.

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Stella - VIP Escort

Send us your feedback about Stella!

I. 03.2016


Stella, you're really one of the sweetest women I've ever met. So delicate, feminine and natural. And I also appreciate how intelligent and witty you are. Otherwise, our date would hardly have lasted that long!!! I enjoyed every second of it and still today indulge in the sweet memories. I hope to see you soon! Many thanks also to Scarlett for the recommendation. You instantly understood what I look for in a woman. You are the best!

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Victoria - VIP Escort Service

Send us your feedback about Victoria!

Stefan 08.2016


Hello Scarlett, Thanks for arranging my date with Victoria! She is the most beautiful, natural and pleasant girl I've ever met. A fabulous experience! I will definitely see her again. Best regards

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William 05.2016


She is the most sensational girl you can find in this world. She has a perfect body, and I mean perfect! She looks much better than on her photos, but the most amazing thing is her personality. I really enjoyed every minute I spent with her. We laughed a lot and we shared wonderful moments. Thank you for allowing me to meet her. I will definitely see her again.

Martin 03.2016


Victoria, Victoria, I think one date is not enough to enjoy everything this dream woman has to offer. I must confess, Victoria has truly mesmerised me. She is beautiful and sexy, as the photos already show; however, she’s even better in person. Her kind, funny and very sensual way has thrilled me totally. I must and will see the charming Victoria again very soon.

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