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Welcome to Bern Escort. The elite agency offers many years of experience and will fascinate you with truly irresistible and sexy ladies, who are almost too good to be true! Our passionate escorts are not only gorgeous, but also self-confident and cosmopolitan. With our high-class escort service Bern, you will discover a fabulous and luxurious world of sophisticated sensuality. Complete discretion and a relaxed ambience are fundamental components of our VIP escort agency in Bern.


For Bern, the following elite escorts are available:

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VIP escort service Berne: luxury watch auction


Together with your lucky fairy from our premium escort agency in Berne, on June 20, 2017, you may bid on luxury watches. The fact that Switzerland is generally regarded as a paradise for watch lovers is widely known. The federal capital is basically the driving force behind Swiss watch art. Thus, you and your beautiful lady from deluxe escort service Bern may embark on an exclusive hunt for exquisite pieces. Since 1938, the traditional auction house "Galerie Stuker" is considered one of the best addresses for art and jewellery in the city. Here, you and your sweet part-time escort will experience true auction fever! Besides many classics by Rolex, IWC and Co., one of the most beautiful timepieces from the house "Blancpain" is auctioned: The men's watch of the “Moon Phases” series, which is limited to 300 pieces and valued between 12,000 and 15,000 CHF. Of course, this is not the most expensive exhibit of the auction! Trust in the fact that your beautiful escort student in Bern will bring you luck, and bid at the auction for the splendid "Patek Philipe - Platinum 950", which comes with a value between 50,000 and 60,000 CHF.



Elite escort service Bern – Like a Swiss clockwork …

... but obviously way more sensual! Our high quality escort service Bern focuses entirely on the exclusive desires of classy gentlemen. However, discretion, professionalism and pure passion are paramount for your VIP model and, of course, for our entire team at Target Escorts Bern. All you have to do is select your dream lady from our luxury escort agency in Bern, and we will arrange your perfect date. You may then look forward to sensual moments, interesting conversations and pure pleasure – an experience that will exceed even your highest expectations. Have fun and enjoy life with our five-star escort service Bern!


Deluxe escorts Bern – You’ll love every single moment!

This is a promise that our gorgeous ladies from top-class escort service Bern are only too happy to keep. Already at the very first sight of your stunningly beautiful lady companion, you will hardly believe your luck. All stylish companions of our premium escort agency in Bern know exactly how to highlight their perfectly proportioned body with elegant designer outfits and wickedly playful lingerie. Just the idea to admire your seductive lady of luxury escorts Bern, how she slowly takes off her clothes, will send a shiver down your spine. The many ways this very sensual beginning of an date may unfold … your VIP escort in Bern will show you in detail in your hotel suite. But not only the sophisticated erotic component plays an important role during our deluxe escort service in Bern. Your eloquent lady will inspire you also on an interpersonal level. Your top-class escort in Bern is a divine lover, a lively girlfriend and a self-confident companion in one person.


Top escort agency in Bern – Your first-class rendezvous

If you have never before indulged in the luxury of a high-class escort date, you will live a new and truly wonderful experience thanks to our first-class escort service Bern. An exclusive rendezvous with Target Escorts Bern is a sensual feast without remorse. You simply spend your quality time with a great-looking model, who will fulfil all your erotic wishes. Furthermore, all VIP models of our deluxe escort agency Bern are highly educated ladies who will also inspire you intellectually. On top of that, a date with our five-star escort service Bern is a temporary romance – without any strings attached and without any consequences. This allows you to indulge fully in this unique rendezvous, to enjoy the here & now, without regrets and without worries! Elite escort service Bern is the sensual icing on the luxury leisure time of cultured gentlemen. A fantastically erotic adventure, which – after a few hours or even a few days – will give you fresh energy, vitality and happiness.


Premium escort services Bern – for men with style

Since many years, our world-class escort agency in Bern counts as one of the most trustworthy escort agencies throughout Europe. The select clientele of our VIP escort service in Bern includes big players from politics, industry and show business. Men who know exactly what they want. Our top-class models in Bern love to spend their leisure time with these gentlemen. With her natural elegance and self-confidence, your VIP model in Bern is the perfect lady companion in any situation. At a gala event or at a dinner party – with your lovely model from elite escort service Bern you will always cut a perfect figure. You will be amazed by the casual sophistication of our lovely ladies in Bern. To outsiders, your well-expressed female companion from our luxury escort agency in Bern will appear as a long-known acquaintance or a trusted colleague. The fact that your attractive model is also a playful and inventive lover, will be your sweet private secret.


Hours of pure romance with elite companions

Experience this wonderful sensation together with a breathtakingly beautiful escort in Bern – you will feel like you’re newly in love. The young, fun-loving ladies of VIP escort service Bern are true masters in pampering their lover. The Swiss capital offers the ideal setting for an exclusive date, as you will soon discover in this fabulous city during your stay. Enjoy our VIP escort service Bern in luxury hotel suites, formidable star restaurants and classy clubs. Your stunning model in Bern is the ideal companion, with whom you may fully indulge in the sensual pleasures offered by our premium escort service Bern. After all, the circumstances of your exclusive rendezvous with the dream companion of your choice play only a subordinate role. It is the beautiful, sensual moments that you will experience with your top escort Bern that make our high-class escort service so special. The awareness of being able to sit back and relax, cheerfully flirting with your beautiful lady in Bern and enjoying the moment in all its glory: That is the true luxury that prosperous and successful men like so much about our VIP escort service.


Target Escorts Switzerland – Your VIP escort agency in Bern

The discreet models of our premium escort agency in Bern are not only open-minded lovers, with whom you can live out all your most erotic fantasies. Our stylish lady companions from escort service Bern are also poised partners, with whom you will make a good impression in any occasion. On business events, you can rely on the natural self-confidence of your elite model. At private parties, your lady from our elite escort agency in Bern will act as your old friend and fascinate all other guests with her charm. In sweet intimacy – for example, in the elegant Presidential Suite of the star hotel "Schweizerhof" – you may indulge in sensual moments of pleasure together with your sexy lady from our elite escort agency Bern. Of course, the Swiss capital offers many sophisticated lodgings for classy gentlemen! Here, we would like to recommend a few luxury accommodations, where you may discover true and pure sensuality with your escort in Bern.


Discover the most beautiful hotel highlights with Target Escorts

Anyone looking for a high-class place to stay for himself and his dream escort, will certainly find a variety of great options. First of all, there are the two most prestigious addresses in the city: The Hotel Schweizerhof and the Bellevue Palace. However, this beautiful city has to offer many more fantastic hotels, where you may fully enjoy our elite escort service in Bern. For example, the "Belle Époque Boutique Hotel". In the picturesque design hotel – a 500-year-old and lovingly renovated townhouse – you will experience a pleasant harmony between tastefully decorated interiors and modern comforts. The spacious junior suites in this house will take you and your elegant escort lady in Bern back to the Paris of the 20s. Of course, it could happen that such an ambience will inspire some ideas for a sensual role-play. If you yearn for a little more privacy without compromising on a high degree of luxury, take a short drive to "La Pinte du Vieux Manoir". In this elegant house on the shore of Lake Murten, you and your lovely escort model from our premium escort agency in Bern may experience an idyllic symbiosis of zeitgeist and originality.


Indulge in culinary pleasures together with your sweet lady companion in Bern

As a cosmopolitan city, Bern offers a variety wonderful restaurants, where you may take your lovely lady companion from escort service Bern. First of all, there is of course the "Meridiano" at the Kursaal. However, also the restaurant "Eisblume" – located in the outskirts of the city – offers you a fabulously creative cuisine, which despite of the name (Ice Flower) will certainly warm the heart of your VIP escort girl. In a quaint vaulted cellar in the heart of the city, you’ll find another true jewel of the local gastronomy: "Wein & Sein with Härzbluet"! Here, together with your premium escort lady in Bern, you may indulge in the pure passion of culinary pleasures. The cosy ambiance, the very well-stocked wine cellar and of course the excellent cuisine make this gourmet temple an absolute "must go!" for epicures. The "Gourmanderie Moléson" welcomes its guests with a delightful setting. This placid and tastefully decorated restaurant is housed in one of the many small streets of the Old Town. With a good glass of wine, great food and inspiring conversations with your gorgeous lady from Target Escorts Bern, in such an ambience time will certainly fly.


Experience great adventures with your VIP escort

Our high-class escort service Bern is certainly one of the most exclusive amenities available for sophisticated gentlemen. In order to turn your stay in the Swiss capital into a hot escort adventure, you could, for example, take a very special train ride together with your sexy escort in Bern. The charter train Swiss Classic Train will take you and your beautiful model from escort service Bern across the beautiful mountainous landscape into the Swiss Alps. The luxurious setting of the first-class train compartments leaves nothing to be desired. You may even book the entire train for yourself and your VIP companion in Bern ... it is one of the most exclusive ways to enjoy our high-class escort service Bern. Just keep in mind that at the sight of the breath-taking beauty of your lady from our five-star escort agency Bern, the picturesque landscape may easily turn into a minor matter. The gentle shaking and slight swaying of the train will set the secret rhythm for your love games, which with high-class escort service Bern will certainly be a memorable experience ...


First-class escort service Bern & the best classic car auction in the country

If a journey on a luxury train is still not exclusive enough for you, you could still buy a classic car! Every year in April, together with your attractive model of our VIP escort agency Bern you may participate in one of the most legendary classic car auctions in Europe! "The Swiss Auctioneers" – the name of the auction – is considered an institution among fans of antique cars. Here, together with your lady companion from escort service Bern you may participate in the auction with an average of 100 bids. Classic cars, like the Mercedes190 SL or the Lamborghini Jamara, change their owners during this event. During the auction, you and your eloquent and urbane escort model will certainly meet a number of international A-celebrities. After all, the ownership and maintenance of these beautiful cars represents a fairly exclusive hobby that can be very expensive! Just like our exquisite escort service in Bern, which however you may enjoy more often. Even if you do not participate in the auction, you and your sweet model from our first class escort agency Bern will surely live an unforgettable experience.


An erotic rendezvous with a gorgeous elite companion

An extensive date with one – or maybe even more? – of our fantastically beautiful ladies from premium escort Bern is a truly unforgettable adventure. The sensual part of our prestigious escort service in Bern will be a truly unique experience for you. As part of your date with your high-class escort in Bern you will enter a world of sophisticated eroticism that so far you could only dream about. Our perfectly formed models in Bern love to seduce their lover by every trick in the sensual book. Hot love games with two ladies, exciting role playing with your lovely escort girl in Bern or erotic full body massages, driving you to sweet ecstasy ... live out your erotic fantasies with high-class VIP escort service Bern!


Enjoy the sweet life with VIP escort Bern

A romantic dinner in a fabulous restaurant. Exciting love games in a luxury hotel suite. Long and interesting conversations with your inspiring VIP escort in Bern. Our premium escort service Bern is the perfect address for successful gentlemen who wish to enhance their precious free time with a beautiful date. Not without reason, Target Escorts Switzerland counts among the most prestigious escort agencies in Europe. With our high-class escort service in Bern, after only a few minutes with your top model you will realize that you have made the perfect choice. Our elite escorts Bern will truly fascinate you in every way!


Target Escorts Hotel recommendations for Bern


Escort rendezvous Berne – Luxury brunch for a culinary date


Starting a Sunday with a delicious luxury brunch becomes an even better experience in the company of a charming companion lady from elite escort services Berne. The legendary Kornhauscafé, where you and your discreet escort in Berne may start every Sunday with the "Zumorge-Buffet", is a perfect culinary choice. Already the beautiful building in the heart of the city centre is something truly special. The ambiance in the wide hall above the Kornhauskeller matches wonderfully the sensual luxury that you will enjoy during your erotic escort rendezvous in Berne. Take a seat with your lovely escort from our VIP escort agency in Berne and order the drinks (the sparkling wine is, of course, included), then enjoy an enormous brunch buffet. There is so much to discover! You and your charming lady may, for example, look forward to a delightful selection of deluxe antipasti. From marinated giant prawns to roast beef and a delicious salad selection. Of course, the luxury brunch in Berne also offers classic breakfast treats, such as rösti, eggs in all variations, “Gipfli”, sausage & cheese, and Bircher Muesli. Thus, you and your seductive model of VIP escort service Berne will have plenty of energy to play in your hotel suite.

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Deluxe escort services Bern: Pleasure moments for gentlemen


An exclusive rendezvous with a gorgeous and seductive escort lady from our top-class escort agency in Bern is a sensual pleasure that is always available to the true cosmopolitan gentlemen. The same is true for the pleasure of an excellent cigar, of course. Thus, if on March 23 you happen to be at the luxury hotel Schweizer Hof, you may pay tribute to the noblest of all smoking pleasures during a special cigar event. On this day, you may enjoy a short stopover in the Cigar Lounge of the hotel before your date with one or two of our playful duo escorts in Bern. For 58 CHF, during this cigar event you may taste the "Seleccion Suiza" from the legendary cigar manufacturer Juan Lopez. Of course, you may also invite your open-minded companion from our VIP escort services to this event. The entrance fee per person includes small snacks, drinks and, of course, the exquisite cigars of Juan Lopez Cigars. If you belong to the elite circle of the members-only cigar club "Cigar Aficionados", then you and your dream lady of our elite escort agency in Bern have free access to the cigar event at the 5* Hotel Schweizer Hof. After this tasteful happening, your well-deserved relaxation session with your sexy escort model from our high-class escort agency in Bern will continue in your suite.


High-class escort agency Bern – Restaurant tip


The Kursaal in Bern is always worth a visit if you wish to spend a nice evening with your luxury escort in Bern. In addition to a hotel and a casino, here you will also find some of the best bars and restaurants in the region. Including the latest one-star restaurant in the city! Restaurant manager Giovanni Ferraris and his team will welcome you and your beautiful companion from our elite escort agency Bern at the "Meridiano". The panorama from the stylishly decorated restaurant is truly impressive! The view wanders over the rooftops of the city to the majestic Jungfrau Massif. However, only the dream body and the angel-like face of your top escort model from elite escort services Bern will offer a more attractive vista. The delicious creations of Fabian Raffeiner will then explain to you why the South Tyrolean chef was welcomed among the best star chefs in 2017. The combination of light Mediterranean cuisine with a rather down-to-earth alpine kitchen is a true revelation! To complete this special evening with your dream escort in Bern, the Meridiano also offers a 6-course candlelight dinner. Served in a separate room and with an exquisite wine selection, every bite and every look turns into a romantic promise. Afterwards, your rendezvous will continue in your hotel suite together with your sexy escort girl in Bern ...


Luxury Escorts Bern – Art Exhibition Paul Klee


The Paul Klee Center offers an ideal location for classy gentlemen, who wish to spend a pleasant afternoon with an eloquent and intellectually stimulating escort lady in Bern. Since art is often an inspiration for new erotic adventures, the evening should be reserved for the sensual part of our high-class escort service from Target Escorts Bern! Anyhow, let’s get back to the artist Paul Klee, whose relationship with the surrealists of the 1920s and 1930s is the subject of this extensive art exhibition. Admire the works of different masters, such as Max Ernst, Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso or the legendary Joan Miró together with your interesting escort lady from top-class escorts Bern. Lose yourself in artistic themes, such as "The world as a dream", "Enigmatic portraits" or "Surreal machines and apparatus". Furthermore, you will see your charming escort lady in a completely new light! Of course, the top escorts from our exclusive VIP escort agency in Bern are all stunningly beautiful. However, also on an intellectual level, you will discover a woman who is an interesting and inspiring conversation partner in your wonderful escort model. The exhibition "Paul Klee & the Surrealists" is still open until March 12, 2017.


VIP escort agency Bern & Oldtimer Galerie Toffen


Would you like to invite your charming companion from our VIP escort services in Bern to an outing in your new Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 "Veloce" (1973)? Or maybe you’d prefer to explore the countryside with your stylish escort girl in Bern in your new Bentley R-Type 2 Doors from 1953? How about a new Harley "Road King - Anniversary Edition" for your collection? If you can feel a pleasant shudder running down your spine when hearing these suggestions, you should mark November 26, 2016, on your calendar: On that day, you may participate in the classic car auction of the "Oldtimer Galerie Toffen" together with your stylish lady companion from elite escorts Bern. The event invites friends of old automobiles and motorcycles from all over the world to this otherwise rather tranquil village to bid on true treasures. This year, for example, one of the very rare Ferrari "Dino 308 GT / 4" or one of the probably most elegant cars of all time – a perfectly maintained Citroën DS 21 – will be auctioned. Since all our young and cosmopolitan models of deluxe escort service Bern love elegant vehicles, you can look forward to a perfect day with great cars and beautiful women.


Visit the Wine Fair with your discreet escort Bern


"Beautiful women, fine wines and culinary delights!" Since centuries, these three sensual pleasures inspire all those men who appreciate the good life. Between October 14 and 23, 2016, together with your VIP escort in Bern you may enjoy these pleasure in a stylish way. At the annual Wine Fair in Bern, around 50 exhibitors present wines from the best vineyards in the world. During various wine tastings, cooking shows and wine tasting lunches, you will soon find out that your beautiful escort lady in Bern is a true gourmand who appreciates fine wines as well as tasty delicatessen. Of course, together with your lady from our elite escort service Bern you may also buy some bottles of wine and enjoy them in the sensual intimacy of your hotel suite.


A different kind of culinary experience: Exclusive escort services Bern at the Street Food Festival


Of course it is fun to enjoy a romantic and delicious candle-light dinner with a charming escort girl in Bern. However, some gentlemen also like to embark on new culinary adventures. If you count among them, mark the first weekend of September on your calendar. During this period, the 3rd Street Food Festival takes place in Bern! Together with your open-minded model from our luxury escort agency Bern, at various food stalls you may nibble from the pots and pans of the world. In the outdoor area of ​​Bern Expo, you may enjoy culinary delicacies, cool music, tasty cocktails at various bars and of course the undivided attention of your gorgeous companion who will enchant you with her exclusive escort service (on request, even with an extraordinary girlfriend experience in Bern). Either way, the Street Food Festival and our VIP escort services Bern are always an excellent combination.


BBQ Workshop at the Schweizer Hof with Target Escorts Bern


On August 28, 2016, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in a very special culinary event together with your top model of VIP escort services Bern: The BBQ Workshop at the Sky Bar of the five-star hotel Schweizer Hof. Together with your beautiful escort lady, you may learn many BBQ tips & tricks from the professional chef Silvan Durrer. The highly talented and award-winning kitchen chef of the hotel will prepare a three-course menu with you and your lovely lady from our premium escort agency in Bern. Get great barbecue recipes from one of the best chefs in Switzerland, and then enjoy the excellent food with your elite companion in Bern. Furthermore, you can look forward to a perfect wine pairing. The venue for this great BBQ class is the hotel's rooftop bar. The final course will be served to you in your hotel suite by your seductive escort lady in Bern...

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