Azulik Tribe: An exotic journey with our elite escort agency

If you wish to relax together between the sky, the sea and the rainforest with your beautiful lady from Target Escorts, the journey leads to Yucatan in Mexico. The 5* resort “Azulik Tribe” – – exemplifies a wonderful symbiosis of luxury and simplicity. Here, with your cosmopolitan beauty of our VIP escort service you’ll live in truly unique villas, enjoy an excellent cuisine and be pampered by gorgeous spa treatments. The classy erotic flair of our girlfriend service as well as the interpersonal connection to your beautiful model is also reflected in the old Mayan greeting, with which you will be welcomed by the Azulik Tribe: “In Lak’ech – Hala Ken.” (I’m another you. You’re another me.)

The natural elements of the Mayans

In the artistic villas, which will serve you and your sexy girlfriend from our escort agency as a luxurious accommodation, the energy flows of the natural elements of fire, water, earth and air are almost tangible. In each of the seven different types of villas, ancient Mayan life philosophies meet modern comforts – they merge with the breath-taking natural scenery and thus create a living ambience that will certainly inspire you and your beautiful student. Electronic equipment, such as TV, stereo or even light, have no space in your villa … here, nothing will distract you from the beauty of nature and the romantic sensual flair of our escort service.

Watch now the video about the Azulik Tribe:

Fine Dining & Sensuality with Target Escorts …

… go hand in hand. That’s why at the luxury resort “Azulik” in Mexico, of course, you won’t miss a thing. At Azulik, you and your charming travel companion from our international escort agency may dine in two top restaurants: The “Kin Toh” serves avant-garde cuisine whose origins are deeply rooted in the Mayan-Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is located about 10 meters above the treetops of the surrounding jungle, which guarantees a breath-taking view. In the restaurant “Tseen Ja” you may expect a fusion of the pots of Japan and Mexico, which lays the sensual culinary foundation for the GFE, which you will be served after dinner by your lady …

Your VIP lady companion & the luxury resort Azulik

With this combination, you may look forward to an unforgettable holiday! During spa experiences with your part-time escort, while swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Ocean, under the dense canopy of the rainforest – every moment is fully enhanced thanks to the highly erotic escort service of your beautiful lady. All you need to do now is choose your model and book one of the fabulous Azulik Villas. And then – your luxurious holiday pleasure à la Target Escorts is waiting for you.