Just you, your escort model and your new “J Craft”

If you wish to treat yourself and your VIP escort model to something truly special, you should decide on the “J Craft Torpedo 42 ft.” The elegant luxury yacht by the Swedish boat builder “J Craft” www.j-craftboats.com not only manages to compete with traditional boat manufacturers such as “Riva”, but will certainly turn your sensual escort date into an extravagant experience.

A jaunt with your high-class escort in the J Craft Torpedo

The stylish design of the almost 13-m motor yacht will remind you of the Sixties. Classic, elegant and timeless. Admire your gorgeous escort girl sunbathing, as you glide across the water with up to 44 knots. Modern technology has been skilfully combined with a mundane retro look.

Luxury yacht by J Craft – Sensual escort service on the seven seas

Below deck, two spacious cabins await you to enjoy our exclusive escort service in an elegant ambience. At full speed, you may sail about 350 nautical miles with one tank – Thus, with the J Craft Torpedo, the world is wide open for you and your top escort model