The Jaguar F-Type is in its way not less racy than the taboo-free high class escorts of our VIP escort agency.

What do the new Jaguar F-Type Coupé www.jaguar.com and the racy VIP escorts of our high class escort agency have in common? Both make the hearts of urbane gentlemen beat faster. The Jaguar F-Type Coupé is absolutely a sports car that scores not only with its monster power but also with its elegant appearance. With a sexy escort model in the passenger seat, the driving experience with the Jaguar F-Type will be even more exciting. Especially if you can rely on 550 hp and head with majestic 275 km/h towards your exclusive escort adventure. Another thing in common of the Jaguar F-type and your high class escort: Both purr in their very own and very beguiling way, when they get going…


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