The perfect dinner with escort service Munich

Life is sweet in the Bavarian capital. In fact, very sweet! This not only testifies to the fact that the city is one of the wealthiest in the entire country. But also because of the many fine dining restaurants which you may visit together with your dream lady from Target Escorts. 16 stars are currently shining on the Munich culinary sky. And since certainly only the best is good enough for you as a gentleman of the world, we would like to introduce you to three of the top local restaurants. You already have the perfect lady companion by your side thanks to our elite escort agency. Now you just need to decide where your perfect dinner should take place in Munich.

With your VIP escort in the gourmet Atelier

If you wish to surprise your elegant lady from our discreet escort service in style, the way can only lead to the “Atelier”. This gourmet restaurant is awarded by every well-known restaurant guide with the highest accolades: 3 stars, 19 points, 10+ pans … the list could easily be continued. With your beautiful escort lady, you will visit a food temple for wealthy gourmets from all over the world. The harmonious interiors, the flawless service, the exquisite wine selection and of course the fabulously creative cuisine result in a symphony of sensory impressions. This experience is only topped by the sensual escort service in Munich, with which you will be pampered after dinner.

Watch now the video about the Atelier:

Visit Alois at the Delikatessenhaus

Whenever you think of Munich, your last, wonderful date with your sexy part-time escort will certainly come to mind. Furthermore, however, there are also a few typical and traditional Munich classics, such as the Dallmayr Delikatessenhaus. And this is exactly where the second top restaurant is located, that is perfect for a romantic dinner: the “Alois – Dallmayr Fine Dining”. Just like with our escort service, you will be amazed from the first to the last moment! Charming, young, creative and hip on the one hand – traditional, stylish and elegant on the other. At the Alois, opposites attract and unite to create something wonderful.

With your lady companion at the EssZimmer

In the heart of the BMW World, you may dine together with your stylish lady from our elite escort agency in a truly exquisite dining room (‘EssZimmer’). This 2* restaurant couldn’t be more sophisticated in terms of ambience. Furthermore, you and your lovely escort girl will be surprised with culinary masterpieces. Every dish pleases the eyes and melts on the tongue. The wine selection is excellent, the service fantastic and the start to a perfect escort service in Munich more than successful.