Sun, beach & sensuality – Luxury vacation with VIP escort

A white, secluded beach is without a doubt a dream location, not only to admire your elite escort in her skimpy bikini. It may as well serve as a picturesque stage to experience an erotic adventure with your beautiful travel companion from our luxury escort agency. But where are the best (and most private!) beaches to enjoy our premium escort service? And in which countries you should better seduce your lovely lady in your hotel suite? What else should you consider when planning your sensual rendezvous with your sweet beach beauty from our premium escort agency?

With your escort girl on an island

The dream of being “stranded” on a tropical island with a gorgeous and open-minded lady can easily come true – if you can afford it. In many tropical paradises, successful men may rent a private luxury island, where they can be completely undisturbed and indulge in the sensual escort services of a top model. Everywhere. Even on the beach! A great example of such a luxury destination is the island “Royal Belize” – It offers an outdoor bedroom, a private chef and many secluded coves, where your VIP escort will pamper you by all the tricks in her sensual book. An even more exclusive option: the island “Little Whale Cay” in the Bahamas. For about $ 7,000 a day, here you can live and love like in paradise!

Sex on the beach? Better not!

Not because hot erotic moments on the beach with your tanned escort girl are no fun, but because you might get into legal trouble. In many countries, sex in public – including the beach – is prohibited. In some European dream destinations, you may not only have to pay a hefty fine, but you might even end up in prison for up to seven years! In Spain – and thus also of the beautiful Balearic Islands – you may be forced to pay up to 75,000 Euro if you are caught with your sensual escort lady having sex on the beach. In more exotic holiday destinations, like Malaysia and the Maldives, you might even end up 20 years in prison!

Beach sensuality with high-class escort service

During the summer months, Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of sensual love, beauty and fertility – is a very busy woman. If you wish to have fun with your VIP escort on the beach, you should make sure that you don’t have too much contact with the ground. Fine sand finds its way literally everywhere, which can be quite uncomfortable during your love games. Therefore, a large blanket comes in handy, as well as all those sexy positions that do not require lying down.