VIP escort at the Hotel Byblos & the Caves du Roy

In order to refine a perfect luxury holiday in the French Riviera, the cosmopolitan gentlemen basically only needs three things. Without a VIP escort, St. Tropez is only half the fun. Then, he should book a suite at the luxury Hotel Byblos, and in the evening, dance the night away in the club “Les Caves du Roy”.

Five-star escort service & a hotel as a way of life

At the extremely stylish Hotel Byblos in St. Tropez, international celebrities feel right at home. It is the ideal place to treat yourself with a VIP escort in Saint Tropez to a few nice days. The five-star Boutique Hotel Byblos is more than just a fashionable vacation spot – it is a way of life, which accompanied by a top escort model turns into pure indulgence.

With a top escort model in the club of the stars

At the trendy club “Les Caves du Roy”, you may wonderfully party with a sexy escort girl. Here, you may sip champagne and oysters with international stars, such as George Clooney, P. Diddy, the Beckhams and Naomi Campbell. The “Cave du Roy” is perfect for celebrating the sweet life with a VIP escort in St. Tropez!