The world's fastest luxury car 'Brabus iBusiness "- Your VIP escort model will be thrilled!

Luxury cars are everything but boring – during your next VIP escort date you may show this fact to your stunning escort model in just 3.5 seconds. This is exactly the time span the fastest luxury car in the world needs to speed up from 0 to 100! Let us introduce you to the Brabus Biturbo 850 iBusiness 6.0 www.brabus.com – a powerhouse in a designer suit. Thanks to the elite interiors with latest Apple technology, fine leather seats, a starry sky and a fabulous sound system, you will enjoy the first part of your high class escort service already on the move. Or delight your fun-loving escort model with a top speed of 350 km/h, which the Brabus 850 can reach. We wish you a pleasant and exciting ride!


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