Hot Escort Girl at the Ice Hotel

A winter vacation with a beautiful lady from Target Escorts is something very special in every location. However, if you wish to put an ice crown on this wonderfully sensual experience, then our elite escort agency has a very special recommendation for you: Book a suite for yourself and your ice princess in a high-class Ice Hotel! Spend a hot night surrounded by ice and snow. Intricately carved ice sculptures, cuddly reindeer skins on comfortable ice beds, a roaring log fire, a bottle of iced champagne, great food, literally cool ice bars and of course an escort service that leaves nothing to be desired. We would like to present to you two fabulous Igloo Hotels …

With your sexy lady companion in Norway

Whether you and your playful lover from our premium escort agency truly manage to melt the ice can be wonderfully tested in a real igloo. If now you imagine a rough Eskimo chamber, you probably have not heard of the “Sorrisniva” Igloo Hotel in Norway – www.sorrisniva.no. To give our luxurious escort service the perfect setting, you should book one of the individually designed suites. A large bed of reindeer skins serves as a love nest, the ice sculptures and wall carvings tell of Nordic legends and could serve as a model for an erotic role play with your open-minded part-time escort. An excellent restaurant, many activities and a well-stocked ice bar make your romantic winter holiday with our escort service at the Igloo Hotel Sorrisniva an unforgettable experience.

Watch now the video about the Snow Village in Lapland:

Deluxe Sensuality – 200 km above the polar circle

The second luxury Ice Hotel that our high-class escort agency would like to introduce to you is even further north! The “Lapland Hotels Snow Village” – www.laplandhotels.com – ranks among the coolest Ice Hotels in the world. Every year, about 20 million tons of snow and 350,000 kilos of ice turn into a habitable work of art. You and her lovely student enter a world that could hardly be more surreal. The suites are true eye-openers thanks to fabulously detailed ice carvings and ingenious lighting effects. And as you spend the night with a love angel, even the room temperature averaging -2° Celsius seems downright tropical. Furthermore, you and your top escort model also have the option to spend the night in a warm tepee cabin …

A Winter Dream with your Escort Girl …

… awaits you in these beautiful Ice Hotels until well into April. However, you should book quite quickly, because the ice hotels are very much in vogue. Of course, you may enjoy the highly erotic escort service of Target Escorts already today.


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