The new Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification – The perfect way to pick up your VIP escort for your hot escort date at home.

A hot escort date at home is already a fabulous and wonderfully relaxing experience. To perfectly tune your chosen escort model to this evening, you could pick up your VIP escort with the new Rolls-Royce “Ghost V-Specification”. The stylish luxury limousine by the renowned car manufacturer reflects in every detail your good taste, your elite status and your sportiness. (After all, the luxury sedan in only 4-9 seconds speeds up from 0 to 100 km/h!). It virtually is the counterpart to your beautiful, uninhibited and self-confident high-class escort from our premium escort agency. A ride in the Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification is therefore the perfect start for your romantic and taboo-free escort date at home.


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