The Cognac Cuvée 5150. from the traditional Camus House is the noblest consummation of all spirits and just right to round off a sensual escort date.

A fine cognac is the classiest representative of all spirits. Just like the discreet escorts of our high class escort agency are the elite in terms of VIP escort service. The French call their cognac lovingly “Eau de Vie” – the water of life. The traditional distillery Camus celebrates its 150th anniversary with one of the most exquisite cognac editions ever. The Cuvée 5150. is an exclusive edition of the Cognac Masterpiece Collection by the renowned cognac house. The fine drop comes in a specially-crafted rock crystal decanter and a posh hip flask that bears the engraved name of the owner. Complete your glamorous escort date with a full-bodied treat – the Camus Cuvée 5.150. is just made for this occasion.


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