The love bite of your escort model

… has absolutely nothing to do with pain. On the contrary. During the sensual part of your exclusive escort date, it may happen that your sweet escort model tenderly bites your neck out of pure affection. Anyhow, the so-called love bite has a long tradition as a part of lovemaking. In ancient times, its mark was considered as evidence of a consummate marriage. Today, the love bite is a sign of fondness among lovers. Therefore, loving nibbling might time and again be part of our inclusive escort service. Not like Dracula with a growling stomach, but in a passionate, demanding and gentle way. Certainly, in the heat of ecstatic lovemaking, at times a somewhat more forceful approach might be allowed, but a love bite should never be actually painful. If your sexy VIP escort whispers in your ear “Bite me!”… you now know what to do.


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