Elite escort service St. Moritz and the White Turf

Since 1907, every year, majestic horses chase through the winter wonderland in the luxury Swiss resort of St. Moritz. The “White Turf” horse race is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the elite escort service St. Moritz by Target Escorts!

Visit the Gübelin Grand Prix of St. Moritz with a VIP escort

Three racing days (8, 15 and 21 February, 2015) in the VIP lounge of the White Turf horse race in St. Moritz are certainly not a cheap pleasure. Yet, the time you will spend with your sexy escort model in the VIP area is certainly a fabulous experience. Depending on the individual race days, the VIP packages range from 750 to 850 CHF per person. Anyhow, you and your VIP escort in St. Moritz may enjoy many exclusive benefits – the seat in the sponsor lounge with terrace is just one of them.

With Target Escorts the fun continues after the race!

Your charming escort girl will be happy to show you all the other sensual benefits of our VIP escort service in St. Moritz at the White Turf…


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