Italy’s best beaches & the girls from our escort agency

Thanks to these two ingredients, your next beach holiday in Italy will certainly be bellissimo! With your charming travel companion from our VIP escort service, your unforgettable beach vacation will take you from the rugged coasts in the north of the country all the way down to the island of Sardinia. And where could the journey with your bikini beauty from Target Escorts begin more beautifully than in Tuscany? On the peninsula Monte Argentario – surrounded by rough rocks and dense forests – there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy: the “Cala del Gesso“. However, this gem needs to be conquered. You must walk about 20 minutes before you can get to the beach. 

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The next two dream beaches in Italy, which our elite escort agency presents to you, are in the south of the country. The way leads you first to Calabria in a beautiful town called Tropea. Below the charming old town there is a wonderful pebble beach that could hardly be more idyllic. The small, round stones are soft to the touch and the crystal-clear water invites you to swim. After a day at the beach, you may explore the city together with your lady, enjoy fine dining and then indulge in our sensual escort service at your holiday residence. We continue with the top beaches of Italy in Sicily! “San Vito Lo Capo” is the name of a very special beach, which is particularly popular because of its pink sand. The colour is created by the red corals that have mixed with the sand.

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Sardinia has the most beautiful beaches in Europe!

Not only the Italians agree on this, but also many celebrities of the international jet set who love to relax on this beautiful island. Your sport-loving part-time escort from Sardinia will definitely adore “La Cinta Beach“! Over three kilometres of white powder beach, stylish bars, and restaurants as well as many water sports facilities make this beach a hot spot. And to round off our top 5 beaches in Italy, we would like to reveal to you a very special highlight: the beach of “Cala Mariolu”. This picturesque pebble beach can only be reached by boat, which in turn can be wonderfully combined with a multi-day sailing tour including our escort service.

A beach vacation with VIP escort in Italy …

… is always a very special experience. Of course, this magical country offers everything that you and your sexy escort girl might enjoy: dream landscapes, long beaches, plenty of culture, fabulous food, and welcoming people. Nevertheless, an unforgettable part of your vacation will take place in the privacy of your hotel suite. There your escort lady will take you into a world of sensuality that you have probably never experienced before. In this endless moment, time and place are not important because only you and your beautiful student exist.