High-carat! Diamond Safari & VIP escort agency

Already J.F. Kennedy knew that diamonds are an (escort) girl’s best friend. With this picture in mind, you may now offer your lady companion from our high-class escort service an exclusive adventure that even Marilyn Monroe would have loved: A Diamond Safari in South Africa! One of the finest luxury hotels in Cape Town (the Ellerman House – www.ellerman.co.za) offers its distinguished guests this unique experience for a majestic, yet justified, $ 16,000.

The Diamond Safari with your part-time escort …

… stretches over an entire day. Already in the early morning, you and your lovely escort lady will be picked up from the Ellerman House in Cape Town by a limousine and taken to the airport, where a private jet ready for take-off is waiting for you. After about an hour, you will reach your destination: The coastal town of Port Nolloth. Not only is there a beautiful luxury villa that serves as a base for you and your sweet student from our high-class escort agency, but also the headquarters and the offshore concession of the diamond company Benguela Diamonds – www.bengueladiamonds.com. After an exquisite breakfast, you will head out on the ocean to collect precious stones from the seabed. If you and your escort model have a basic diving license, you may go on a treasure hunt with the diamond divers below the water surface. If not, you may enjoy the unique onboard experience of cleaning the rough diamonds of sea silt.

Watch now the video about the Diamond Safari:

Escort service, diamonds & culinary delights

These three components of the Diamond Safari guarantee a true luxury vacation of the highest quality! After the dive, you will head back to the villa, where you and your escort lady will be pampered by the private chef with a fabulous lunch accompanied by the finest wines of South Africa. After that, you will sort the collected gemstones. If you wish, you may also have the most beautiful diamond cut and trimmed right from the Benguela goldsmith. This process usually takes three days. A beautiful gift for your sexy escort.

A Diamond Safari with your lovely lady companion …

… ends in the late afternoon. The private jet of the 5* Boutique Hotel Ellerman House will take you back to Cape Town. There you can relax with your VIP escort in your private villa and look forward to a wonderful dinner on your private terrace. The culinary delicacies are prepared by your personal gourmet chef. After dinner, your sexy companion will thank you in the most sensual way for the most expensive and certainly unforgettable safari in the world.