Grand Hotel Villa a Feltrinelli with elite escort service

The Grand Hotel Villa a Feltrinelli is located on the shores of Lake Garda – It offers a fabulous location to savour our top-class escort service in Italy. The grand edifice was built in 1882 as a refined holiday residence for the Feltrinelli family and is now considered one of the classiest luxury hotels throughout the entire region. Here, the sophisticated gentleman will find every imaginable amenity. Accompanied by a charming lady companion from our VIP escort agency, you will certainly enhance your stay at the Villa a Feltrinelli with a stylish, elegant and above all sensual component.

A journey through time with an elegant escort lady

At the Grand Hotel Villa a Feltrinelli you will have the impression of being on a time journey into the past and into very sophisticated eras. Together with your VIP escort, here you are surrounded by the noblesse of the early 19th century. Marble floors, stylish interiors, impressive art and timeless luxury will turn your stay with a lady from high-class escort service Italy into a truly exquisite experience. The exclusive ambience of this beautiful house surrounds the guests at every step – no matter whether the gentleman relaxes with his charming escort lady in his suite, dines in the high-class restaurant, or spends time in the very well-kept outdoor area of the Villa a Feltrinelli.

A romantic rendezvous – Your dream companion …

… from our premium escort agency will be happy to pamper you in one of the stylish hotel suites. The renowned hotelier Bob Burns has wonderfully managed to maintain the marvellous charm of this ancient building, and to combine it with modern comforts. In Venetian mirrors, you may admire the dream body of your sweet escort girl. Elaborate frescoes, grandiose chandeliers and original pieces of antique furniture will inspire your imagination. In the cast iron bathtub or in the soft and very spacious bed, you and your gorgeous companion may give shape to all your sensual dreams.

Sophisticated luxury and high-class escort services

These two features go hand in hand at the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli a After a jaunt on the private Riva boat across Lake Garda, you can relax with your dream woman of our deluxe escort service sipping a glass of champagne by the pool. In the evening, you and your charming escort lady may look forward to the creative cuisine of top chef Stefano Baiocco. For lunch, you and your elite escort may sail across the lake aboard the “La Contessa” and admire the impressive natural backdrop with a glass of light wine and heavenly delights. However, the beautiful landscape might fade in comparison to your stunning lady from our luxury escort agency …