An exotic vacation: UXUA Casa Hotel & First-class escort agency

Brazil is truly a fabulous travel destination, where you – in combination with our high-class escort service – may experience an unforgettable dream holiday. This is particularly true of the picturesque fishing village of Trancoso, which welcomes you and your student with unbelievable charm, endless beaches, cool hippie feeling and one of the most unusual hotels in the country. At the UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa – – you will enjoy our wonderful escort service in a unique setting that leaves no wishes unfulfilled in terms of luxury, ambience, and style.

A village welcomes you and your VIP lady companion

In fact, at the UXUA you and your beauty from our elite escort agency will live in stylishly designed villas that are part of the UNESCO-protected village square. Some of them are over 500 years old. Today, every single one of these quaint casas has been lovingly restored and offers you and your sweet part-time escort a private living space that, besides its original charm, offers plenty of modern living comfort. According to your needs and wishes, you may book casas that will provide you and your sweet travel companion from our international deluxe escort services with ample living space with one, two or three suites. Each house tells the story of the village and the people who originally lived there through its artistic design.

Watch now the video about the UXUA Casa Hotel:

Lovely hippie feeling with your escort girl …

… it arises automatically at the UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa. In the late seventies, hippies from all over the world discovered this enchanting village, which at that time could only be reached after a three-hour beach walk. Today, you and your top model from Target Escorts may comfortably arrive with your private jet. Once there, pure relaxation awaits you and your lady! The village itself offers culinary delights, endless beaches, the seventh best beach bar in the world, lots of art, wellness deluxe and – thanks to our exclusive escort agency – gorgeous sensuality. Here, the loving hippie vibe still lives on and will enchant you and your seductive student in an instant.

Sensual wellness with your sexy model

The UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa is a true paradise on earth for wellness lovers! Here, you and your temporary girlfriend from our high-class escort agency will be pampered with a variety of massages, beauty treatments and wellness options. In the privacy of your casa, a sophisticated erotic spa treatment awaits you from your lovely model. And when you wake up next to your sexy escort girl the next morning, the holiday magic in Trancoso goes on and on …