Erotic on the beach, in the shower or even in the tub? Yes, with your Target Model!

Sensuality and eroticism are very diverse. We as humans have discovered various ways to celebrate the most beautiful thing in the world. And one of them is making love in the water.

Whether it’s in the tub, in the pool or in the sea – when we think of lovemaking in the water, we always get a little nervous with anticipation. You too?

The enchanting Target Escort Models also enjoy eroticism in the splashing wet. Gladly together with you.

Eroticism in the jacuzzi or bathtub

Whirlpools and tubs are ideal togetherness and intimacy. Here you can come closer to her escort undisturbed and let romance arise. Important: The water should not be too cold. A water temperature of at least 30 degrees is ideal. Also, do not use bath additives, as they will not do you and your escort any favors during lovemaking.

Position tip: Since the space available in the tub and whirlpool is limited, one of our favorite positions is recommended here: The doggy style. Especially in the tub, this position is a lot of fun. Otherwise, your escort also has the option of riding you.

Couple having erotic bathing fun

Pool and pillow-talk

You are on vacation with your Travel Escort and have your own pool? Then you must heat up the water temperature properly. The pool leaves you plenty of room to get close, cuddle, kiss – and go to extremes. Phew, not that the water will start boiling.

Sex on the beach

A delicious cocktail, but this one is literally even more delicious. Making love on the beach is exciting, hot, and unforgettable at the same time. The fantasy of erotic tête-à-tête on the beach nearly everyone’s favorite. Our pretty Escort Models also dream about this. And with pleasure your chosen one makes this fantasy come true with you. The danger of being caught gives this the very special kick.
Conclusion: Get closer to your escort

With appropriate preparation, erotic love play in the water is an exciting and, above all, pleasurable experience. With your chosen Target Model, the time together will be unforgettable.

We will gladly receive your booking incl. your wishes and plans with your favorite escort girl. Your sweetheart will prepare accordingly. Hot bikinis and co. included.