The dream body of a VIP escort lady …

… is simply perfect! The beautiful models of an elite escort service are anything but “size zero”. The body measures from the world of fashion are in fact not very attractive for men. A premium escort is a real feast for the eyes! Her body has the perfect “hourglass figure” that acts like a magnet when it comes to attract men. A sexy escort girl must therefore not necessarily be thin, but the ratio of waist to hip must be right!

The “waist to hip ratio” of top escort models: 0.7!

According to a new study from New Zealand, the beautiful escorts of our deluxe escort agency fit perfectly into the picture. The waist circumference of the lady is divided by her hip width, and you’ve got the result. If the value of the waist to hip ratio (WHR) is close to 0.7, you have the ideal “hourglass figure”.

The body of an escort model

According to the WHR, not all those ladies with the previously considered ideal values ​​of 90-60-90 have a perfect figure (the WHR is here at 0.6). There are some gorgeous escort models, who, for example, feature values ​​like 100-70-100 that according to the study turn more men’s heads. After all, the appearance of a dream escort lady is simply a matter of taste and therefore a very individual sensation.

Our premium escort service is a real treat!

It does not really matter if your selected escort model in the authentic photos of Target Escorts® can be defined by any studies and formulas. We think that you simply cannot argue about taste. Furthermore, we know from the many positive and consistent feedbacks from our gentlemen that every seductive escort lady of our elite escort agency has a figure that other men don’t even dare to dream about.