Five-star escort Ibiza & the Sublimotion

Paco Roncero counts among the league of the world’s best chefs and offers you and your VIP escort in Ibiza a new, almost revolutionary gourmet experience! “Sublimotion” is a concept that will send you, your escort lady and 10 friends on a journey – not only on a culinary level. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the 12-course tasting menu is also visually and acoustically highlighted in a unique way.

Sublimotion combined with a five-star escort service …

… is the culmination of an unforgettable escort date on this beautiful island. You and your top escort in Ibiza will sit down at a special table set in a 350-sqm space, and the journey can begin. Walls, table, floor – everything is part of the supreme culinary experience that awaits you and your deluxe escort in Ibiza.

Sublimotion Ibiza means three hours of pure pleasure

Even without the high-tech show, offered by www.sublimotionibiza.com, you and your luxury escort model in Ibiza will experience a true a culinary delight at the Sublimotion, with every single course! No wonder, because Paco Roncero cooks on double star level! For the maître, the show is just the extra ingredient, which will completely hypnotize you and your VIP escort in Ibiza at the Sublimotion.


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