Culinary fails during your escort date

A truly wonderful way to get to know your dream escort from Target Escorts is to invite her to a romantic dinner. However, there are some culinary pitfalls that need to be avoided! For example, if you invite your VIP escort to an upscale Italian restaurant, pasta dishes are not the best choice. After all, there simply is no elegant way to enjoy a plate of spaghetti, without getting covered in sauce. Lasagne – pasta, minced meat, and cheese – for many gentlemen and escort ladies may be the epitome of comfort food, but it is a rather heavy meal and might make you sleepy. This is not the best prerequisite to enjoy the hot erotic part of your escort service.

Hot: Sensual escort service and Mexican cuisine …

… is – unfortunately – another bad combination. It is a fact that some particularly spicy ingredients, such as chili, are considered an aphrodisiac and may add fire to a hot duo escort service. However, it is the other ingredients from the pots of Mexico, which might inhibit your sensual games. Beans, maize and salsa have an extremely bloating effect and may cause stomach problems. Thus, an evening at your favourite Mexican restaurant is not the best choice for your romantic escort date.

A delicious salad: The perfect dish for your sexy lady companion?

Here, too, you should opt for a different culinary direction. Certainly, a fine, sophisticated salad dish is the perfect choice for the dream body of your top escort model, however, the consumption of it may leave spots on dresses and trousers. And of course, there is no stylish way to eat a succulent burger. Also, sharing a sweet chocolate dessert with your companion from our elite escort agency is not the best idea of the evening, because chocolate is hard to digest and will provides heaviness rather than sensual ease.

Indulge in your luxury escort service …

… and invite your charming escort lady, for example, to an exquisite fish restaurant. Simply start your escort date with delicious sushi delights or flirt with your VIP model enjoying a beautifully prepared “Lupe de Mar”. Of course, a tasting menu in a star restaurant is another excellent alternative to the above food fails for your escort rendezvous. Light cuisine, delicate dishes and, of course, the table manners of a true gentleman are the ideal ingredients for a fabulous rendezvous with the charming ladies from our premium escort service.