Blindfolding increases pleasure: An intense kind of eroticism

There are unwritten laws about men and women that are nonetheless true. Especially when it comes to sensual moments and sweet intimacy, and you might ask yourself the question: What arouses the two genders? The answer is simple: Men react to visual stimuli, women to intimate touches.

This seems quite logic. Why else do escort ladies look so stunning and always wear seductive underwear for their dating partners? Clearly, because real gentlemen respond to the visual eye candy. Just the sight of a high-class escort model makes a man crazy.

However, what about the lady. Her sexual stimuli are targeted touches by the man: a caress of the breast, a nibble on the ear or a soft breath on the neck. You may use this knowledge for a successful escort service by enhancing the feeling of touch with your sexy student and taking on a dominant role. How does it work? Through the love game of blindfolding.

Trust is the foundation for blindfolded love games

The woman feels the touch of the man even more intensively, while the man may enjoy the sight of his lady and at the same time slip into the role of the dominant part. Unforgettable erotic highlights are guaranteed. If you wish to experience this, you will make the right decision by booking a girlfriend experience.

Girlfriend eroticism is characterized by mutual appreciation and deep trust. If you opt for this type of escort service, your model will create a sense of intense closeness and mutual affection during the time together, which is otherwise only possible for a real-life partner. Ideal conditions for venturing out on a sensual blindfolded adventure.

Creating tactile trust allows exploring new boundaries in sexual matters. Both feel comfortable with what they do. And the best part: Often, the love game with blindfolds is the entry point to try out other – more daring – sexual practices.

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Sexual highlights with an escort model

A true high-class escort service is the ideal way to live new sexual experiences. The lady is open-minded and enjoys a variety of erotic games – as well as the gentleman by her side. But which is the best way to start kindle the desire and to fully enjoy blindfolded sex?

If you take over the role of the seducer, you may offer the lady a full body massage. With gentle touches and the scent of aromatic oils, you will arouse the lady and make her look forward to what will follow. Whisper sweet compliments during the intimate touches and use the moment to describe what you like and want to do with your escort. Then blindfold the lady. The love games can begin.

The sexual act will be a real firework of passion and emotions. Erotic moments with an escort lady are characterized by sexual high emotions, extreme excitement, and intense feelings. As soon as you enhance this effect by blindfolding the eyes, the act becomes even more exciting. When your booked lady is at your mercy, she will squirm with excitement and feel every touch more intensely, turning into a willing playmate. Now you can decide when to undress your lady completely, how and where to stimulate her and how long to keep your part-time escort in sexual arousal. You are in control and you decide when to start the actual act of love.

Role distribution: When she takes over the dominant part

Of course, the distribution of roles can be reversed, and the man blindfolded. Some escorts love to take on the part of the seductress and conquer the man with charm, style, and sexiness. If you give your trust to such a lady, your fun is by no means neglected. In this scenario, you may let go completely and enjoy the indescribable touches of your escort girl even more.

As soon as your eyes are blindfolded, you will sense the scent of your playmate even more intensively, feel her soft skin in an inimitable way, taste every kiss stronger than ever – the role reversal allows for new sexual climaxes. And best of all, you can still decide how the erotic adventure will continue. For example, through specific movements of your pelvis or embracing the feminine hips of your lady. This allows you to control the rhythm in a targeted way.

Target Escorts makes your fantasies come true: All our ladies offer professional girlfriend eroticism that allows you and your lady companion to rediscover themselves sexually. What you do with your lady and how far you go together is your decision. Treat yourself to the perfect escort service and enjoy intense, sensual moments.