Strong statement: escort model & BLASTA

Stylish and self-confident gentlemen now can display the well-earned fruits of their success in a very individual way. Of course, a sensual date with a lovely lady companion from our high-class escort agency is just as much a part of the experience as a ride in your dream car. After all, childhood dreams, successes, craftiness and power are reflected very clearly in the super car that stands in your garage. To combine the essence of these reflections into one’s luxury car and to ideally express the personality of the owner, a goldsmith and a car designer have come together and designed THE ring: BLASTA!

A VIP escort in your arms …

… and the trademark of your luxury car on your hand! Both, our elite escort service and BLASTA – especially designed for you – are very strong style statements. Like every single one of our gorgeous escort girls, a ring of up to 65 grams of different types of gold (750) and various precious stones represents your pleasure in exclusive individuality. With a BLASTA, you show that you don’t swim with the jet-set mainstream, that you value personal expression and – finally – your passion for beautiful cars. Each BLASTA www.blasta.ch represents a significant feature of your car, such as a typical 911 headlamp or the front end of a Ford Mustang V8.

Target Escorts is your first choice

If by now your interest in a BLASTA ring is aroused, the journey will take you to beautiful Switzerland. First, you should fuel up your car, reserve a luxury hotel suite and book a charming and beautiful escort model via our premium escort agency. The atelier and the shop of the exclusive goldsmith Fabian Blaser are in the picturesque Swiss town of Biel. There, together with one of the most renowned car designers in Europe – Heiko Stahl – he creates the BLASTA series. You can combine a visit to the boutique of Fabian Blaser with the pleasure of our exclusive escort service!

Be yourself! A rendezvous …

… is only the beginning. BLASTA is designed specifically for you! The effect of the ring is very like your sexy escort model: It’s an eye-catcher. A BLASTA ring certainly has nothing to do with modesty and understatement: Just like your super car and our high-class escort service, it shows that you are enjoying the fruits of your success and are not afraid to show it. Moreover, a BLASTA ring is also a rather cool kind of money investment.


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