7 stars for Hamburg – Fine Dining & Escort Service

If you’re looking for an upscale restaurant to visit together with your charming, part-time escort in Hamburg, you are spoiled for choice. The gourmet guide Michelin recommends as many as 196 restaurants! The fact that you book your date via our top-class escort agency makes it clear that you are one of those gentlemen for whom the best is just good enough. Thus, the selection of gourmet temples in the Hanseatic city is soon reduced to 13. Of these, nine have one star, three have two stars and only one restaurant has three stars. This, and two more of the best restaurants in the city are presented here by Target Escorts.

Take your VIP lady companion to the table

But not to any table! We’re talking about “The Table” – www.thetable-hamburg.de: The undisputed top address for fine dining in the Hanseatic city. The stylish restaurant in the district ‘Hafenstadt’ offers a truly fabulous ambience. Modern, minimalist. Nothing distracts from the hustle and bustle in the open kitchen, around which the “Centre Piece” and the namesake of the restaurant sits: a table – The Table. From a culinary point of view, our escort service in Hamburg could not start any better! Delicacies, such as “Caviar AKI & Beef Tartar with Yuzu Pearls, Potato Dashi & Foam”, tastefully and visually testify to a craftsmanship that is unparalleled.

Watch now the video about The Table:

Across seven seas to seventh heaven

This is how you could describe the epicurean journey that you and your top model from our premium escort service may enjoy in our next restaurant recommendation. “Seven Seas” is the name of this very elegant and stylish Hanseatic two-star dining establishment. You and your pretty lady may look forward to a modern interpretation of French cuisine, a view over the river Elbe to the Hamburg skyline and a wine selection that leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Visit Jacob together with your escort model

The third gourmet temple, which will certainly please you and your charming model, is called “Jacobs Restaurant” – www.jacobs-restaurant.de. Again, the high cuisine of France is celebrated. The ambience is classic, chic and wonderfully inviting. That the artfully arranged culinary delights are a harbinger of the sensual delights that you will enjoy as part of our escort service, a fact you will become aware of with each course. The final fireworks of sensual pleasures, however, will certainly take place in the privacy of your hotel suite.