6 Tips, For a Secret Escort Date

Spending a sensual night with a beautiful woman – a dream that many men have.

But just dreaming the dream? That is not enough. You want a real model. A woman who makes you happy and lives out common fantasies with you.

This is easier than you might think. A discreet escort date is quickly arranged. We at Target even try to implement especially short-term rendezvous wishes – within one day.

But one thing may still be holding you back: The question of discretion.

Maybe you have a partner and don’t want her to know about your fling. Or you are single, but do not want anyone to know about your escort date.

Don’t worry. In this article, you will learn how to make a safe and secret rendezvous a reality. And no longer have to just dream.

How to keep your date a secret

Are you looking not only for an exciting and sensual experience, but also for a rendezvous in which your privacy is protected? Here’s how to keep your escort date discreet and ensure that your time together remains private.

1.Choosing the right high class escort agency

Escort dates can be arranged quickly and easily through an escort agency. But how do you find reputable companies among the escort agencies? In any case, the models should work independently for the agency. The agency acts ‘only’ as an agent of the escort service. In addition, each escort girl should have her own page with profile – so that you can find the right lady for your adventure among the escorts who suits you best.

Still having doubts? Read testimonials to make sure the agency can meet your expectations.

2.Clear communication

Before you meet your escort model, you should clearly communicate your expectations and desires. Reputable high class agencies can be reached by phone. The female staff will be happy to talk you through the process of the date – and make sure that all your wishes can be met.

3.Meeting point and time

The time has come: your escort adventure begins. For your first meeting, choose a meeting place that is discreet and does not attract attention. Avoid busy public places. Here, the probability of meeting an acquaintance is too high. Likewise, the place should be a safe space for you and your escort lady. One option: meet directly in your hotel room. Or at the hotel bar.

hot brunette escort getting ready for her rendezvous

4.Mutual respect of privacy

Discretion also means respecting the privacy of your escort. Avoid revealing personal information or asking for such information. Respect the boundaries that have been established in advance. Basically, respect the privacy of your escort just as you would want to protect your own privacy.

5.Leave no traces

A gentleman enjoys and keeps quiet. Transfer this wisdom to your choice of communication methods as well. Calls to the escort agency or contact by e-mail as well as the confirmation of the booking – all this should not be on your cell phone, laptop or PC. So do not leave any traces on your devices or in your browsing history.

6. Trust your gut feeling.

Your gut feeling is often a reliable advisor. If anything seems strange or you have doubts about discretion, don’t hesitate to question the situation or cancel the date.

Discreet escort ladies from Target

Target Escort has been a reliable address for sensual escort dates for years. We have a reputation to lose – which is why we take special care that every date is absolutely discreet and serious.

We focus on passionate eroticism and absolute secrecy. You can let yourself go completely. And fully enjoy the intimate time for two.